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In my experience as a tutor, I can definitely say that it is one of several enjoyable jobs that a college-graduate such as I can have. The reason is tutoring is not about providing direct answers to students nor is it about doing tutee assignments but rather about being a wonderful and great contributor to student success. The keyword “success” is what drives a tutee’s impetus to look for a tutor because of the need to succeed. Thus, my experience as a tutor has actually been merely the devotion to student success. I have actually been helping students in the academic milieu succeed in their subjects. The major subjects I’ve tutored in the past comprises of Mathematics, Computer Science, Liberal Arts and Calculus tutoring. These subjects are one of my favorites indeed to tutor students and they are considered to be the most complex or intricate that most students entangle with in the academic milieu.

In my previous years working as a Peer-Tutor, I certainly did an excellent job helping other students with their subjects especially in grasping the abstract concepts of Mathematics. Out of all the subjects I’ve tutored in the past, Mathematics seems to be the one that most students struggle with. That which I have actually done to facilitate student understanding and relationship with math is by providing very intelligible, concise, and simple explanations including demonstrations of the relationships amongst the concepts thus, facilitating the students’ understanding of mathematical structures. I have actually also been certified to tutor students at the regular 1 level thus, earning a CRLA certification from my academic institution. All the students I tutored in the past have actually made tremendous progress in Mathematics and are now themselves tutors.

With regard to my past experience as a Computer-Science tutor, I have actually helped students master purely object-oriented programming languages such as Java, C++, C#, and Visual-Basic. Additionally, SQL is one other programming language that I’ve tutored in the past with extensive knowledge in the Relational-Database-Management Theory known as Normalization. The relationship between Computer Science and Mathematics tutees are that they both had difficulties with comprehending the abstruse terminologies such as objects, Pointers, Arrays, Polymorphic instances, abstract-classes, Composite-Functions, Infinite-Series, etc. That which I did to simplify the ambiguous, abstruse terminologies was merely providing simple examples, which facilitated the visualization of the concepts and translated them into diagrammatic, schematic representations. All together, the tutees were able to concisely and intuitively perceive the intrinsic natures of the purely abstract objects of both Mathematics and Computer Science.

This overall description of my past experience speaks for itself and therefore lays out the breadth of my tutoring background. If I were to include more, I would certainly probably overwhelm the media with such experience. I have actually only included a portion of my experience, which is sufficient to present explicitly to the external viewers about my past experience as a Math & Computer Science tutor. Significantly, Math and Computer Science have actually an intrinsic relationship that merely surpasses all other disciplines; this makes Math and Computer Science at a top-notch level that is more essential to master than other subjects. Therefore, I advise students to look at Computer Science from a purely mathematical stance with additional tutoring provided by Wyzant so that mathematics and computer science can become very simple.

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