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When you think about needing homeschool help, you don’t often think about peer pressure. After all, no peer stress is one of the perks about teaching your children at home. They don’t have actually to worry about the class bully. They don’t have actually to worry about having the coolest, in-style clothes. So why worry about peer pressure?

The peer stress that I’m talking about is not on your children…it’s on you.

Dealing along with Peer stress in Homeschooling

You love homeschooling. You love being able to choose the curriculum that best suits your child. You love being able to teach at the speed your child needs – giving extra time for difficult subjects. Everything seems to be going just fine. That is until you have actually to face one of these scenarios:

Homeschool field trips, co-ops, and activities.

As you’re enjoying your time visiting and sharing along with other moms, you begin to pay attention to what other homeschooled children are doing. What level of math are they doing? How well are they reading? What languages are they learning? How well they write, etc., etc., etc.

Instead of feeling relaxed and uplifted from your time visiting, you find yourself stressed out and doubt begins to creep in about your teaching skills.


Planning on having a pleasant Sunday dinner along with your parents or in-laws? You believed they were serving grilled chicken — turns out you’re the one being grilled. What curriculum are you using? Do you follow the school schedule? What if Johhny gets behind? What? Suzy isn’t doing Algebra yet! Will they be accepted by colleges? Will they get scholarships?


Standardized tests have actually always been my downfall. Nothing bothers me like these tests. This seems to be the measure that society grades our children by. Never mind that the school systems have actually declared these tests worthless for years.


How about the trips to the grocery store? The clerk finds out your child is homeschooled and immediately begins quizzing them about who the 17th President of the United States was. What was his dog’s name? What state was he from? Really…does anyone know this off the top of his or her head?

I’m sure, at one time or another, you’ve faced one of these scenarios. If you’re like me, it left you feeling inadequate, doubtful, and insecure. So what’s the answer to withstanding this type of peer pressure?

Confidence in knowing why you homeschool. Take time to sit down and think about this.

Do you homeschool to build character in your children?

Do you homeschool to avoid public school socialization?

Do you homeschool because your child has actually learning disabilities and you can give individualized attention to her at home?

Do you homeschool for religious beliefs?

Take some time. Remind yourself why it is that you house school and build your strength upon this. I personally homeschool my children because the Lord lead me to do this. Any time I feel peer stress or feel like giving up, I draw upon my faith and obedience to God to keep me going.

Those standardized tests? They don’t bother me anymore. I have actually faith that the Lord will give me guidance to prepare my children for the work he has actually set aside for them to do. have actually confidence in knowing that God gave your children to you to raise and He will give you the help and guidance you need to accomplish the job.

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