McDonald’s Signature Crafted Sriracha Burger – Food Review

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Hello, everyone. This is Running On Empty,  Food Review!  Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is running on Empty food review. I’m your host, TheReportOfTheWeek, and It is a very hot afternoon admittedly. I’m out here, it’s uh, gosh, it’s at least a hundred degrees. I think the heat index is around 110, so it’s very very hot today, but I’m out here because I wanted to do a review outside. I thought to myself. Well, you know I want to switch it up from just being in the car and I’m going to beat the heat with some nice cold water and some McDonald’s, a new menu item from McDonald’s as a matter of fact.

If we check our trusty notes here, this is their signature sriracha quarter pound burger it is in this… sack, the Sriracha Burger sack, they actually call it officially, and I already have mixed feelings about this to be quite honest. A lot of their signature crafted sandwiches, and this is another one of those, are very hit-or-miss. Some of them are very good… some of them… I think you know what that means.

We’ll see, it’s up in the air. We’ll just see what this is and how it is and we’ll go from there. Now this is again, the Signature, Sriracha Quarter pound burger, you could also get it as a chicken patty uh… Fried, or grilled. This comes with a spicy, chili pepper, infused Sriracha Mac sauce- What name right? Also comes with some tender baby greens. Tomato, crispy onion, smooth white cheddar cheese, on an Artisan Roll. And you could get it on a uh, sesame-seed bun, if you’d like to kind of make it a Workingman Sandwich, or you could get it on the uh, artisan roll if you want to go that route. Now I got it on the artisan Roll. In short, this is McDonald’s, again, trying to say-  you know, we’re McDonald’s but we can do kind of upscale restaurant quality food too.

And sometimes it works out all right, sometimes, let’s face it, it’s McDonald’s and they really can’t do an upscale restaurant quality burger, But they’re not giving up, They’re resilient, they’re going to be fighting to the end… uh fighting to the bitter end to the death, and uh they’re keeping on with this stuff and they’re trying you know, they’re gonna get into everything, really. They’re going to try and be a bit of a late comer into the sriracha craze. With this premium Sandwich so anyway, Signature crafted burger in the signature crafted burger box.  There’s one thing that I like about it, it is the design. You know I said this in the past, but I do like just the simple, Minimalistic black design on this, I like it. I give them credit for that.

Are those little baby Sriracha burgers, getting ready to grow up? So here’s what it looks like. Now, I give them credit, it looks very, very much aesthetically pleasing. If you just look at it. If there’s one thing that they can do well with these signature crafted sandwiches, they make them look good. Uh, you can just see the glistening artisan roll there, you can see the burger, all the nice pristine looking toppings there. I mean it looks good. They do have a good appearance when it comes to this.

But you can see we have a little bit of everything. You see we have the bun, we have the lettuce, the baby greens, the cheese, the onions the sriracha, so we got everything that we need. So that being said, I guess we’ll just dig in. So this is the Signature Crafted Sriracha Burger from McDonald’s- preliminary sip of cold water first,  so I don’t overheat and die right here.

And now we’re gonna try the burger, with some short wave radio accompaniment I hope. So, it’s the Signature Crafted Sriracha Burger from McDonald’s going in. If I could… Say sad face right now, That would be my expression, because I was kind and I was hoping to tune into a certain station And it looks like looks like they signed off at the hour.

I know, I had a little bit of trouble with the radio. I wanted to find a good station and listening to while I ate, but, that’s fine. When it comes to the sandwich, It can be- you know… It can be disappointing sometimes. They build your hopes up…. Gamechanger! A revolutionary! This is gonna be the McDonald’s sandwich, that revitalizes the chain Revitalizes the menu and gets you to come in there every day, three times a day for every meal. Every single thing you eat as a result of this sandwich will be from McDonald’s, they say when they release this.

They build your hopes up. You go there, you get the sandwich, you take that bite… And then all your hopes and dreams come crashing down. Crashing and burning. Because the sriracha sauce on this sandwich, just didn’t work out that well. It’s true. The uh, I mean, the signature crafted thing. I understand what they’re trying to do. I think you do too. They’re playing with fire. It’s either going to be very good or it’s not going to be good at all. It looks good, you saw that, good presentation.  Some of the stuff on it tasted good. I give credit to the onions, These little onions. I was able to discern that this was not the um offspring of the sandwich, so these are not little baby Um, Sriracha burgers that are just developing, but these are actually the fried Onions that are on it Those are very good they’re actually very tasty Flavorful had a nice little crispyness but had some nice flavor in there too – those are good. I like those, it was a really good Um…  The baby Greens were innocuous They didn’t add anything or detract anything.

Smooth white cheddar for cheese. I mean it was actually pretty good quality there. The beef is standard- You know it’s like a standard quarter pound burger when they assume- when you know they imply that it’s Artisan quality you expect… I don’t know what you expect if you think of like some chef wearing this real fancy pressed culinary uniform Flipping burgers on the grill making a special nice patty just for you But it’s exactly the same thing is that their standard quarter pound burger Has some flavor, but you know it’s a little dry still a little dry, could have a little bit more Um, juiciness to it a little more flavor that could be an issue there. But it’s to be expected, because from McDonald’s… Then comes the sriracha sauce And also the tomatoes pretty good, nice juicy good-quality plump tomato, what you want to see on a burger Then comes the sriracha sauce of all this good stuff on the sandwich. The sriracha sauce it just doesn’t work, You know it just doesn’t work.

That’s all that I can say. I’m going to be inclined to try this with a chicken sandwich because. Well sometimes I’ve heard that some sauces you know they’ll work better with the chicken and the meat. I knew that. So I think I’m going to try the chicken variety of this in the near future Because the sriracha sauce just doesn’t work. Has a spiciness to it, which You know, it’s definitely noticeable but it just clashes everything in it.

Just a certain bit of a spiciness a little bit of the tang that’s in there too… It just clashes with all the other ingredients on this sandwich it just doesn’t go it seems like it doesn’t belong there You notice the flavor, and independently it will likely taste fine, and this burger independently, likely tastes fine. You mix the two together, into one product and it doesn’t work out and that’s just the the physics of the McDonald’s universe it just doesn’t work out .

And as a result it defeats the entire purpose of the sandwich because you’re getting this sandwich to try out the sriracha sauce, and it doesn’t work, so that’s an issue. Please, please be wary of that Uh, it pretty much defeats the purpose of the entire sandwich Maybe try the chicken variety I have a suspicion that this would work better with chicken to be quite honest I’m going to do an assessment of that likely in the near future to see for myself But I would recommend you probably take a gamble You know take a little bit of a gamble Try it with the chicken variety because I suspect that it might be better with that because this burger was a disappointment In that regard I would say that this is not a buy I wouldn’t recommend it again the chicken variety is there it’s a unknown.

I don’t know how it would go, but again I have a suspicion that it would probably taste a lot better than the burger does, that is my suggestion. So again, I wouldn’t recommend this I would pass on it And maybe if you really really want to try this I would recommend you go for the chicken variety instead. That’s all that I have for you ladies and gentlemen have a nice afternoon stay cool, and we’ll see you later I’m TheReportOfTheWeek, take care.

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