How to Earn money online from Blogging and Digital Marketing?

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How to Earn money online from Blogging and Digital Marketing?

0 Learn, how to earn money online from Blogging and how to create a blog? Everyone wants to focus on how to earn money online from Blogging. We know that to earn money online from Blogging on internet is not an easy task, for many bloggers toady the big question is How to start a blog and make money? However, in this article I would share some useful information to help you about how to make money blogging. This will also help you on, how to create a blog which will earn money online for you. This article will help you in understanding the basics of earning from Digital Marketing, which are available on the internet today. What are the options to earn money online from Blogging? There are many ways to make money online by which Digital Marketers earn a handsome amount from internet. for example: You can learn how to create a blog, Learn about how to create a website. What is affiliate marketing and how to do affiliate marketing. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to do effective SEO. Learn about YouTube Marketing, how to make money on YouTube. How to become an effective content writer, how to write an article etc. How to earn money online from Blogging is not a question which is difficult to answer. A Blogger can easily earn money online from Blogging An average Blogger earns from as low as $1000-$1500 and as high as $40,000 in a single month from blogging but this alldepends on multiple factors. Like: You need to learn about types of blogs that make money and are doing well. So you should start creating your Blogs about the same. You should know how to write an interesting (which keeps your audience stick to your website) and knowledgeable (which helps them learn something easily) article. This brings traffic (people searching on Google for information) to your website. Your article should have the relevant information that people are looking on the internet. So that, it can rank in SEO and comes on the top and the searchers do not ignore your articles on Google. If your articles provides the proper information then you will definitely get good ranking on Google. Once your articles start ranking on Google then, you will have more traffic to your website and that’s when you start making money from your articles. Do you want to know the secret to earn money online from Blogging? Making Money from Digital Marketing Needs Patience. Earning money from Blogs is not a ‘Rocket Science’ though but, as I said earlier that to making money online does not start overnight. In order to money from internet requires a lot of time and a lot of patience with sufficient amount of hard work but if you put in your best efforts with the patience then you will definitely succeed. Many Bloggers quit before giving what it needs to earn from internet. Hence, before you decide to become a Digital Marketer, you should make-up your mind for “Not Giving-up.” If you be patient then as they say, “You will not EARN IMMEDIATELY but DEFINITELY”. So Patience is the key in Money making Blogs. So, let’s begin step by step to LEARN about how to earn money online from Blogging Step 1: Decide the Area of Online Marketing – The first thing is that, you should know your core strength and decide what do you want to earn from. For example: Blogging, Article Writing or Affiliate Marketing, However, for a beginner it is always good to start with the Blog writing using the WordPress. Step 2: Choose the Subject to Blog – Once you decide to become a Blogger then it is important that you know your niche or area of interest, so that you can identify what do you want to Blog about. Like: Science, Computers, Technology, Softwares, Food Blogger, Pets, Health and Fitness, Finance etc. Once you have decided the topic for your Blogs, you have resolved one of the most confusing questions for a Blogger. Step 3: Picking the DOMAIN name – Now you need to work on the most important part, which is, picking the DOMAIN name (this will be your website for Blogging). You are free to purchase the Domain name from multiple websites Like:,,,,,,
(However, I personally recommend you because of their best in class customer service, which will not cost you more than $18-$20 for 1 year). While purchasing the Domain name, be clear about a couple of things: Choosing a Domain is very important while working on Digital Marketing, you need to keep a check on some most important aspects while purchasing a Domain for your blogs. Choosing an Extension: An extension is something which helps you to identify the type or nature of business, the table below will help you to learn more about the extensions. Comparison of Web Extensions

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