Youtube daily report May 15 2018

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Youtube daily report May 15 2018

It’s the little things we do sometimes. which can cause more damage to our health
than we imagine.
Although it is important to do things as if exercising and maintaining a healthy diet, some
routines may even have a composite effect in other bad choices.
The worst thing is that breaking long-standing habits is usually more difficult than avoiding them
Often, preferences lead to habits rooted and do not even understand that they can
be detrimental to our overall well-being.
Inappropriate choices can involve time, like when you brush your teeth or when
choose “relax” on your favorite device.
Did you know to brush your teeth right after the meal can cause damage to a layer
very important of your teeth?
Do not allow food to settle or appropriately decomposed by the enzymes in
our mouth and immediately try to remove it, can force the acid to adhere to the enamel
and even approach that second layer of pearly white.
If teeth are very sensitive, it can be because dentin was affected.
It’s better to wait a while after eating before brushing.
But what does this have to do with relaxation?
With the increased use of smartphones and tablets, more and more people have created a routine that
involves social media before bed.
These devices emit artificial light which keeps us more alert and negatively affects
the hormone responsible for a good night of sleep.
So how to brush your teeth right after eating a meal, it is probably
best to avoid relaxing with a smartphone or tablet, because this habit is really
making it harder to fully relax.
Lack of sleep can lead to other conditions more severe over time.
The two previous habits revolved around of time, but other habits derive from desire
to improve our appearance.
We may have the best of intentions, but this does not mean that our desire to stay
well it’s really good for us.
A great example of this is wearing jeans that fit very well.
Of course, your legs may look fantastic, but your skin is silently begging
by mercy.
Constant contact with tissue tightening skin does not allow it to breathe as it should.
A more comfortable jeans and maybe less just make you feel better in the long run.
Perfumes and colonies are similar to Tight jeans.
They seem to improve our appearance and presentation for others, but they are also filled
with toxic chemicals that cause allergies to a large percentage of the population.
They are especially abrasive to the skin and eyes.
More natural choices for fragrances than come from essential oils still give you a
Great smell, but without all the complications.
Finally, a peculiar habit that the desire to limit embarrassment can be
one of the most harmful of all habits which we have already discussed.
Locking a sneeze is something people usually do in meetings or in places
where they do not want attention to be concentrated in themselves.
When you try to hold your breath while sneezing, the pressure increases rapidly
inside the head.
It can cause headache and damage to the eardrum.
So when you really think about this, none of these things are worth the complications
that cause to our health.
It is wiser to make better what
the most elegant.
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Goldie and Bear Cute Moments Best Cartoon For Kids & Children Part 789 – Lauren Baker – Duration: 16:11. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT & SUBCRIBE video! Thanks you very much!
Serve for norm. Yeah, it’s got five new ogres a big river full of Rapids and the deep dark woods
Oh, man, I forgot I didn’t need but this is my nephew norm. Say hello norm
Well, hello there norm and whoopee
Come on Papa bear’s garden
Sorry, he’s a sweet boy meet my nephew norm
Sorry norm, but we’re going to our friend Humpty’s house
We’re playing a game wait up little guy a couple of things before you go
You’ll need a nap before long and make sure he doesn’t leave his dog at Humpty’s. Oh
Just wait till you see this game norm. It’s got all kinds of neat new stuff
Hope you roll the dice if you want. I’m not
Armed, wait. Oh no
Bring it. Bring it. Bring it Oh careful
It didn’t work what is going on
Where did I go?
Granny oh
Thank you. We better hurry. He’s got to be wondering where we are. See he sure has a lot of energy
Didn’t know say that norms gonna take a nap little sleepy
I’m hungry red. This is nose. Nephew norm. Well then
Are you getting nice and tired for your nap norm norm big bad
Come on hey, you share your way and I share mine. See ya. I
Want my muffin back
Sorry, no you bet or you can take a nap
Yeah, you can get all knuckled up with whoopee whoopee
But we gotta run and find Sally Whoopie we’ll be right back
Snack he’s got a cozy couch to nap on
at long last
ochre town – over the river and through the woods
I’m sorry Humpty looks like we can go over the river and through the woods tomorrow. Sure
Humpty come on norm, bye-bye Humpty well
You know, even though we didn’t get to play the new over town game
Seems norm has some
Thanks for all the gardening tips know me. My pleasure
And next time I’ll make sure Goldie and bear won’t have to watch norm while we weren’t care norm
go in Bear needed a nap –
Are you okay Oh
Fine, nothing’s not as easy as it looks you know, it wasn’t so once super duper clean up the yard smell coming water
Oh, where did I put my phone? I’m always losing badly
It’s in your hair. Oh
Very godmother my pleasure. Well, I must be off. I have to grant a few more wishes before I go to the concert. I
Don’t see how we’re gonna get it back to her. Yeah too bad
We can’t fly like fairy godmother, then we could catch up with her
We can use the magic wand wish I had a pair of wings pie justice
Who should I say furry godmother
Well, I was gonna say a sign I just learned how to fly wait a minute did you see fly
Him here well three godmother dropped her 1c kiss concert. Hey, we all want to get there on time Goldie
I got a fix what I did or else they’ll be late for the concert. It’s only fair. Okay, but hurry
Look like a
Find you and there’s no way I’ll get it cleaned up before the concert starts
Well, don’t usually grab the same wish points in one day, but I suppose I could make an exception. Hmm. Thanks
Anyway fairy godmother, but I’ve had enough magic for one day Oh see you guys after the show
Who knows maybe we can all get to the concert on time. Thanks guys. Here you go
Hey guys, what’s wrong? Well, I need to go into town with my mom
It would be bigger that’s my problem
Whenever there’s a contest coming up goosey zags get really small
We’ve lost the last three contests to help birds lay their biggest eggs
But I’ve got to go into town to get them and I can’t because I have to stay here and watch Josie
Maybe you need a do sitter. Well be for an egg to swim
Know that we should be the goose sitters. Yeah
Jack this is your lucky day. We’ll be your gift sitters. Gee, I don’t know don’t worry
We’ll be greasy sitters
We would never let you down we’re gonna keep your dudes
Coming mom, okay. It’s a deal you guys watch my goosey until I get back and I’ll give you two golden eggs
I won’t be wrong
One of your friends is Jack’s goose the one that lays the golden eggs, we’ve got to get her back in her cage, huh
Something she likes more than running on the grass and splashing and water
Although I can’t imagine what that would be
One other plan oh good because the one thing I don’t want to do is go home and tell Jack what happened actually
Where’s goosey I want to give her one of dr. Honks treats well
But she sure seemed happy running around and flying away running around flying away
Excuse me boy. I wonder if one of you could get Cosi off my head
Goosey, that’s the biggest egg you want. You can run free all the time and I’ll keep you safe
I don’t know how to thank you guys. Well, you could give us our golden eggs
You’re right. You earned it?
Well, I guess things turned out all right
Maybe you weren’t such bad goose sitters after all and we got two golden eggs, Hey, where’d it go?
The Molina’s Wild Ride help me with this dear. Sure, Jen
I don’t see anybody me neither. Oh
Hold on a minute there. Yeah, you don’t want to squish the babysitter. Do ya
That sounds great. Doesn’t it?
Sure. Yeah, I can’t hear you. Are we gonna have some fun tonight? Yeah
Thumbelina’s in charge now so you to listen to what she tells you mama
Are you sure some ballina can do this? I mean
I’ve got an idea blanket fort. Oh boy
Looks good, it’s perfect. And you know what? You gotta do in a blanket for it, don’t you? What a
Symbol for you Thanks a symbol for you and symbol for me. You don’t want to get a tummy ache
Just kidding
Sorry Thumbelina, are you okay? Oh sure
Like I always say when things aren’t there worse it just means they can only get better
Whoa, of course, if this branch breaks, that would definitely not be better
Okay here
No cheese, dude, I’m fine. You’re a pal Larry
Who’s trying to hurt you
No, not this feathery. Fella. Like I always say when you’re tiny like me, it’s good to have big friends, right Larry
Anyone home
Because my flying in on the bird, his name’s Larry Wow, such creative stories. I
Told you to have fun with Thumbelina
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OOF whats this – Duration: 11:54. Hello hello!
Basically I’m makin this video to try and help revive this deAD server
That was my cringe waving, sorry
look at tHOSe trees
Custom biomes my dudes
So oof here’s some stuff they got on TOWNY
Custom heads but they’re pricey tho
here’s some stuff u can buy with covelets like tags n shit
Here’s the gear that gives me night vis, speed, and res
Here’s a custom enchant book. I got this one from using a key on a box at spawn
Here’s some of the crates you can use with keys
the rules obviously
why did i record them for so long oof
the server allows some mods like these
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FULL GLAM DRUGSTORE Makeup Tutorial – Duration: 15:51. Okay guys so for today’s video I have this ultra glam like super super glam
drugstore makeup look I am so excited to share this with you guys
this look is kind of like inspired by Selena Gomez’s Met Gala look I fell in
love with it I know that look was like very 5050 some people loved it some
people hated it I personally loved it but I did feel like there were some
things that kind of I would have tweaked just for my personal preference so I
decided to kind of recreate the look and do it how I would like it I’m obsessed
like obsessive step success I feel so glam right now so I’m really excited to
share this look with you guys I used all drugstore products like everything on my
face right now from lashes lips brows eyes like face every single item his
drugstore and this dress was like 20 dollars
I mean we’re killing it like we’re ballin on a budget here so yeah if you
guys want to see how I got this makeup look then make sure to keep on watching
okay so to get started I’m gonna put some of this lumi l’oreal liquid glow
highlighter all over my shoulders i want to glow today in that area mm-hmm that’s
it and whatever is leftover on my fingers will kind of just go on my face
mixed in with the primer that we’re gonna use
so for primer I’m gonna use the Wet n Wild cover all animals headphone focus
cover all primer so for foundation I’m gonna use my holy grail this is the wet
and wild photo focus foundation I’m gonna take golden beige and maybe
possibly possibly a little bit of desert beige I love this little spatula just
makes it so easy to apply so to add you know a little bit of color make my face
a little bit darker I’m gonna take some desert beige and mix that in so this is
definitely a lot of foundation feel free to use a little bit less but I don’t
know you guys know me when I go glam I go in on the foundation like I just like
to have a clear clean canvas so I’m gonna blend this out with my Beauty
Blender the Beauty Blender really does help make it look not cakey cuz it just
blends it out so beautifully I know my face is looking a little bit
darker than my shoulders and my body but I like that because I always like to do
a super bright highlighted under-eye so when I do that it makes my face look
lighter and then it matches so it all look good in the end just what I’m
trying to say so free concealer you guys know I’m obsessed with this one from the
drugstore it is magical like it’s magical I just need them to take the
product I say this every time but I need them to take the product and put it in
like a actual doe foot you know it’s just better I hate this like squeezy
tube but this stuff is magical so I know that we’re still filming in my bedroom
don’t worry you guys I have not abandoned my beauty studio which we’re
now calling it the beauty studio not the beauty room okay I’ve just decided that
it’s so hard to like get out of saying video room though but anyways um I say
beauty studio because to be honest with you there’s like hello studio equipment
in there and that’s pretty much what I use it for to store my makeup but also
just to film was like a studio anyways um I haven’t you know abandoned the room
my makeup drawers are taking longer than I expected just because it was a little
bit of like a mistake with them so he had to go back and fix it if it wasn’t
for that they would have been done literally weeks ago and I would have had
so many vlogs to show you guys ready by now but I will have the vlogs up and I
will reveal everything and show you guys how I organize with my new makeup
storage you know as soon as it’s done I love how full coverage this concealer is
and it’s so so creamy like it’s so creamy so I always like to take
afterwards um switch out my you know sponge that I just my concealer and
switch to like a naked sponge whether it’s a Beauty Blender or whatever it is
because this has so much product on it that if you keep blending it just keeps
extending so this just helps kind of use it clean and I also like how I use my
foundation for this one because it just makes it blend in really nicely so now
we’re gonna do some contouring but I want to do my nose contour first I’m
gonna take the Rimmel inste duo oh my god that just
don’t instant do condors stick in dark I use this all the time like drugstore
high end no matter what makeup look I’m doing I use this for my nose all the
time it’s a really great do for the Kim Kardashian one which I also love that
one I don’t like to go too heavy with their nose contour and then I like to go
pretty heavy with the lip contour
so I just realized that I forgot to set the under-eye but it’s okay because this
has barely even creased so what I am gonna do is use the wet-and-wild contour
palette and I’m going to take this nice light shade
and I always like to take a little bit extra and really press it here because
this is where you get a lot of darkness so for contouring you guys so I love the
wet and wild stick so we’re gonna take Oaks on you and where’s wool nut first
using Oaks on you to do some bronzing also I get a ton of questions about this
brush because you guys know it’s my favorite this is the 103 elf brush I
actually have the exact brush some izg linked on my shot my favourites on my
website a Macedo comm slash shop my favorites slash I’ll link it down below
for you guys you can just click that and you’ll be able to purchase this so yeah
I have the exact one link there just gonna go ahead and add it just applies
it so perfectly look oh that’s incredible it blends it out for you
already look look at how easy that was just done okay so I want to go for a
super contoured look today so I’m gonna take the you know deeper contour shade
and I’m going to really apply that on the forehead as well
so now I’m going to take this
and contour the cheekbones
whenever I want to get like super glam my go-to is definitely a really strong
contour like I live for it so I am gonna bronze up and kind of set that contour
with the Loreal Pro matte powder and this one is in the shade classic tan
it’s like super warm so it’s gonna make me look super bronzy she’s gonna add
great warmth but also set that so I feel like I my face still does look darker
than my body so I am gonna take some of the bronzer and just run it through my
shoulders okay so for blush this is like my favorite go-to when I want to look
super glam but I still want to have like a natural cheek like I don’t want
anything like peachy or orangie or anything I love this one it’s super
pigmented so I only like to use a little bit this is the wet and wild mellow wine
and lightly dab it on okay I’m excited now because now we’ve got the highlight
going I’m gonna use these again I know I just used these last week but I really
want to use the Maybelline and then I might add some of this
now I’m gonna stick with Maybelline favorite highlight brush ever this is
the morphe M 501 I always get questions about this as well I’ve been using this
for like years and I can’t like I can’t switch to another highlight brush
because this is just magical so I’m gonna take the Maybelline master chrome
oh it already looks wet I don’t even need to win it like do you guys see that
whoa don’t worry I gotta fill in my hairline
because you can see how wet it is we’re gonna fill it in later so I just went
ahead and filled in my brows and now we’re moving on to the eyes for the eyes
I’m going to use a combination of palettes this is actually the morphe
contour palette but I was thinking I really like these like super mustardy
contour II brownie shades so I want to use them in the eyes I think morphe is
also available in Alta Nell which makes a drugstore so I love that and this
covergirl palette the goldens think we’re going to use this
and we also have the wet and wild palates because I love the transition
shades in here so let’s go ahead and get started so this look is kind of inspired
by Salinas Met Gala makeup look I loved it like I know there was a lot of like
like something what loves it some people hated it I will say I loved it
but I would change it you know I would do certain things to tweak it so that’s
what I’m going to do today I’m gonna do that look but tweak it to the way that I
would want it I pretty much was in love with like that lid like can we not all
agree I cannot open this for the life of me um can we not all of you that that
lid was like gorgeous it reminds me of the Giorgio Armani little like cream
pigment and five I think beautiful but today’s drugstore so we’re gonna do a
quick drugstore version of that of that it’s probably not gonna be exact but
like I just want that same vibe like that super deep golden bronze II type of
eye so we are gonna start off with this perfect transition shade so I am going
to start my crease a bit higher than it actually lays and it actually sits and
that’s because I really want like when I do that lid color I really want it to
sit up high so that when my eyes are open you can see it since I do have kind
of like a small lid space a lot of the times when I do my eye makeup you can’t
really see it unless my eyes are closed but today we’re gonna make sure everyone
sees it okay I feel like this look is gonna be super
easy to like it’s gonna look super glam and it’s gonna look like it took a lot
of time but it really isn’t going to okay so I’m like in love with this
really mustardy kind of contour shade so we’re gonna take some of that I think
it’s gonna really emphasize the gold any deep bronze to we’re gonna take some of
that and really focus it out here it’s gonna add some great depth to this
reminds me a lot of Mac uninterupted I don’t know if they’re like a dupe or
anything because I don’t have them together right next to each other right
now but it just reminds me it gives me those type of vibes
oh yeah I love that so I think I want to just go ahead and do the under I already
just so that we can kind of focus on the lid afterwards so I’m gonna take the
same two shades I just used and use them in the same order this is a pencil brush
by the way
so I might just deepen it up a little bit with this really dark shade just a
little bit nothing like intense so now for the fun part
I found this gem in my new makeup section so I found this Maybelline Color
tattoo I chrome in the shade bronze Sheen it is so beautiful it’s like a
very deep bronzy gold that it slightly pulls green and that’s kind of how
Selena’s was – it was like borderline green but like bronze gold you know it
had just that undertone so I’ve never tried these before I mean I’m really
hoping that they’re good quality so because I haven’t tried them I’m not
sure how I prefer to apply them so I think I’m just gonna kind of try to
apply it straight on the lid oh that’s actually nice I feel like this is easy
to apply so I can actually just do most of it I don’t feel like I need much of a
brush for this this is so easy to apply you could totally do a cut crease with
this and it would be so easy so what I do feel like you need is just a brush to
like go ahead and blend out some of those edges and just apply it how you
Wow I think that looks so beautiful so I’m just gonna take the Sigma II 36
that’s a really small tapered brush so it’s gonna help me blend out these edges
without getting too messy so I’m just gonna go right along that shade and the
transition shade we play and just kind of try to amend of the to bring them
oh yeah this brush works really well to kind of help blend the two together and
this Maybelline Color tattoo actually blends nicely I do find that it blends
better when you kind of do like these like sweeping pushing those things so
I’m just gonna top it off especially in the center so now I’m just gonna mix all
three of these shades cause it’s gonna create a really nice type of bronzy
golden with a hint of green and I’m just gonna kind of top that Maybelline tattoo
off so I’m actually really happy with how that looks
so for the inner corner I really want to use this beautiful gold right here I
want to use this one over this one because it’s lighter one and two it has
an intense amount of sparkle in it these covergirl shadows are so bomb you
guys I really love them I’ve loved them since they came out they’re really good
and super creamy so I’m gonna put that in the inner corner and I want to really
pack it on Wow you see like they pack a punch these
shadows so after I kind of dab that on I’m just gonna slightly just slightly
bring it onto there and kind of blend it in a little but I still want it to shape
on its own and I don’t really want to UM bring it in
I just want to obviously blend it a little bit but don’t bring it in like
too much okay so I just went ahead and filled in my hairline and did my lashes
I went ahead and went with the kiss number eleven lashes but I really loved
how my lips are just super muted right now like this is pretty much just the
foundation when I did my foundation it went over it but I love that look I love
how muted it is so kind of want to stick with that but I’m just gonna build off
of it a little bit so we’re gonna stick with in that realm
I think I’m gonna use NYX natural which I normally always use but if I want it
to be a little bit darker I might mix in NYX nutmeg so for today’s look I kind of
want a super lined lip and I don’t want to blend it out too much I want to have
like that line to lip look so I do you think I need to darken it a little bit
so I’m just gonna kind of slightly go over it with nutmeg so I think what I’m
gonna do is use the Rimmel stay matte liquid lipstick but this one is in the
shade latte to go so it’s super light and I am gonna keep this in the center
and not blend out the lip liner too much what I am gonna do is take my finger and
just slightly go over everything that way it’ll be like semi blended but not
too blended so I had a gloss here prepared to top this lip off with but
I’m not sure if I want to wear a gloss on top so I think I am just gonna keep
the lips matte and then last thing I’m just gonna set the face with the morphe
preppin set
so that is it you guys that completes this drugstore makeup look I hope you
guys love it I am absolutely obsessed with it I love
it so so much I feel so glam right now and I’m living for it please don’t
forget to give me a like thumbs up if you guys enjoy these drugstore makeup
tutorials I personally love doing they really challenged me to kind of get
outside of my everyday favorites even though naturally like my everyday
favorites consists of both high end and drugstore it challenges me to replace
the high end and just make it all a drugstore you know what I mean so yeah
that’s pretty much it I hope you guys enjoyed this look thank you so much for
watching and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys
For more infomation >> FULL GLAM DRUGSTORE Makeup Tutorial – Duration: 15:51.
Doterra Haul |Doterra Harmony Mothers Day Collection A Big Surprise!!! – Duration: 3:40. which means I got my oils I just didn’t make a video of it Oh then a whole
month later and I’m really excited to see what I because I always forget, some
of you may know so it give this order every month I wanted an auto-ship
program the thing I love about this auto-ship program called loyalty rewards program is
that one you don’t have to get the same thing every month. I hate that
I dont need more than you know, what I need and I always wouldn’t forget to
suspend or change or cancel. I have this auto-ship so they were just
never good to me. Look what I have… I have no idea what I ordered. This is so much fun. Well I know what this is. This is the doterra laundry detergent I order it just because it’s
healthier no chemicals and I don’t want to wear chemicals around. So then I got
invigorating scrub which is a peppermint grapefruit facial scrub that we use
in the shower every morning my husband cannot go without this and when I run
out he is not happy so usually every single month I order this
but I’m telling you these are where it’s at!.. wait maybe this isn’t what I think it is….
it’s the Doterra harmony collection this might be oh this is the mother’s day collection It’s the Harmony Collection!!!
so sometimes they will put out limited edition oils and they did that this
Mother’s Day it was just so exciting it comes in this little kit perfect for
Mother’s Day and then you slide this part out and in here it looks like there
is pink pepper essential oil, which I’ve never heard of. I’ll have to do some research on that. Star anise Essential oil
yum… that will be great in some bone broth and Green Mandarin Essential oil along with two roller bottles
so that you can make a blend and then the little pipettes and rollerball of tops.
Which these are great. doTERRA patented this roller ball top so that no
plastic comes in contact with the oils it’s all like a metal casing and it’s
reduces or I should say it it makes the amount that comes out more
consistent. If you use roller bottles you know that at the end of the
roller ball more will come out in the little plastic ball is worn out. So the Harmony collection has three 5ml
oils and then two mixing bottles along with this little book that tells
you how to mix different blends using these oils. That is a great gift!
what? I really want to keep it but I actually might give it away as a prize, we shall see
so the Harmony’s collection that’s awesome and I can’t wait stay tuned to
Lake I don’t know as soon as I have time to research those oils
then I’m going to research them. The other thing I got this was a
lemongrass I love this for clearing the energy in the house it makes it smell
like a spa in here. I diffuse it regularly and oh I learned because I
used this in a lot of blends it’s very uplifting, it has tons of the limonene d
which is a natural antioxidant. That’s it pretty short all today if you are not
subscribed don’t forget to subscribe by clicking the red bell below the video . I post videos pretty regularly but if you
need oils hit me up down below on the contact link or I’ll leave my website
below you want to get started with doTERRA and the great thing is if you go
through my link below then we’ll get to chat on the phone so I can figure out
how to best support you at an essential oiler. I hope you guys have a great
day thanks for watching I’ll see you in the next video
For more infomation >> Doterra Haul |Doterra Harmony Mothers Day Collection A Big Surprise!!! – Duration: 3:40.
Best Video Marketing Course – Duration: 11:03. what’s up everybody Bryan Jaeger here from and I
wanted to shoot this video because I think I’ve come across what is one of
the best video marketing courses that I have found I’ve been doing video
marketing for about two years and just the ranking stuff has gone up
and down up and down kind of been like a little roller coaster and I’ve only been
doing internet marketing related stuff and I’ve recently been wanting to jump
into like doing different niches but didn’t really know where to start or
what to do anything like that and a lot of the courses out there just kind of
focused on internet marketing but that’s why I joined video marketing insider
because it gives you information on how to rank on any niche and what videos to
do stuff like that but I actually the past eight months you know I’ve been
trying to rank for Internet market stuff haven’t even been making the first page
but I’ve joined video marketing insider and for the first time first time using
his instructions which is Adam Payne’s and if you haven’t heard him then you’re
probably sleeping on a rock he’s one of the most go-to people for anything
video marketing related at YouTube related rankings all kind of stuff like
that so I used his techniques and let me just paste in what I was looking for so
this is the keyword I was shooting for and I’m on the first page of Google with
that and it’s been 22 hours so you know I never ranked for Google before I never
had any videos show up here now let me go to youtube and pull it up there
and I’m ranking number one on YouTube at the moment so uh-huh as you can see just
following his courses on my first video I’ve already achieved all the things I
was trying to do which is really nice so you know now my next game plan is going
into different niches and implementing this and trying to beat videos that have
been up there for like months and months and months or years and stuff like that
so what’s inside here is really good content now I’m in the dashboard I just
kind of walk you through it because there’s tons of videos and I’ll get to
those in a second but of course library is where all the videos are community is
the Facebook group that is in this and it’s a really good Facebook group
because it has a bunch of different video marketers it’s all like-minded
people and some are more experts in different areas than others and so you
kinda if you have questions of stuff you got a lot of people that can answer that
and doesn’t just have to be Adam that answers it there’s a bunch of different
people that can pitch in roadmaps is a new addition to this and this is what
the roadmaps are and this was a really nice addition I really liked that he
added this in because there’s so many videos you don’t kind of really know
where to start and this will show you how to do whatever it is that you’re
trying to do step-by-step so you can you know getting started inside of this via
my youtube channel roadmap how to create a YouTube channel ranky roadmap how to
get ranked local mastery how to do local you know SEO local ranking stuff
affiliate mastery is affiliate marketing roadmaps so you know you’re doing
affiliate marketing stuff but so that’s pretty clear there’s videos inside of
each step so you know exactly where you what you need to do to do each step now
let me go back now we have live training next which is self-explanatory
after that software now this is a big money saver
because the software is inside here if you were go to get a service outside of
video marketing insider you’re gonna be paying 50 to 100 bucks a month so what’s
in here is really nice and I can’t show you inside that cuz it shows you how to
get all the software’s but let me show you what they are
so RSS feed submitter is a well RSS feeds me but uh-huh this will change
your YouTube URL into 49 different variations to submit to you know
different RSS feeds different platforms and stuff like that so you can get a lot
more traffic to your YouTube video video ads alchemy is going to find monetized
videos for your keyword so if you’re doing YouTube as this is really
important to use because you can see what videos aren’t monetized and what
their views are so you can kind of use videos that are getting real good views
and stuff like that so you getting popular videos and all that and there’s
a platform called tube sift that does this exact same thing and it’s a little
more fancier than what’s inside here but it’s gonna cost you I think it was like
87 dollars a month to do so you’re getting a huge discount because video
marketing insider is $40 a month right now and if you pay by year or annually
it’s four hundred and forty dollars and if you want to do a lifetime payment
which is just a one-time payment it’s fifteen hundred so you’re getting a big
discount by getting video marketing inside just for that software there oh
sorry let me get a drink of water getting a little hoarse here okay so
tweet list builder is going to find the popular twitter accounts for the keyword
or niche you’re looking for so you can drive twitter ads to these people sushi
links this is gonna spit out like 200 different google variations for your
youtube url so you can get a lot of backlinks to your video view spy is just
for lifetime users and this is going to search for videos
in your keyword and it’s gonna spit out the videos and show you the daily views
so that’s important because that gives you an idea of how many views you need
to get to outrank these videos so you can decide if a keyword is worth putting
a video for or you know it’s not worth your while because they got so many
views that you’re just not going to pass them short and sweet lessons just has a
lot of lessons that are also videos in the course but this is just you know a
couple minute videos that you can watch you can come Affiliate and you can get
50% of the Commission’s for people that get into VMI from you Reports has all
kinds of different PDF reports that you can’t download and I’ll just kind of fly
through that real fast videos now this is really cool because if you’re doing a
different niche you can find high def videos for your niche right here that
you can use to rank for so that’s a really nice addition and if you’re in a
niche that isn’t on there you can submit that to him and if it’s one that’s a lot
of people you know it’s a it’s a popular national something then he’ll create
videos for you lifetime members is just where you get all the lifetime member
bonuses you know software tips is just showing you how to use the different
softwares to the best of your time resources is different tools that he
uses to make and edit his videos and stuff like that case studies is coming
soon this is May 15th so he said that these three were gonna be coming he’s
working on them now so I would think they’d be here within the next week so
if you’re watching this some time after you know June or so of 2018 later these
are probably already available to you and that’s that’s all in the dashboard
but let me go to the course study and just kind of show you some of the videos
so they’re broken down to the different topics
you got getting started Nicias and channel mastery video
creation and scripting and these are just all courses these aren’t the videos
these are courses and the videos are inside all the courses you have all
kinds of different ranking doing YouTube ads yeah you have all kinds of different
stuff Facebook doing Facebook live building a list with affiliate marketing
you know you got that local business this is you know ranking for local
businesses you know and you can do this you know either if someone’s paying you
to rank the top of Google and Facebook or YouTube you can do that or you can
make these videos and rent them out to people so that they can have them their
you know their business attached to the in the description and stuff like that
and so you know you can make money doing that and then it just has some extra
stuff but let me just get started and go through like the niches and YouTube
channel mastery and start course and as you see there’s tons of different videos
inside of all these courses so I don’t know how many videos are in here it’s
it’s a lot though because all these courses had you know five to 20
different videos inside each course so you’re getting a lot of content and like
I said the software itself is a big discount but that’s pretty much it
that’s I just wanted to pass this along just because you know I’ve been
struggling with video marketing for you know off and on for two years and you
know I’ve got a little bit of commissions and stuff here and there but
once I did this my videos ranked number one right off the bat you know so it’s
really nice to have a nice game plan and to learn what an experts doing because I
can just copy you know what he’s doing and put make that a benefit to my videos
so you know if you’re struggling with video marketing or you’re looking to get
inside one but you just been able to find something that works
then I highly suggest that you jump into video marketing insider now down in this
Christian below i have a link to my blog that just kind of goes over this a
little bit more but you can join in video marketing insider in there if you
want and that’s pretty much it so until next time have a good day
For more infomation >> Best Video Marketing Course – Duration: 11:03.
Bullet Force – Duration: 11:29. Sorry no actual audio but i’m back with another vid finally i have been pretty lazy im calling myself out OkAy BUT please enjoy the vid, like and sub, & Share
Sorry no actual audio but i’m back with another vid finally i have been pretty lazy im calling myself out OkAy BUT please enjoy the vid, like and sub, & Share
Sorry no actual audio but i’m back with another vid finally i have been pretty lazy im calling myself out OkAy BUT please enjoy the vid, like and sub, & Share
Sorry no actual audio but i’m back with another vid finally i have been pretty lazy im calling myself out OkAy BUT please enjoy the vid, like and sub, & Share
For more infomation >> Bullet Force – Duration: 11:29.
Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 ENDING LEAKED ALREADY! RDR2 LEAKED ENDING INFORMATION & NEWS! (RDR2) – Duration: 10:11. Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 ENDING LEAKED ALREADY!
(RDR2) 0:00:00.190,0:00:03.290
0:00:07.370,0:00:12.000 hey what’s going on guys my name is Zack
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 LEAKED ENDING 0:00:10.410,0:00:13.559
be guessin calling me hazardous thank RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ENDING INFORMATION
0:00:12.000,0:00:15.240 you guys so much for tuning back in on
my channel and welcome back to another RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 ENDING NEWS
0:00:15.240,0:00:18.960 red dead redemption 2 video here on the
RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 INFORMATION 0:00:17.820,0:00:20.609
channel today for you guys and in RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 NEWS
0:00:18.960,0:00:22.980 today’s Red Dead Redemption 2 video
we’re gonna be talking about the ending RDR2 ENDING
0:00:22.980,0:00:27.060 and the leaked ending the possible
RDR2 LEAKED ENDING 0:00:24.869,0:00:30.029
leaked ending to Red Dead Redemption – RDR2 ENDING INFORMATION
0:00:27.060,0:00:32.130 that was leaked way back in 2010 when
RDR2 ENDING LEAKED INFORMATION 0:00:30.029,0:00:33.960
Red Dead Redemption 1 released the RDR2 ENDING NEWS
0:00:32.130,0:00:36.600 cutscene you’re seeing on screen is an
RDR2 INFORMATION 0:00:33.960,0:00:38.790
interaction between John Marston and the RDR2 NEWS
0:00:36.600,0:00:40.739 strange man in a stranger mission called
RDR2 ENDING CUTSCENE 0:00:38.790,0:00:42.840
I know you where you do a couple errands RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2
0:00:40.739,0:00:44.610 for him but in this first cutscene when
RDR2 0:00:42.840,0:00:46.590
he meet him he’s more of a figment of
0:00:44.610,0:00:48.750 John’s imagination or his conscious
0:00:46.590,0:00:51.230 feeling guilty for the things that he
0:00:48.750,0:00:54.390 did in his past and the strange man
0:00:51.230,0:00:56.250 describes a past mission or a past
0:00:54.390,0:00:58.260 action where John Marston was in a
0:00:56.250,0:01:00.180 botched robbery with his gang on the
0:00:58.260,0:01:02.219 wreck of serendipity in Red Dead
0:01:00.180,0:01:04.710 Redemption 1 that left him getting shot
0:01:02.219,0:01:06.570 and this girl Heidi McCourt getting
0:01:04.710,0:01:08.700 killed you could see he describes her
0:01:06.570,0:01:10.110 face as her eye hanging out of her head
0:01:08.700,0:01:12.750 by a thread attendant and her brain
0:01:10.110,0:01:14.430 plastered all over the wall so obviously
0:01:12.750,0:01:16.320 she was shot in the face and a lot of
0:01:14.430,0:01:18.270 fans are speculating that she is
0:01:16.320,0:01:20.850 included in the most recent trailer of
0:01:18.270,0:01:22.350 Red Dead Redemption 1 she could be the
0:01:20.850,0:01:24.180 blonde girl some people are saying she’s
0:01:22.350,0:01:26.250 Abigail Marston I think she’s hiding
0:01:24.180,0:01:27.570 McCourt’s face and then the brunette
0:01:26.250,0:01:29.280 towards the end of the trailer could be
0:01:27.570,0:01:31.500 Abigail Marsden because they kind of
0:01:29.280,0:01:33.780 have a similar resemblance now the
0:01:31.500,0:01:35.490 reason let’s talk about this actually
0:01:33.780,0:01:37.799 because as you could see on the screen
0:01:35.490,0:01:39.659 this is a screenshot of the wreck of
0:01:37.799,0:01:40.950 serendipity right here and you can see
0:01:39.659,0:01:43.170 that the ship is sinking in the back
0:01:40.950,0:01:44.250 similar to how the Titanic sank but I
0:01:43.170,0:01:45.329 don’t think there’s any resemblance
0:01:44.250,0:01:47.670 there but you could see in the back
0:01:45.329,0:01:50.310 there’s actually the the rotating
0:01:47.670,0:01:52.560 rudders that will propel the ship for it
0:01:50.310,0:01:54.630 and so it seems to have sank in the
0:01:52.560,0:01:56.159 front of the ship leaving that and the
0:01:54.630,0:01:58.170 opposite side or the tail end of the
0:01:56.159,0:02:00.240 ship I don’t know ships if it’s
0:01:58.170,0:02:01.860 starboard or bow or Stern I think it’s a
0:02:00.240,0:02:03.990 stern leaving the stern up in the air
0:02:01.860,0:02:06.390 but you could see flat iron like in this
0:02:03.990,0:02:08.220 picture now if we go to this leaked map
0:02:06.390,0:02:10.110 of Red Dead Redemption 2 you could still
0:02:08.220,0:02:12.120 see that the wreck of serendipity is all
0:02:10.110,0:02:13.590 the way south there probably where it
0:02:12.120,0:02:15.390 says Quakers Cove that scene
0:02:13.590,0:02:17.459 to be the path leading down to the wreck
0:02:15.390,0:02:19.230 of serendipity this could be the
0:02:17.459,0:02:21.420 possible ending location for the game
0:02:19.230,0:02:23.819 now personally I don’t think this is
0:02:21.420,0:02:25.260 going to be the true ending of Red Dead
0:02:23.819,0:02:26.940 Redemption too but I think it’s gonna be
0:02:25.260,0:02:29.040 the climax of the game and what I mean
0:02:26.940,0:02:30.720 by climax is that this is when this
0:02:29.040,0:02:32.099 story every problem that you’ve been
0:02:30.720,0:02:34.530 encountered every action that you’ve
0:02:32.099,0:02:36.720 done so far heck comes to a head so in a
0:02:34.530,0:02:38.519 three-act story structure in a movie you
0:02:36.720,0:02:40.140 have the exposition which gives all the
0:02:38.519,0:02:42.480 backstory and the information you need
0:02:40.140,0:02:43.799 to proceed further with the story the
0:02:42.480,0:02:46.920 journey and the adventure that you’re
0:02:43.799,0:02:49.019 gonna see on screen act 2 ends with the
0:02:46.920,0:02:51.660 climax of the film and then act 3 is the
0:02:49.019,0:02:54.599 resolution so basically the exposition
0:02:51.660,0:02:56.099 ends with the like true action or the
0:02:54.599,0:02:57.989 problem that gets presented you get
0:02:56.099,0:03:00.180 presented all the information and then
0:02:57.989,0:03:03.060 the main character experiences a problem
0:03:00.180,0:03:05.910 say for example boy meets girl in the
0:03:03.060,0:03:08.129 exposition and the in-between of act 1
0:03:05.910,0:03:10.920 and act 2 is the problem the problem is
0:03:08.129,0:03:12.930 the girl has a boyfriend so now the boy
0:03:10.920,0:03:14.250 needs to try and get the girl in act 2
0:03:12.930,0:03:15.900 and we follow him through the whole
0:03:14.250,0:03:18.329 journey of him trying to take her out to
0:03:15.900,0:03:20.519 dinner by or nice things etc and the
0:03:18.329,0:03:22.920 climax is he makes his move on the girl
0:03:20.519,0:03:24.720 he asks her to marry him he kisses her
0:03:22.920,0:03:26.880 or something like that that would be the
0:03:24.720,0:03:28.079 climax of the film the resolution could
0:03:26.880,0:03:29.970 go either way it could be a good
0:03:28.079,0:03:31.470 resolution of where boy gets girl
0:03:29.970,0:03:33.510 typically that’s how it is because
0:03:31.470,0:03:35.400 that’s the payoff for the film but in a
0:03:33.510,0:03:37.560 lot of drama films and horror movie
0:03:35.400,0:03:39.840 films you actually see a negative
0:03:37.560,0:03:42.000 resolution which is where you know the
0:03:39.840,0:03:43.620 boy asks you know ask the girl that main
0:03:42.000,0:03:44.040 question like will you marry me can I
0:03:43.620,0:03:46.709 kiss you
0:03:44.040,0:03:48.840 etc and the girl doesn’t accept she
0:03:46.709,0:03:50.489 rejects him and the boy continues on
0:03:48.840,0:03:51.930 with his life without the girl that
0:03:50.489,0:03:53.700 would be a negative resolution and that
0:03:51.930,0:03:55.680 is what I think the climax is going to
0:03:53.700,0:03:57.269 be these are some of the reasons now
0:03:55.680,0:03:58.889 that I’m gonna talk about why we could
0:03:57.269,0:04:00.540 see this as the ending of Red Dead
0:03:58.889,0:04:02.430 Redemption 2 and also at the same time
0:04:00.540,0:04:04.109 why this leaked ending wouldn’t work
0:04:02.430,0:04:06.090 some of the reasons that it would work I
0:04:04.109,0:04:08.160 have three is that this could very well
0:04:06.090,0:04:09.540 be the climax like I said because this
0:04:08.160,0:04:12.090 could be this could be the cause that
0:04:09.540,0:04:13.530 Arthur Morgan dies in the game we don’t
0:04:12.090,0:04:15.030 know if Arthur Morgan is gonna die or
0:04:13.530,0:04:18.329 not I doubt they would do such a similar
0:04:15.030,0:04:20.549 ending – well actually spoiler alert if
0:04:18.329,0:04:22.229 anyone doesn’t know alright I’m gonna
0:04:20.549,0:04:24.719 give you a second to click off the video
0:04:22.229,0:04:27.120 here guys if you guys do not know the
0:04:24.719,0:04:28.320 ending to Red Dead Redemption one
0:04:27.120,0:04:30.000 I’m giving you guys a little bit more
0:04:28.320,0:04:31.229 time if you don’t want to spoil the
0:04:30.000,0:04:32.729 ending for yourself if you’re playing it
0:04:31.229,0:04:35.040 for the first time now click off this
0:04:32.729,0:04:37.260 video or just skip the rest of it and we
0:04:35.040,0:04:38.940 will continue further but this is going
0:04:37.260,0:04:41.430 to be the spoiler guys in Red Dead
0:04:38.940,0:04:43.740 Redemption 1 John Marston dies right and
0:04:41.430,0:04:46.500 so we play as Jack Marston and we redeem
0:04:43.740,0:04:48.479 you know his father he’s shot his mother
0:04:46.500,0:04:50.040 and his son escapes and then we do the
0:04:48.479,0:04:51.870 last mission of the game where Jack
0:04:50.040,0:04:53.130 hunts down Ross and he actually kills
0:04:51.870,0:04:54.389 him and that’s when the credits roll and
0:04:53.130,0:04:56.250 that’s like the true ending of the game
0:04:54.389,0:04:57.990 but John Marston dies in Red Dead
0:04:56.250,0:04:59.340 Redemption right and so this could be a
0:04:57.990,0:05:00.990 similar ending to that where Arthur
0:04:59.340,0:05:03.270 Morgan actually dies on the wreck of
0:05:00.990,0:05:04.800 serendipity and John Marston gets shot
0:05:03.270,0:05:06.870 because that is what the strange man
0:05:04.800,0:05:08.550 said he says you got shot on the ship
0:05:06.870,0:05:10.139 right and that you don’t remember hiding
0:05:08.550,0:05:12.240 a horse face so why would you remember
0:05:10.139,0:05:14.400 mine etc that’s one of the reasons why
0:05:12.240,0:05:15.870 this could work as a climax because this
0:05:14.400,0:05:17.430 is where Arthur Morgan could die this is
0:05:15.870,0:05:19.169 where John Marcin gets shot and this is
0:05:17.430,0:05:21.090 where the gang leaves him because John
0:05:19.169,0:05:23.130 Marston the whole reason he’s you know
0:05:21.090,0:05:26.340 capturing or trying to kill his enemies
0:05:23.130,0:05:27.900 and his old gang in the RDR one story is
0:05:26.340,0:05:29.010 because the the is because the
0:05:27.900,0:05:30.360 government is gonna kill his family
0:05:29.010,0:05:32.610 unless he doesn’t bring them in or kill
0:05:30.360,0:05:34.680 them but the reason he’s so okay with it
0:05:32.610,0:05:36.510 is because they left him 10 years ago
0:05:34.680,0:05:38.190 which is when this prequel with Arthur
0:05:36.510,0:05:41.070 Morgan and Dutch Randall and and the
0:05:38.190,0:05:43.020 rest of the game took place now another
0:05:41.070,0:05:45.060 reason why this could work is that this
0:05:43.020,0:05:47.370 puts the gang in a tough situation where
0:05:45.060,0:05:48.750 the member John Marston is shot and they
0:05:47.370,0:05:50.130 need to escape law enforcement on the
0:05:48.750,0:05:51.630 ship and that’s why they leave him I
0:05:50.130,0:05:53.880 don’t think they necessarily leave John
0:05:51.630,0:05:55.620 Marston because they hate him and they
0:05:53.880,0:05:57.000 just want to leave him it’s because he
0:05:55.620,0:05:58.289 gets shot and they leave him for dead
0:05:57.000,0:06:01.080 because they got to get out of there as
0:05:58.289,0:06:03.449 well similar to the movie there’s a lot
0:06:01.080,0:06:05.580 of bank-robbing movies you know just
0:06:03.449,0:06:09.240 around you know the world and one of
0:06:05.580,0:06:10.500 them is heat from 1993 or 1995 great
0:06:09.240,0:06:12.120 movie but they leave one of the
0:06:10.500,0:06:13.650 characters for dead as well and then the
0:06:12.120,0:06:15.599 last reason why this ending could work
0:06:13.650,0:06:17.220 is that the game is most likely to end
0:06:15.599,0:06:19.169 after a heist with the gang that goes
0:06:17.220,0:06:20.970 horribly wrong and this could be one of
0:06:19.169,0:06:22.800 those heists now it’s not a typical bank
0:06:20.970,0:06:24.330 robbery or a train robbery but it’s a
0:06:22.800,0:06:26.039 robbery on a ship maybe they’re going
0:06:24.330,0:06:27.780 after someone with a lot of money or
0:06:26.039,0:06:29.970 they’re going after a safe on the ship
0:06:27.780,0:06:32.490 or something like that maybe even Arthur
0:06:29.970,0:06:34.110 Morgan or John Marston are taken hostage
0:06:32.490,0:06:35.460 on the ship although we have no
0:06:34.110,0:06:36.810 information to confirm that those are
0:06:35.460,0:06:38.520 just my thoughts and this is pure
0:06:36.810,0:06:40.210 speculation now I do want to talk about
0:06:38.520,0:06:42.250 why this ending for our dr2
0:06:40.210,0:06:43.930 would not work and the reason for that
0:06:42.250,0:06:46.419 is that Red Dead Redemption 2 is a
0:06:43.930,0:06:48.310 prequel to RTR 1 but not a prequel of
0:06:46.419,0:06:50.350 John Marston and so I doubt that would
0:06:48.310,0:06:52.780 have been so on the knows about John
0:06:50.350,0:06:54.580 Marsten’s past to point out the Red Dead
0:06:52.780,0:06:56.229 Redemption 2 ending you know what I mean
0:06:54.580,0:06:57.669 like they wouldn’t talk about John
0:06:56.229,0:06:59.500 marcin’s past and then say you know what
0:06:57.669,0:07:00.759 we’re gonna make this the ending for Red
0:06:59.500,0:07:02.650 Dead Redemption 2 even though it seems
0:07:00.759,0:07:04.479 to fit in with the story perfectly and
0:07:02.650,0:07:06.669 it would be a great climax for the movie
0:07:04.479,0:07:08.500 or a great ending it just they wouldn’t
0:07:06.669,0:07:10.210 have like been so on the nose in the
0:07:08.500,0:07:11.440 original game now maybe you could say
0:07:10.210,0:07:12.490 that they weren’t sure if they were
0:07:11.440,0:07:14.110 gonna make another Red Dead Redemption
0:07:12.490,0:07:16.539 but Red Dead Redemption tubing and
0:07:14.110,0:07:19.330 development right after RDR one concept
0:07:16.539,0:07:21.789 in for RTR to began before Red Dead
0:07:19.330,0:07:23.650 Redemption even finished development and
0:07:21.789,0:07:24.970 before it went gold so yeah I think if
0:07:23.650,0:07:26.349 they knew they were coming out with a
0:07:24.970,0:07:28.270 Red Dead Redemption 2 and they knew how
0:07:26.349,0:07:29.919 this ending would come out they would
0:07:28.270,0:07:31.360 have excluded the that just that
0:07:29.919,0:07:33.220 cutscene in general because it was
0:07:31.360,0:07:34.930 necessary information for John marcin’s
0:07:33.220,0:07:37.120 past but it would have been leaked to
0:07:34.930,0:07:38.380 the audience and so you know that’s why
0:07:37.120,0:07:40.360 I think it could be the climax of the
0:07:38.380,0:07:41.710 game and not the resolution because you
0:07:40.360,0:07:43.419 know the resolution can follow a few
0:07:41.710,0:07:45.310 minutes after for Arthur Morgan’s story
0:07:43.419,0:07:47.229 but the climax would be this just like a
0:07:45.310,0:07:49.060 three-act story structure in a film and
0:07:47.229,0:07:51.220 then the other fact and the other detail
0:07:49.060,0:07:52.870 why I think this would not work as the
0:07:51.220,0:07:54.909 ending to Red Dead Redemption 2 is
0:07:52.870,0:07:56.380 because the story is about Arthur Morgan
0:07:54.909,0:07:58.120 at the end of the day guys it’s not
0:07:56.380,0:07:59.949 about John Marston even though he’s
0:07:58.120,0:08:02.229 involved with the gang this is not john
0:07:59.949,0:08:03.970 marston story we already had time to
0:08:02.229,0:08:06.430 play his story back in 2010 with the
0:08:03.970,0:08:08.229 original Red Dead Redemption so even
0:08:06.430,0:08:10.120 though this may be a playable mission in
0:08:08.229,0:08:12.130 the game because it involves the gang
0:08:10.120,0:08:14.349 the focus of this mission probably won’t
0:08:12.130,0:08:16.090 be what happens to John Marston it will
0:08:14.349,0:08:17.860 probably be what happens to Arthur
0:08:16.090,0:08:19.570 Morgan because this his this is his
0:08:17.860,0:08:21.430 story after all this isn’t john marston
0:08:19.570,0:08:23.530 story like i said so if you guys enjoyed
0:08:21.430,0:08:25.330 this video i’d hope you guys would stick
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0:08:37.719,0:08:40.599 days guys because you guys seem to
0:08:39.039,0:08:41.620 really enjoy that and it did really well
0:08:40.599,0:08:43.209 so I definitely want to keep those
0:08:41.620,0:08:45.040 videos coming if you guys found this
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0:08:50.950,0:08:53.860 comments section below thank you guys so
0:08:52.779,0:08:55.390 much for tuning in I hope
0:08:53.860,0:08:56.410 guys have a fantastic day let me know
0:08:55.390,0:08:59.110 what you guys think the Red Dead
0:08:56.410,0:09:00.790 Redemption 2 ending is going to be let’s
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Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 ENDING LEAKED ALREADY!
(RDR2) Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 ENDING LEAKED
For more infomation >> Red Dead Redemption 2 – RDR2 ENDING LEAKED ALREADY! RDR2 LEAKED ENDING INFORMATION & NEWS! (RDR2) – Duration: 10:11.
OOF whats this – Duration: 11:54. Hello hello!
Basically I’m makin this video to try and help revive this deAD server
That was my cringe waving, sorry
look at tHOSe trees
Custom biomes my dudes
So oof here’s some stuff they got on TOWNY
Custom heads but they’re pricey tho
here’s some stuff u can buy with covelets like tags n shit
Here’s the gear that gives me night vis, speed, and res
Here’s a custom enchant book. I got this one from using a key on a box at spawn
Here’s some of the crates you can use with keys
the rules obviously
why did i record them for so long oof
the server allows some mods like these
if u see this i luv u > OOF whats this – Duration: 11:54.
Some Updates | Art Museum & Photography by Jacob Sheetz – Duration: 4:11. Just some quick updates for everyone but what’s been happening recently
why haven’t been making in many videos and
Doing many drawings. I’ve got nothing doing more photography recently and
there’s a lot to learn about it and
It’s a bit complex. It’s gonna be a little bit complicated
but I’m not fun doing it and I’m using that to help me get better with making my drawing videos and everything because I
Didn’t really know a whole lot about the different type of lenses and how they work and the lens I have on my camera
right now is the 50 millimeter canon lens and
It has an F
1.8. Now low the f-stop is
The better for the lens for the camera you can get better lighting and everything. So I’m using that one because
At this point it’s kind of getting dark out. And so mother of lens you wouldn’t go to see anything, but I
been working on that and
Working on trying to get more work submitted to the Art Museum
I’m looking forward to doing some prints there. They don’t want to sell and I
Probably will be doing
many more shows they’re
Spending more work and I had fun when I went there
There was a lot of people there hundreds of people and hundreds of people submitted work in
And it was a lot of fun. I
Didn’t get any award or anything for it, but I was I was just happy to be there
I didn’t think I was even gonna make even make it into the show
It was more at work. And the one I submitted was no really big
Abstract drawing and that one took me. Oh
Thousand hours to draw was a long time. I was very happy on that get it done and
It was good. I like seeing what other people had and
the one of the words show they they had a big painting of them stairs like a it was like portrait painting and
There’s a couple other ones there was massive dirt like these
How big was it probably twelve feet and
There’s a couple of those there
there was several sculptures and
Started doing carving recently
I just carved an apple I had to feel I did of that recently and she won’t check that out
I’ll give a link to it right here and I
Have started doing a bit of carving. I had an idea that
because I’ve always been good with working the things with my hands that maybe I could do some carving and that I
Might be able to do a pretty good job at it. And so I just started carving an apple and I liked it some
Better wood carving tools the ones that have really cheap ones
I got a Hobby Lobby a couple years ago and they kept breaking every time I would try to
Try to do any carving into wood and I was using a really soft wood
No, was it recommended to use and those weren’t working? So I
Probably won’t be to something like those exacto knife started out with those
I’ll just do some easy carving and then work my way up from there. I think I’m thinking about doing
submitting a carving and some photography and to
The next art show that I am a part of
I’ll have to look and see when the our show is. I don’t know at the moment
I haven’t seen anything listed over the next six months
so whenever that comes out, I’ll everybody you know, but um
it’s working that photography working on getting better it in making the videos with the
video recording
Working on submitting stuff art museum and just been really busy with work
So I haven’t really had the time to do as many drawings
I’ve still been working on practicing but there was this little bit updates of what’s been happening what I’ve been doing and
I’m probably gonna make some videos here soon as well about my photography and
about some of the photos that I’ve done and you have any suggestions about
Know some places that I can do some photography or you know some good times to do it good
Let me know and I’ll check that out. But uh for now, thank you for watching it. See you later
For more infomation >> Some Updates | Art Museum & Photography by Jacob Sheetz – Duration: 4:11.
보컬 트레이너였던 황치열이 꼽은 애제자 뉴이스트’ – Duration: 2:48. For more infomation >> 보컬 트레이너였던 황치열이 꼽은 애제자 뉴이스트’ – Duration: 2:48.
섹시미 폭발했다는 워너원 유닛 ‘남바완’ 티저.jpg – Duration: 2:42. For more infomation >> 섹시미 폭발했다는 워너원 유닛 ‘남바완’ 티저.jpg – Duration: 2:42.
How to Find the Limit at Infinity (NancyPi) – Duration: 30:49. Hi guys! I’m Nancy.
And I’m going to show you how to find the limit at infinity, or negative infinity.
Limits are a pretty big topic, kind of a mess, so I have a few videos.
If you’re actually looking for limits not at infinity, but at a number
or an introduction to limits, what they mean
you can use the links in the description to jump to those explanations
but if you are looking for limits at infinity or negative infinity
here are the types I’m going to show you.
OK, so here are the kinds I’m going to show.
If you see the kind that you’re working on already, you can skip ahead
just check the description for a time to skip to
but I’m going to show you if you have a polynomial
like an x expression in your limit
or a constant, just a number,
both as x goes to positive infinity and to negative infinity.
This is a quick type I’m going to show you.
The main, most common type, is rational expressions in your limit.
Something in the form of a fraction. And there is a shortcut for this type
based on the degree of the numerator and the degree of the denominator.
What is the degree? It just means the highest power that appears.
So you can use a shortcut to find the limit by comparing the degree of the top
and the degree of the bottom in your rational expression.
I will also show you the formal, algebraic way of finding it, but this is a really useful shortcut.
Then we’ll look at if you have something like (sin x)/x
in your limit, as x goes to infinity or negative infinity.
And then we’ll look at if you have an exponential type, so…
the limit as x goes to infinity, of e to some negative variable exponent.
So let’s look at the first type, if you have a polynomial or constant in your limit.
OK, let’s look at this type really quickly, if you have a polynomial, an x expression
or a constant, just a number, in your limit, as x approaches infinity.
Say you have something like the limit of 2x, as x approaches infinity.
How can you figure that out?
Basically, you need to figure out what happens to 2x, as x goes to infinity.
As x becomes huge, as x becomes very large
what is happening to 2x? Well…
anything like 2x, x, x squared, x cubed, powers of x…
they vary directly with x, meaning if x gets big, then they also grow in the same direction.
So this will also become huge, very, very large.
You can think of it as plugging in infinity for x. That’s not technically what’s happening here
but I think it’s helpful to think of that.
If you put in infinity, or some huge number, for x
what would 2x be? It would also be some huge number
and we still represent that by infinity.
So we put infinity for the limit.
Then, think about what would happen if x approached negative infinity.
Well, if you put in some huge negative number for x
2x would also be some huge negative number, and it’s only getting more and more negative
becoming larger and larger in the negative direction.
So this would also be huge and negative, and we would write negative infinity for the limit.
Now, I should quickly point out…
I put equals infinity and equals negative infinity…
it does not actually equal infinity!
You can never reach infinity or negative infinity
but, in limit language or limit-speak, we write that it equals infinity or equals negative infinity
because it’s heading in that direction.
That’s what it’s approaching as x goes to infinity, or negative infinity.
Let’s look at another polynomial that’s a little larger.
OK, so what if you have a larger polynomial x expression?
Something that starts with x^2 as a leading term.
Well, basically, for a really large x
you don’t have to worry about any lower degree terms.
You only need to focus on the leading term.
So you can actually just kind of ignore any other terms, and focus on that.
So what happens when x becomes extremely large?
x^2 also becomes extremely large. They grow in the same direction.
So this would be equal to infinity.
The limit is equal to infinity.
If x instead approached negative infinity, of x^2 + 2x + 5?
Again, we don’t care about the lower degree terms
because when x is extremely large
none of those lower terms are growing anywhere near as quickly
as the first leading term.
So they don’t make a difference overall.
It’s really just the highest power term that appears, that counts
when finding the limit.
So anyway, it’s x^2 that you care about in this expression
and if x became extremely negative, very large and negative
squaring it would make it positive again, no matter what number that was
it would become positive.
So again, you can think of it in terms of plugging in negative infinity.
You can’t really plug in negative infinity, but it’s helpful.
Putting in a negative infinity and squaring it makes it positive.
A positive huge number.
So we put, again, equals infinity.
You might be wondering, what if the leading term isn’t positive?
That’s a great question. So if you, instead, had…
If you had this, limit as x goes to positive infinity, of -x^2 + 2x + 5
these lower terms don’t affect your limit, but this one does.
-x^2 means x is squared first and then the sign is changed, becomes negative.
So if you put in a huge number, infinity, squared it, it’s still positive and huge.
Positive infinity, but then you flip the sign after, so it actually becomes negative infinity.
This is why I think it’s helpful
to think of plugging in infinity and negative infinity, although that’s not really
algebraically what’s happening, but it’s helpful.
And then, use what you know about even powers and odd powers
to find these limits. Like, if you are given this one…
The limit of x^3, as x approaches infinity, this would also be positive infinity.
But if you had the limit, as x approaches negative infinity, of x^3
just remember that for odd powers of x
a negative number, raised to an odd power, is still negative.
So that’s true if it’s x^5, x^7, x^3…
So this would actually be negative and large, so negative infinity.
Hopefully you’re getting the idea.
If it were x^4, it wouldn’t matter if we put in negative infinity.
What would come out would be large and positive, so it would be positive infinity
and then this sign here does matter, if there’s a sign out front.
You know, even if it were -2x^2, if there’s some number
overall it would still be negative.
One last thing I want to show you before we move on to the real meat of
limits at infinity, which are the rational ones.
if you ever get a constant, like your function was just a number, a constant…
like this, limit of 3, as x approaches infinity…
there is no variable, there is no x that appears there, so…
no matter what happens to x, it doesn’t affect your number, your constant
it’s a constant, it stays, the same, so…
Your limit would actually be just that constant, 3.
Whatever number you had.
Same thing here, it doesn’t matter if x it going toward a negative, large number
your function is just 3, so the limit is still 3, it’s a horizontal, flat line forever.
OK, so now let’s take a look at the rational kinds of limits at infinity.
OK, so here’s the most common type of limits at infinity, which is rational expressions–
the limit of a rational expression.
Rational, just meaning in the form of one polynomial over another polynomial.
So a numerator and a denominator, a fraction, if you will.
So just remember, this is…
in the form…
of a numerator over a denominator.
So for something that looks like this, a rational expression in your limit, as x approaches infinity, or negative infinity
there is a really fast way of getting the limit
and it’s a shortcut
it’s really the fastest way, and I’m going to show that to you first
basically all you do is compare the degree of the numerator and the degree of the denominator,
the degree of the polynomial on top and the degree of the polynomial on the bottom,
to find what the limit should be.
And there are three cases I want to show you.
I will show you the formal, algebraic, official way, of finding the limit of a rational expression
for x approaching infinity
but first, I think it’s really useful to see this fast way, based on these three cases
so let’s look at those.
OK, so these are three main cases for finding the limit with the shortcut
for a rational expression, as x approaches infinity or negative infinity.
Basically, all you need to do is compare the degrees of the numerator and the denominator.
The degree is the highest power that appears in a polynomial, so..
the degree of the numerator is the highest power of x that appears in the top
and the degree of the denominator..
the degree of the denominator is the highest power of x that appears in the bottom.
So in this expression, in this example…
the degree of the numerator would be 2
because the highest power of x that appears on top is x^2.
The degree is… 2.
And the degree of the denominator would be 3.
Since the highest power of x that appears in the bottom is x^3.
Those are the numbers that you’re comparing.
So because the degree of the numerator, 2
is less than the degree of the denominator, 3…
the limit will be 0, the limit will be equal to 0.
Basically, because this function is bottom-heavy, a higher power on bottom than on top…
the rule is that the limit will end up being 0.
The reason is that if you just look at the leading terms
the highest power, x^2, and the highest power on the bottom, x^3…
The overall form of this expression is 1/x.
This would simplify to…
1/x, it’s the overall form of it
and if x became very, very large, infinity
1 over infinity, or 1 over a very large number, is basically 0, is the limit.
The value’s approaching 0, so the limit is 0 in that case.
This is true even when x is approaching negative infinity, so this is true…
if x is approaching positive infinity, which you just saw…
or negative infinity, because even if you put in a huge negative number.. here for x
1 over a huge, negative number is approaching 0.
It’s just approaching 0 from the other side
so this rule, this case will still hold.
It will be equal to 0.
OK, so let’s look at the second case.
Look at this limit here…
if the degree of the numerator is the same as the degree of the denominator
so in this example, the degree on top is 2 from the x^2
the degree on the bottom is also 2, from x^2
If they are equal, then to find the limit
the fastest way is to take the ratio of the leading coefficients.
So write the fraction or the ratio, that is, the leading constants out front of the highest power terms.
OK, so let’s look at an example.
For the sake of the example
let’s pretend that you’re doing the limit, as x approaches negative infinity
and then we’ll go back and look at the other one.
The limit, as x approaches negative infinity, of this expression
you can just…
because the degrees are equal…
because it’s balanced in that way, you can just focus on the leading terms.
So here, that’s 2x^2 and 8x^2…
and the reason for that is that when x is extremely large in the positive or negative direction
these lower degree terms don’t affect the overall limit value in the end,
so you can ignore them, just focus on the leading, highest power terms.
now you have the limit, as x approaches negative infinity, of 2x^2 over 8x^2
and you can simplify this with algebra, those x^2’s cancel…
we have 2 over 8…
Which of course simplifies to 1/4.
So your limit of that rational expression
is the actual value, actual finite number, 1/4.
Notice that, because the degrees are balanced, because it’s the same x^2 on top and bottom
those x^2’s drop out, they disappear, they cancel.
This would be true even if you had x^3 and x^3, x and x, etc. etc…
So because of that, it never mattered that x was approaching negative infinity instead of positive infinity.
We only cared about the ratio of those leading constants, those leading numbers out front.
If this had just been x^2
there is a 1 there, remember, there would have been a 1 as your leading coefficient
but we had 2 and 8, and that simplified to 1/4.
So, as a rule, as a shortcut
no matter if x is approaching positive or negative infinity…
when the degrees are equal, you can just write a ratio,
a fraction of the leading terms,
and it becomes just the leading constants, the leading coefficients that matter
to find your limit value.
OK, so the last case…
What if the degree of your numerator is greater than the degree of the denominator?
So in this example..
x^2 has a degree of 2, x has a degree of 1.
So since 2 is larger than 1, what do you do? Well…
your limit will either be positive infinity or negative infinity, depending on your leading terms.
So say that you wanted to find the limit, as x approaches positive infinity, of this expression.
You only need to consider the leading terms.
So we can write the limit, as x approaches infinity, of 3x^2/x
and then you’ll need to use algebra to simplify
and get it down to the simplest x expression that you can.
OK, so as you can see, simplifying this expression
gives you the limit of 3x, as x approaches infinity
and as you know from earlier examples, as x approaches infinity
something like 3x would also approach positive infinity.
So in that case, your limit was positive infinity.
If instead you had…
if instead all along it had been, as x approaches negative infinity
in the end, using your 3x, simplified expression
if x approached negative infinity, this would also approach negative infinity.
So that could happen as well.
So as a rule, you’ll just need to use the leading terms
write the ratio, and take the limit of whatever simplified x expression you get in the end.
So I would say it could be infinity or negative infinity
depending on your rational expression.
OK, so those are the three main cases for finding the limit with the shortcut.
Now let me show you the formal, algebraic, official way
of finding the limit of a rational expression, really quickly.
Just so you see where this all came from.
OK, so let me show you really quickly why that shortcut works
and I’ll use that first case
where the power on top was lower than the power on the bottom.
Basically, the algebraic, formal, official way of finding the limit
of a rational expression is to… use algebra
and basically, you divide every term that appears,
every term, by the highest power of x that appears in the denominator.
So the highest power that appears in the denominator is x^3.
So you can find a value for your limit, an actual number
by dividing all of these terms by x^3.
So here I’ve divided every term by x^3
and this of course can simplify,
each term within this expression can simplify.
Alright, and then the magic of that
is that now if you look at each term individually…
if you think of x getting extremely large
if you think of putting a number like infinity in for x
anything with an x in the denominator would go to 0
because any number, any finite constant number that you know
over something like infinity, is essentially 0.
So for large values of x
each of these terms gets arbitrarily close to 0.
Super close to 0, and you can
for all purposes, for the limit, zero them out.
If you see anything with an x power in the bottom and just a number on top
it goes to 0.
We have this 2 left in the denominator
So this simplifies to…
0 on top, because we had 0 + 0 + 0, and a 2 on the bottom.
Which of course is just 0.
So I showed you this way, this technique, for that first case
but you could do this for even the cases where the powers are equal,
where the degrees are equal, or where the degree is higher on top than on bottom.
And in each case, you would find, basically
the end that we found in the shortcut case.
But of course, you can tell that this is a longer method, so…
it’s faster to use the shortcut, but it’s good to see this
it’s good to see where it comes from.
Alright, I also want to show you one more thing that’s useful
that comes up a lot.
This confuses people sometimes, when they just see 1/x
it is technically rational, that’s why I’m putting it in this section, but…
the limit, as x approaches infinity, of 1/x is 0
because if this x in the bottom is getting extremely large
this small 1 over an extremely large number is tending toward 0.
It’s practically 0, so in the limit…
the value is approaching 0.
And the same is true even if x is approaching negative infinity.
That also equals 0, because…
even if it’s 1 over an extremely large negative number
it is heading toward 0, just from the negative direction.
It’s 1 over a very large negative number, it’s practically 0.
It’d be something like -0. 1.
Small and negative but practically 0, in the limit.
OK, in that vein, what if you have 1/x^2?
If you have 1/x^2, again, even if it’s x^2 down in the denominator
1 over infinity squared is still practically 1 over infinity,
1 over infinity, which is extremely small and is 0.
So I think you’re seeing a theme here.
Even if it’s negative, the negative gets squared and becomes positive
but it’s still 0, 1 over a very large number.
So in general…
In general, if you have 1/x, 1/x^2, 1/x^3
no matter if x is approaching positive infinity or negative infinity
it’s going to be equal… to 0.
It’s going to be 0, as long as n is a positive power like 2, 3, 4, etc.
So 1 over some huge number is going toward 0 in the limit.
Alright, let’s now look at a type where you have (sin x)/x in your limit.
OK, so here’s a third common type of limits at infinity
which is if you have the form (sin x)/x or something like that
as x approaches infinity or as x approaches negative infinity.
There’s a property that you can use if this comes up.
And that property is that the limit of (sin x)/x
as x approaches infinity or negative infinity will be equal to 0.
And you can use that even for forms that don’t exactly look like that.
Before I show you these examples, be careful, this looks a lot like another property
that comes up in limits at a finite value, at a constant value, and I have a video for that,
but don’t confuse it with the other one, which is this…
So warning: Not to be confused with this other one.
But if you do have the kind that’s limit, as x approaches infinity or negative infinity, of (sin x)/x
it will equal 0. So let’s look at this first type.
In this case, (sin 3x)/x doesn’t exactly look like this property.
So you can try to make it look like that property,
but no matter what you get, it’s still going to end up equaling 0.
Let me show you what I mean by that.
So (sin 3x)/x, in order to use this property
you need to have sine of something over that same something
and then you can set it equal to 0.
So right now we have (sin 3x)/x, not 3, so we can write the 3 in…
But because we put a 3 down here, you’ll also need to put a 3 on top,
you can write it as 3/1,
but the beauty of this is that this whole thing is equal to 0
because the sine of some expression over that same expression is exactly equal to 0.
So this equals 0 because 0 times 3 is 0.
Anyway, I’m showing you specific examples,
but pretty much anytime you have sine of an expression over an expression, it will be equal to 0.
So even in this case…
You could break this 6x into 3x times 2 so that you have the form you need
and this equals 0, because of the property, but 0 times 1/2 is again 0.
So I think you’re seeing a pattern, no matter what specific form you’re given
if it’s the limit as x approaches infinity, or negative infinity, if you had, same thing
it would still overall equal 0.
There are a few other kinds, forms that this could appear in, for instance…
This form, (sin x^2)/x, it doesn’t matter, if you see that it’s (sin x)/x…
sine of something over something, it will end up being 0.
And let me show you why. Because say that you write what you need, to use the property
you break this into (sin x^2)/x^2
but because you added an x in the denominator, you add an x on top
well, this part equals 0…
and then if you take the limit, as x goes to infinity,
putting in infinity or a huge number, for this x, times 0 would still be 0.
So I think you get the point.
Usually when it looks like this, it will equal 0,
but this is the property that you want to use
and it’s true for positive infinity and negative infinity.
Alright, now let’s look at the last common type
which is an exponential expression.
OK, here’s the last major common type I want to show you
which is exponential.
Say you have something of the form e^(-2x), the limit as x approaches infinity.
You may look at that and have no idea what to do, what strategy you could use to find it.
The key here is the negative exponent, the negative power.
To use what you know about negative powers to re-write it with a positive power
and then… then it will be clear how to find the limit.
OK, so if you’ll remember, a negative power
you can use that to re-write an expression as 1 over the positive version of the power
so instead of e^(-2x), we can re-write it as 1/e^(2x).
Why? This is really useful, because now when you look at this form…
if you put in infinity, if you think of plugging in infinity, even though we can’t technically do that,
but it’s useful to think of it that way
e to the 2 times infinity power…
You can think of re-writing it as 1/(e to the 2 times infinity power)
if you think of plugging it in, 2 times infinity is still infinity, so this is really…
1/(e to the infinity power).
e to the infinity power is still huge and positive, so this is basically infinity…
for the purposes of our limit.
So it’s really like you have 1 over infinity.
1 over a huge number tends toward 0, in the limit.
So this is equal to 0.
Alright, one other type I want to show you.
What if you had the limit, as x approaches negative infinity, of e^(2x)?
This is the reverse of what I just showed you.
Basically you can think of putting in negative infinity for x.
I think is the fastest way to figure out what the limit will be.
So if we think of this as e^(2 times negative infinity)
that’s, 2 times negative infinity is still negative infinity
so this is e to the negative infinity power…
and a negative power, we can use that to re-write this as…
1 over e to the positive power.
So 1/e^infinity, e^infinity again is huge, is basically infinity
and this will go toward 0, because 1 over some huge number is 0.
So this limit is also equal to 0.
So I hope this video helped you figure out how to find the limit at infinity, or negative infinity.
I know that limits are everyone’s favorite topic…
it’s OK. You don’t have to like limits..
but you can like my video! So if you did
please click ‘Like’ or subscribe!
For more infomation >> How to Find the Limit at Infinity (NancyPi) – Duration: 30:49.
Gordon Ramsay’s Crispy Salmon Recipe | Episode 47 – Duration: 10:27. I’m so fancy we have the meats these look friggin dope hello everybody what is up my name is
Alex so welcome to health by Napoli what we are doing tonight it’s cooking
some healthy food that doesn’t suck what I am working with is salmon potatoes
zucchini and like probably lots of other things that will make these things taste
good but those are my three main ingredients for tonight we’re gonna be
making kind of like a classic meal so let’s get started first up we were gonna
get we’re gonna get into the potatoes all right crank your oven up to 450 degrees
and then begin melting as you stand next to it go to the next 30 minutes I’ve got
my beautiful stoneware dish here I’m going to take my potatoes yeah maybe I’ll
quarter them what you’re looking for is for everything to be approximately the
same size all I’m thinking about is the Salt and Pepper song What a Man where she’s like he
knows my name is not Susan that’s all I’m looking for in a mate is someone who knows
that my name is not Susan low bar olive oil salt a little bit more salt pepper tonight
we’re going to go a little bit rosemary rosemary potatoes go together like
rosemary and potatoes so I like to just crush it up a little bit some of the
pieces are a bit big you can’t shake the rosemary out of here the holes are too
small that’s what he said it’s hilarious mix that around a little bit you want everything coated and then kind of just
like spread it out into an even layer into the oven
okely-dokely karaoke smokey let’s do the salmon I’m gonna try something that I saw someone
else do Gordon Ramsey you better have known what you were
talking about pan hot before we put anything in there we’re gonna get it hot I have
got the salmon oh she’s so beautiful she knows that my
name is not Susan thank God pepper sale I’m gonna take it to the other
side and I’m gonna dry this skin because the skin is what we’re gonna put down in
the pan that we’re gonna try to get nice and hot and crispy
because crispy skin on fish is good skin on fish non crispy skin on fish is gross
we’re gonna do like a very generous salting it was a drive-by salting
and then we’re gonna get some pepper on there and that is it this is
feeling hot I’m gonna take ghee you could use butter I’m gonna get like a generous
amount and I gonna put it in there it’s melting immediate this pan is hot hot hot
I’m on a whole other level tonight I’m gonna put skin side down away from me so that you don’t
splash it on yourself but this would be the appropriate time to salt and pepper
the top of your fist now you can also add some dill and then I’m gonna turn this off
and put it at the back so there’s no heat on the salmon all right now it’s just the heat
from the oil that was already in the pan let that go am i yelling does it feel
like I’m yelling zucchini dear Trader Joe’s can we come up with
better packaging like why does everything have to be individually
packaged I don’t get it and it’s really just bad for the planet that’s my two cents
Trader Joe’s it is like one of my favorite grocery stores though I’m gonna get
another frying pan going like a medium heat on that one slice the zucchinis long and across
into quarter and then chop it oh oh I’m getting an idea I’ve had a brainwave
I have been absolutely loving the Puttanesca flavors
lately so I’ve been living off of olives and capers and sun-dried tomatoes so I
think I’m gonna make this a little bit of a Puttanesca type zucchini olive
oil I’m gonna put the back burner under the Salmons on again cuz
it’s not sizzling anymore the burner won’t turn on there we go so I’m gonna go
like medium just to get it up again and then once it starts sizzling you’re
gonna turn it off in my olive oil I’m gonna add some crushed red pepper flakes
this is optional if you don’t like red pepper flakes you’ve never lived with an
Italian person garlic if you crush your garlic flat side of the knife the skin
should come right off okay it worked haha all right salmon is sizzling again
so I’m gonna turn it just a low garlic I’m just gonna do a real rough chop of
it and then I’m gonna add that to my red pepper flakes give that a
nice little mix around now I’m realizing that I’m putting salt and pepper on everything and I’ve had
people say to me that they’re worried about their salt intake
have you seen and how much salt chefs put on food a ridiculous amount of salt the amount of salt that I’m putting on my food It’s not
bad for you and salt is actually a nutrient that your body needs salt it up
it tastes better okay I’m gonna take a lemon and cut it in half and then I’m
gonna squeeze some of the lemon juice this is asking for
trouble over me salmon so now that’s going I tilt it over and take the juices and like throw them up there
garlic is getting browned so let’s add zucchini get some salt you
know we’re doing it just make sure you’re getting good quality salt because
regular table salt ionized why is that they’re weird salt
usually has sugar in it to make it so that it pours easily so you don’t
want that you want this sea salt but you don’t want it to be I using iodide
give these zucchinis a nice mix let’s just Freck and toss it you know okay so
I want to check the skin on the salmon it’s pretty crispy but I think it could
be even crispier I’m so excited let’s add some more butter / ghee to the salmon I gonna
throw a couple of cloves of garlic just in the side in the oil that’s
building up there let’s get some more lemon juice and then let’s get that
stinkin hot again oh I’m so good at this turning those zucchini’s up a little bit
because I want them to cook a little bit faster
I’ve also gonna up the salmon so that it’s at about medium potatoes are
looking good but I wanted to cook faster so I’m going to turn it up to 500 and
I’m gonna get the party started in the oven things happening things going it’s going
it’s happening it’s great I got the garlic butter lemon like is
there a better flavor profile ever created but probably gonna say no this
is the ultimate so the reason that we’re putting the oil on the top is that it
helps to start trying to cook the top side of the fish – so it’s getting a
heat on the top but really the heat from the bottom it’s cooking it from the
bottom up while you’re getting that nice crispy skin
let’s add a little bit of lemon juice to the zucchini just to give it a little
moisture in the pan some of the like same flavors as the
salmon yo I am fire tonight this is gonna be a delicious meal
all right keep basting that fish yo keep it hot keep it going keep it bastings
keep it keep it keep it okay so we’re gonna make like a bastardized tartar
sauce so I’ve got the rest of this lemon gonna juice it into this bowl now I’ve
got this Sir Kensington’s mayonnaise because traditional mayonnaise has a lot
of like weird stuff in it but Sir Kensington’s is kind of the cleanest
mayo that you can find I’m also gonna put just like a dollop like a mustard
okay this is like a black currant then we’re gonna take the little baby pickle
like when I don’t want to cook dinner I just eat pickles so you cut up a couple
of these pickles really nice with small okay into the tartare I think I put more
pickles in here than anything else that’s probably not the correct ratio all right so
let’s mix this up let’s add some capers t to our zucchini optional whoa
look at me go okay them I’m just gonna put these off to the side let those chill out
Salmon time it’s time to flip it annnnd
you wanna be a scrape the skin this is cooked well it really only needs a minute or
two and then it’s gonna be totally done alright if the salmon is ready I’m gonna
take it out flip it over all the Browning is on the bottom but we’re
actually gonna serve it bottoms up so this just needs to rest fo

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