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Lets see, start social media marketing for customers…. Start building websites for customers, buy and sell products you find at garage sales on ebay, start learning about crypto currency, start taking surveys online, start an etsy shop, sell reviews to people with amazon stores or yelp pages, become a freelance writer, become a graphic designer, skip learning graphic design or web development and lean how to outsource these services, start a blog, start a youtube channel, become a cam model, sell local listing pages, sell drugs on the dark web, sell some living space on airbnb, become a virtual assistant, create a profile on upwork/fiverr/task rabbit/etc, learn how ticket bots work and start reselling on places like stub hub, start affiliate marketing, look into FBA There are literally thousands of ways to make money online. No one is just going to hand the keys to the kingdom over to you though. Start googling things, try some of them, see which ones work for you and which ones dont. Then start doing more of whatever works.

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