"The Millionaire Maker" Traffic Training Program – Hyper Targeted Traffic at $0.005/Visitor

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“The Millionaire Maker” Traffic Training Program – Hyper Targeted Traffic at $0.005/Visitor

Best-Selling Traffic Generation Series Makes a Comeback On The Warrior Forum!
Discover The Traffic System People Are Calling “The Millionaire Maker” :
$0.005 Per Visitor Traffic Brings 400%+ ROI !
Imagine a traffic source so cheap yet so clean…
So highly-converting yet so scalable…
Thousands of visitors flooding to your offer within minutes…
Unlimited traffic on demand in any niche, any country for any offer.
A traffic system so simple and easy yet so powerful…
How would that transform your business and life?
Dear Warrior,
Are you suffering from the deadly NTS – The No Traffic Syndrome?
Signs of NTS :
– You spend days building the perfect website/landing page but no-one ever visits.
– You spend hours on forums a couple of people to click through via your signature.
– You spend months trying to rank your website on Google just to get slapped by Google.
– You spend money on crappy traffic sources that bring you nothing but trashy bot visitors.
– You then turn to mainstream traffic sources like Google/Facebook but they’re too darn expensive!
STOP WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY Solve your traffic troubles, and start building a massive list while banking far commission checks.. starting TODAY!
Hi, my name is Naidy Phoon.
Over the years I have helped over 40,000 individuals and customers build and scale their businesses to incredible heights.
I’ve also started and grown businesses in various niches such as to 6 and 7 figures, aside from generating millions of dollars for myself and my clients.
And a common denominator amongst these successful businesses is the ability to drive large volumes of targeted traffic in a small period of time.
In fact, I’ve driven so much traffic to various affiliate offers that I’ve been called “The Traffic Monster”, which led me to release series of award winning “Monster” traffic-related products, such as :
– CPA Monster
– CPA Monster 2.0 (W+ Deal of The Day)
– Ultimate Traffic Monster (JVZOO Product of The Day)
– Ultimate Traffic Monster 2.0 (W+ Deal of The Day)
– Affiliate Monster
– And more…
The ability to drive massive amounts of traffic quickly has led me to dominate dozens of leaderboards, bank massive CPA and affiliate commissions, launch best-selling products in various niches, build and rapidly scale ecommerce stores, and more…
Basically, there are only 2 things you need to make 6 figures or more online.
You don’t need marketing experience, technical skills or a big budget.
You Just Need : A highly converting offer + lots of targeted traffic.
And I happen to be a specialist in both of the above.
And when newbie and intermediate marketers come to me asking about the easiest and most profitable traffic source… I always point them to :
Pay Per View (PPV) Traffic aka The Millionaire Maker
PPV traffic, in my opinion is the most newbie friendly paid traffic source that is highly profitable and scalable. (Even more so than Google, Facebook, other PPC networks, etc..)
The ability to test small and scale big is unmatched by any other traffic sources.
In fact, if you’re not careful, you could crash your website with the sheer volume of traffic coming in.
As for traffic quality : Once a campaign is fully optimized, you can expect conversion rates from 25%-75% . Yes, that’s not an exaggeration. Once you weed out non-converting targets, more than half of the visitors will opt into your list!
And if you do the math, that means subscribers for less than $0.10 each! (The industry standard is $2 each) And it gets even cheaper if you choose a non-competitive niche. Real, human, hyper-responsive subscribers that eat up your affiliate offers.
Did I mention you can drive traffic to whatever you want in almost any niche? Your squeeze/landing page, direct link to your affiliate offer, your ecommerce store, whatever!
How Does PPV Work?
Basically when someone downloads a free software on their computer they agree to receive advertisements.
And when type in certain words on their web browser or visit a website they get a related advertisement in the form of a pop up! So for example if they search for “weight loss” or visit weightwatchers.com, they’ll get an ad promoting weight loss supplements or courses.
This is literally the most targeted form of cheap advertising that you can get on the Internet.
Plus, the reason the traffic converts so well is because these software downloaders are not that tech savvy, and they’re not inundated with offers left and right, so they’re more responsive, which makes for high conversions upfront and better responsiveness (higher subscriber open rate) down the road.
Sadly, there’s a lot of mis-information on the Internet on traffic generation and making money online. That’s why over 95% of people fail to make any income online.
Having been in the Internet marketing industry for so long, I’ve bought and reviewed literally hundreds of products ranging from ebooks, video courses, software, coaching programs, and more…
And without naming names, most of them are crap. Full of fluff, based on theory rather than real-life experience and data.
That’s why I’ve decided to cut through the B.S. and release my very own PPV marketing training program. Introducing : Ultimate Traffic Monster 3.0
My third and latest edition of the award-winning Ultimate Traffic Monster series.
The first two editions have gotten high praise (and awards) and have generated tremendous results for my students…
But the common thread amongst the success stories is that they don’t only pick up the main guide, they also grab the done for you resources and coaching ..
That’s why to ensure the highest success rate with UTM 3.0, I’m fitting everything you need to succeed in a single package.
Here’s what you’ll get in UTM 3.0…
Live UTM 3.0 Training Session ($997 Value)
This will be a live (or recorded, depending on when you join the program, the training session falls on the 29th of June) A-Z training session where I’ll show you over the shoulder, every single thing you need to start banking big with PPV traffic, including :
– How to select the perfect, high-converting affiliate offer that turns every visitor into profits.
– How to almost guarantee a positive return-on-investment with paid traffic.
– How to set up campaigns the right way to ensure profitability from day one. Plus : The mistake that 99% of people make that makes them lose their shirts.
– A little-known free tool that spits out thousands of laser-targeted websites to use in your campaigns.
– How to set up an insanely simple yet high converting landing page without any technical skills.
– Three models of affiliate marketing : and how to make them work. (most people get this wrong)
– A simple trick to force any traffic network to reveal “low-hanging-fruit” keywords that give you $0.01 visitors.
– How to set up conversion tracking properly to identify profitable keywords and websites – without using complicated tracking software or programming.
– How to use the 80/20 rule to create “golden campaigns” that consist of only profitable keywords that run on autopilot.
– How to turn “dead” keywords that are losing money into profit with one stupidly simple change.
– How to scale up profitable campaigns to 4 figure days and beyond!
– And much, much more…
After the main training session there will be a Q&A session where I’ll answer all your questions, I’ll stay until you have all your doubts cleared! Even if you watch the recordings this will be highly valuable..
Done For You Hyper-Profitable PPV Campaigns ($500 Value)
When you join the program I don’t only teach you how to fish, I hand you a truckload of fish too.. So you get skip all the hassle and get straight to the money!
Laser-Focused PPV Targets ($650 Value)
The most important and the hardest part of PPV marketing is target (keyword) research. The key is to target specific keywords that are highly relevant to your offer and at the same time have high volumes of traffic to scale your campaigns.
Well fret not, when you join the UTM 3.0 program, you’ll get a huge file of high converting, high volume, low competition targets in niches such as :
– Anti-aging
– Business Opportunities
– Gaming
– Make Money Online
– Internet Marketing
– Muscle Building
– Weight Loss
– PC Backup
– Skin Care
– Etc….
Lead Sucking Landing Pages ($250 Value)
Aside from targets you also get high converting landing pages proven to convert. These landing pages are simple yet powerful, and have been battle-tested with hundreds of thousands of visitors for conversions.
Battle-Tested Autoresponder Email Sequence ($197 Value) This is the follow-up email sequence that I personally use in the “make money online” space to get up to 45% open rates on cold traffic! It’s crafted in a way that forces the prospects to open the email and take action!
Contest-Winning Broadcast Email Swipe File ($350 Value) As an affiliate I’ve dominated many affiliate leaderboards, beating the big dogs in the industry with these highly effective hand-crafted broadcast emails. You get a huge file of these emails that you can copy and paste to great effect!
Look, most people fail to make money online because of two things :
They can’t drive targeted traffic
They can’t convert traffic into profits.
That’s it! It’s not rocket science.
If you’re struggling with those two things, this guide will change your fortunes and stop the cycle of buying product after product with no success!
With hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on advertising, millions of dollars generated online for myself and my clients, more than 6 years of marketing experience, with over $2500 of value in this package, charging $197 for this would be a steal…
$97 would be a no-brainer.
But as an introductory WSO offer, the first 15 people can get this guide for only :
Once the 15 slots are filled up, I’ll double the price. Then again after the next 15…
I’m not going to harp on here about this offer, I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize the value of what I’m offering here…
Get in now before the price bump :
Iron Clad 90-Days Money Back Guarantee
If for some crazy reason you’re not absolutely blown away by the program, I’ll happily refund every single penny of your investment, no question asked! The risk is all mine…
If you’re truly serious about transforming your business and life, I suggest you get in right now, because I reserve the right to shut down this WSO at any time, if I feel the program gets too crowded, so that I can focus on each and every client and helping them succeed..
So get in now, before it’s too late!
To Your Success,
P.S. Once the 15 slots are filled up, I’ll double the price. Then again after the next 15… Money loves speed. If you love money, act fast.
P.P.S. Remember, your investment today is completely risk-free! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain…
P.P.P.S. This is wayyy different from any other WSO you’ve come across. Anyone who’s experienced my products/coaching agree. I’d love to welcome you aboard and guide you to success and freedom.

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