How Online Marketing Gave Me A Fresh Start In Life

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Every morning I’d wake up early, jump in the shower, get suited up, then begin driving in and out of busy traffic in Sydney to arrive at my first business meeting on time.

I would absolutely dread the day ahead. I was working long hours in a soulless sales and marketing role trying to complete four face to face meetings each day with potential clients scattered over every corner of a large city.

I kept working the long hours despite feeling depressed because it controlled my life, which made me feel like a slave, just trading time for money, which really meant no time for anything that actually mattered to me.

That’s what I believe society teaches us – to work hard at a job, eventually retire, trading those precious years of our lives to miserably slug it out doing something that doesn’t give us any flexibility, satisfaction or the freedom to prioritise what feels most important to us.

I felt trapped, though I had this niggling feeling inside of me that there was something better out there – other than what I was doing right now.

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