How I made over $7,000 from my main blog in June

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How I made over $7,000 from my main blog in June

Share: July 05, 2018 08:01 AM
I made about $7000 in June from my blog, which is about the average income from my main blog. This income stream has been growing over the last year and it feels like just yesterday that the average monthly blog income was only about $500 – $1000.
Blogging has given my wife and I freedom that we din’t think was possible when we worked in the regular 9-5 world!
So how exactly do I make money from my blog?
There are two main ways that I make money from blogging.
1. Affiliate marketing: I get paid by many different companies to review and market their products. If a visitor to my website clicks through and buys the product, I get paid a small commission (at no extra cost to the purchaser). The products I promote usually help people to make more money online – from paid survey opportunities, blogging courses or other educational products like stock trading courses. They key with affiliate marketing is to be honest and only promote products and services that you have used and truly love!
At its core, affiliate marketing is the oldest business model – offer people a solution to a problem that they have.
2. On-page Advertisements: I also make money from my on-page ads on my blogs. These are ads that visitors see when they visit my blog. I get paid when people just view the ads – they don’t have to actually click on them or anything. I am with one of the best companies that provide ads for blogs (Mediavine). On-page ads are not nearly as lucrative as affiliate marketing, typically the best rates for ads for my niche is about $20 per thousand views. So a lot of traffic is required if you want to make substantial income from ads on your blog.
Getting visitors to your blog is probably the most difficult challenge. The more visitors that view your blog pages, the more money you can potentially make. I have worked very hard over the last few years to drive traffic to my blogs from Pinterest, Twitter and from google search engines. I continue to learn and grow by purchasing blogging courses and hiring people to help me learn new ways to drive traffic to my blogs.
Re-investing Blog Profit s
For a long time (3 years) I basically did not spend anything on growing my blog. These days I have realized that it is best to re-invest in blogging courses and blog design etc. So until recently, the blogs we run were operating at close to 100% profit! These days I try to re-invest 10% every month into growing the businesses. Despite the lack of investment, my blog income has doubled every year for the last three years in a row. I am very excited to see where I can take these businesses now that we are working full-time on them and are spending money on growing the blog traffic.
Do you have a blog? How did you grow your traffic and did you buy any great courses that teach you the basics of SEO or social media marketing?

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