You Need Training To Become A Good Blogger – Making Over $10,000 Monthly

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You Need Training To Become A Good Blogger – Making Over $10,000 Monthly

Blogging has changed my life for good. I became a blogger by accident. I started blogging over three years ago.
I was actually searching for the type of services and online business I can render once and earn money forever. You may call it residual income. I started very rough but I am made today.
I became propper blogger via a training platform that I now promote heavily on one of my websites. What this training usually do is to help you transform your passion and hobbies to making money blogging. If you approach blogging with the right perspective, there is no way you won’t make money.
What is this right perspective about? Everybody have a gift, you also have hobbies or hobbies or you may call it a passion. Just as you have one a lot of other people want to know what you are good at by all means. The same applies to you, there are so many things you want to know and learn from people that have the knowledge.
This is why people search daily on search engines looking for ways to solve life problems. If you can identify a problem and do everything to start throwing solution to resolve such problem then you have your Niche market or segment.
It is providing a solution to a life problem online that can earn you money as a blogger. This is what I was thought by this great Affiliate Marketing Training that is today my #1 Recommended Product Online and the good news is that I started Free. And anyone can join FREE even today.
If you can go through that training, there is no way you will not make money as a blogger.
Stop! Blogging is one of the hardest jobs most especially if you choose the broad niche. This is why you will be advised to select a narrow.
We have three primary /broad niche that will always earn you money; they are Wealthy, Health and Relationships. It is still advice people go narrow.
If you go through broad niche, you will still make money, but it can take longer ( you may not earn any money until after 6 to 12 months).
You will also need to wait for Google (the dominant search engine) to recognize you as a serious blogger before you can be ranking consistently. You must be identified to be an authority in your niche by major search engines before your website can be taken seriously. It demands consistency in providing content that adds value to your audience and niche market.
There are some exception to the above if you approach blogging with narrow niche and you don’t mind paying for traffics you can start making money the same day you start blogging. All this are thought in this specialized training.
The training involves four stages:
1. Your ideas, hobbies or passion will be transformed into a ready-made niche market
2. You will be thought how to build your own profits ready website.
3. You will be considered how to send a load of visitors (Trafics) to your site Organic, paid and traffics from social media)
4. You will learn how to make money with all you have above.
Starting fresh as a blogger may be difficult and challenging for many people because it is your determination that will drive you towards making money. A lot of people abandon blogging because they could not continue for lack of patience. This is why you should go for a passion-driven niche based website for your first website.
You have to want to succeed badly before you can make it big as a blogger because there will be the times that things may not work as expected, It is your determination, but if you want it badly, you will be good at the end.
You can make much more money only If you dedicate enough time to blogging. I knew people that are doing over $20,000 monthly after two years. Mine was as a result of my day job. My day job slowed me down. I will soon be resigning to dedicate myself to blogging as a whole.
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