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Monday, July 9, 2018 NEWS ON YOUTUBE Jul 9 2018 This week on TGC News, An 80% Shotgun, a new customizable pistol from Lionheart, and MORE! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton. Let’s see if we can set a channel record with the amount of comments. Just post where you are watching this from. I’ll pick a random commenter to win a TGC swag pack. READY GO! Now, the news. First up this week is a new pistol from a company that has been pretty silent in recent years. It was about 4 years ago that the Lionheart LH9 hit the US market and about 3 years since its little brother the LH9C came out. Well now, there’s a new sibling coming to market called the Lionheart Regulus. There are a ton of similarities between the LH9 series and the new Regulus but it’s way too much to cover here. The Regulus is sort of a LH9 Gen 2. Fellow Guntuber, Graham Baates has a video going over things in detail if you want to check that out. I’m going to focus on the Regulus by itself. At its heart, it’s a metal frame 9mm hammer fired pistol. It’s going to be available in a bunch of different configurations. You can pick from a 4.1 or 3.7 inch barrel both threaded and non threaded. You’ll also be able to pick from black, gray or gold titanium nitride finish on the barrels. On top of that, you’ll also be able to select between 2 different frames. One with a curved back strap that is a little bit larger and one with a straight backstrap that is more of a compact size. Both frames have the addition of a picatinny rail under the front portion which is a welcome update from the older model. Moving along they’ve stayed with their interesting Double Action Plus trigger system which essentially allows you to have a longer trigger pull but lighter weight on that pull and they’ve updated that system to have an indicator in the rear under the hammer so you know when you’re in that firing mode. Here’s a quick demo from Graham’s video. They’ve also updated the sights to a Novak 1911 cut so you can find more aftermarket options if you want. All in all, the gun is really interesting. With the fancy coatings on the barrel and the Elite series cerakote on the frame I’m betting the thing is buttery smooth. Pricing info wasn’t available yet but if the older models MSRP of 750 bucks is any indication, this thing better be buttery smooth right? What do you guys think? Is this new gun on your Radar or are metal frame guns just not something you’re looking for these days? And in swing and a miss news, There is a new 80 percent gun on the market, but this one is different than any i’ve ever seen. The product is called the CS12-80 and the company is called Logic Industries. Its a 12 gauge pump action 80 percent receiver. Yup. Definitely different. It utilizes mossberg 500 action parts as well as the fire control group, pistol grip and buttstock setup from an AR15. Sounds pretty sweet to me. Digging a little deeper, it is a multi piece design with an upper and lower receiver. The upper has a really nice picatinny rail milled right into the top and is otherwise pretty plain. The lower looks similar to an AR receiver that didn’t fully grow in the lab. The total kit will come with the unfinished receivers, all the pins and screws to do the final assembly, a new firing pin, a new firing pin return spring, a Wolff Extra power hammer spring, a field stripping hand tool set, an a jig plate set. They also recommend getting their cutting tool kit to make sure everything comes out properly. Here’s where things get a little tough to swallow. The preorder cost on the receiver set is 450 bucks. That recommended cutting tool kit goes for another 60 and then lord knows what you’d spend on all the other parts for the action. I suspect probably at least another 3-500 dollars with the barrel and all the other necessary trinkets to complete this thing which is already the cost of a brand new plain jane mossberg 500. So let’s call that an estimated 800-1000 dollars, plus your time investment, just so you don’t have a serial number. You have to REALLY want an unserialized receiver to buy one of these, or just want to play around and make something cool and different. There’s no denying that this has a bit of cool factor going on. But that price tag puts you well above some other mossberg 500 models that already essentially have all the same features. This seems to be a common theme these days, really neat products and prices that put them well out of reach for the average enthusiast and that my friends is a darn shame. This week our Good Guy with A Gun, is not a guy. It is a young Dallas mother named Michelle Booker-Hicks. It was on the night of July 4th that she took her 2 young boys along with her to run an errand. At a local gas station, she left the car running, the 2 kids inside and went into the store. When she came out, there was a guy in the driver’s seat about to drive away. It was at that point that she jumped into the back seat, telling the guy to stop and get out, he didnt of course and she reached into the center console, grabbed her gun and proceeded to shoot the man in the head. He of course lost control of the car and it came to a stop after hitting a fence. Surprisingly, he did survive the shot and will now face charges for unlawful use of a motor vehicle and could be charged with more. Thankfully the mother and children were not hurt during the incident. There are a couple of key things that happened in this story that could have either prevented the incident OR made things happen a little differently. It’s too easy if I tell you, I want to make sure you guys are paying attention. Sound off in the comments with at least 3 things that she could have done differently. It’s time for more Friendly Fire, the segment where I answer your questions from all over social media. The questions are coming from the TGC Patriots over on our patreon page and you may notice a little theme with all of these. Let’s talk about this for a second. In order for a cartridge to truly succeed in today’s market, it needs to have a few things going for it. First it needs to do something that is either not being done or not being done well by another mainstream cartridge. Second, it needs MASSIVE manufacturer support. You need people to be making ammunition AND you also need people making guns in that chambering because without those, it won’t matter. And 3, you need marketing. I’m not talking about a couple videos here or there, you need a massive campaign to generate interest. Sometimes this is done with outlandish unproven claims, and others its done with reviews or actual factual testing. And there are tons of other facets that go into a marketing campaign but you guys get the idea. Simply releasing a cartridge that is cool isn’t enough. The 25-45 isn’t being chambered by anyone besides sharps, at least that I’m aware of, and sharps has pretty much stopped pushing it. 224 Grendel is a wildcat cartridge and while it might be a good competitor to the valkyrie, it needs manufacturer support to usurp it. The Valkyrie will not replace the creedmoor because as of right now, the valkyrie is not holding up to the manufacturer claims made at launch. And the magnum 6.5 cartridges need more mainstream support altogether. I think they’re cool rounds and I want to show them off here on TGC but that means getting some expensive ammo and some rifle ready to take it out to extended ranges and put it to the test. Hopefully that kind of explanation gives you guys a better understanding of really what’s going with all these new cartridges and long-range precision stuff these days. And hey, if you want to ask a friendly fire question, send it to me over on! That is it for this week’s show. Guys if you disliked this video, hit that button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed and consider supporting us via the links in the video description below. We have a new amazon affiliate store as well as a link to purchase cool shirts just like this one and of course links to find us all over your favorite social media platforms! And as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon. There’s a lot to like in Ant-Man and the Wasp, the newest offering from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it’s definitely not without its flaws. We’re here to take a look at what worked… and what might have worked a little better. These are the five best and five worst things about Ant-Man and the Wasp. Best: Dad of the year Some of the best moments in the film are when Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is hanging out with his young daughter Cassie, played by Abby Ryder Fortson. The chemistry between Paul Rudd and Fortson is exceptional, with Fortson bantering with Rudd like a seasoned professional. It’s hard to believe the two aren’t actually father and daughter in real life, and with a relationship this strong to anchor the film, everything else comes together beautifully. Worst: Previously on Ant-Man… Ant-Man and the Wasp is a sequel to Ant-Man as well as Captain America: Civil War, so there’s a lot of story to fill viewers in on. Unfortunately, the first several minutes of Ant-Man and the Wasp are bogged down by clumsy exposition. From Hank and Hope sitting down to remember the plot of Ant-Man to Randall Park’s Jimmy Woo rehashing the plot of Civil War and Age of Ultron, it’s a lot of re-hashing from a writing team that is capable of more interesting things. Best: Ghost isn’t transparent Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost doesn’t even seem to realize she’s a villain, and that’s because her motivation is pretty simple: survive. Her quantum powers are tearing her body apart, and she doesn’t have long to live. In putting our heroes up against a villain whose goal isn’t world domination but simple survival, the film feels fresh and distinct from the 19 MCU outings that precede it. “Who is the bad guy in Ant-Man and the Wasp? Mmmm, we have opponents but not necessarily villains.” Worst: They can’t all be winners On the other hand, Walton Goggins appears in the film as a shady black market tech dealer named Sonny Burch, and the role is everything Ghost isn’t. While Ghost has a compelling backstory and a clearly defined personality, Burch is about as bland as they come. The film is saved by Ghost’s antagonistic menace, but it’s hard not to regret seeing Walton Goggins wasted in a forgettable role. Best: Michael Peña steals the show The best heist in the original Ant-Man isn’t Scott breaking into Hank’s house, it’s Michael Pena’s Luis stealing the show. He shines every time he’s onscreen. “Got their credentials?” Pena is once again a standout in a film packed with memorable actors. His rapport with Michael Douglas’s Hank Pym is still delightfully awkward, and they even manage to work in one of his sloppily narrated stories. “I first met Scotty in Cell Block D and I say ‘I’m Luis,’ and he says ‘I’m scotty, and we’re gonna be best friends.’ Scotty gets out of jail and that’s when he met Hope and she’s all ‘look at my hairdo, I’m all business.” Wherever Ant-Man goes in the future, here’s hoping Luis goes with him. Worst: Can Janet catch a break? Janet’s disappearance prior to the first film pushes Hank into his angry, reclusive state and screws up his relationship with his daughter. Ant-Man and the Wasp has the opportunity to undo this while giving one of the great Marvel characters her MCU due. Instead, it just trades one trope for another, making Janet one of the film’s primary MacGuffins. When she finally appears in the end, she gets maybe five minutes of screentime. Janet – and Michelle Pfeiffer – deserves better. Best: Low stakes, high reward Avengers: Infinity War took the MCU to the highest stakes the franchise has ever seen, and came on the heels of an Asgardian apocalypse and a Wakandan revolution. Luckily, Ant-Man and the Wasp gives viewers a bit of a break from the ridiculous tension of the last MCU movie. The fate of the world isn’t at stake in this new Ant-Man adventure. At its core, Ant-Man and the Wasp is about the fight to save the lives of two people, Ghost and Janet van Dyne. It’s a comparatively small story, but just what MCU fans needed after Infinity War. Worst: Time is money These days, most blockbusters have a run time of over two hours, even though longer isn’t necessarily better. With comparatively small stakes and such a simple story to tell, Ant-Man and the Wasp is absolutely a film that would benefit from a shorter runtime. Even the director himself agrees. “I’m very vocal about the Ant-Man movies being under 2 hours.” Unfortunately, it comes in at over two hours, longer than the first Ant-Man film, Doctor Strange, and even the first two Thor movies. You’d think a movie about shrinking heroes would know that bigger isn’t always better. Best: Laugh it up In the past, MCU movies have had a bad habit of incessant quipping; even the previous Ant-Man movie did it. “It’s okay!” As funny as Ant-Man and the Wasp is, there isn’t a single important dramatic moment in the film that gets interrupted by a character making a joke or a gag going down. Serious moments are given the time to be taken seriously, and that makes the comedic moments even better. Worst: Character matters The MCU excels at a lot of things, but its best quality might be its ability to take characters and make them grow organically from film to film. Unfortunately, this is Ant-Man and the Wasp’s biggest flaw. Scott might grow as a character, but it’s literal growth, not emotional. He ends the movie in the same spot he ended in the first Ant-Man: romantically involved with Hope, and no longer in immediate trouble with the law. Meanwhile, Hope experiences a significant life event in her mother returning from the Quantum Realm, but the film never really shows us what this means for her past the initial reunion. Despite the size-changing, neither character gets a chance to really change as people. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Plus check out all this cool stuff we know you’ll love, too! Curve ball, high and outside for ball one. So the Dodgers are tied, 4-4. And the crowd well knows that with one swing of his bat, this fellow’s capable of making it a brand-new game again. Just an absolutely gorgeous day here at Ebbets Field. The Phillies have managed to tie it up at 4-4. But the Dodgers have three men on. Pearson beaned Reiser in Philadelphia last month. Wouldn’t the youngster like a hit here to return the favor? Pete leans in. Here’s the pitch. Swung on. A line to the right. And it gets past Rizzo. Three runs will score. Reiser heads to third. Durocher’s going to wave him in. Here comes the relay, but they won’t get him. Good morning. Or should I say afternoon? Where am I? You’re in a recovery room in New York City. The Dodgers take the lead, 8-4. Oh, Dodgers! Everyone is on their feet. What a game we have here today, folks. What a game, indeed. Where am I really? I’m afraid I don’t understand. The game. It’s from May 1941. I know, ’cause I was there. Now, I’m going to ask you again. Where am I? – Captain Rogers… – Who are you? Captain Rogers, wait! I repeat. All agents, code 13! At ease, soldier! Look, I’m sorry about that little show back there, but we thought it best to break it to you slowly. Break what? Yeah, I just… I had a date. ZAFUL SUMMER TRY-ON HAUL| LIA LAVON – Duration: 7:08. Hey YouTube family! It’s your girl Lia back again with another video. And today’s video as you can see from the title is another try on haul. And today’s retailer is once again Zaful. I’m on the hunt to find the best pieces at Zaful and especially with it being summer season it’s affordable you want a little bit less clothing Zaful has some good options. I realized in my last haul okay I was skeptical at first but they got some things online. And you guys will see today whether I think those things are good things. So without rambling on too much let’s just get into the haul. You guys know I say it in every video but you guys if it’s your first time watching make sure you hit that subscribe button a lot of times you guys want to know what my sizing is. I like to call myself slim thick. I know that is a lie. I know I got nobody’s thickness going on but I am very big chested. I have 36 Triple D upstairs. I am somebody’s extra small bootie downstairs. So could use some work. But that’s neither here nor there. Let’s just head on into the items that I got today. Now the first piece that I got is this two-piece set. I’m on the hunt. One day I’m gonna find a two-piece set that really matches my flow. You guys know I run into a lot of issues with jumpsuits, two-piece sets, and rompers because I’m very big chested little bootied. A lot of rompers, two-piece sets come in they’re either the whole outfit is a small. The whole outfit is a medium. It’s a large and I really need something that separates it out where it gives me a large top and a small bottom. And a lot of times they don’t do this. Now with this particular set that I have right now its called the bowneck leaf print smock top with ruffles and shorts. It is in the size medium. Now I didn’t hate this particular piece. The piece actually fit me really well down below. The top of course of course it was a little bit revealing. It was a little bit revealing. I knew it was gonna be. It does have a little area for straps. Now I did not attach the straps because I didn’t find the straps until after I filmed the video. I was going through the package and I was like oh it actually came with straps. So it does come with straps which probably will give you a little bit more security than I had. I felt like them things was hanging a little lower than I needed it to. And it was all holding on to a prayer of this little bit of fabric right here. So I would say it’s cute. It’s definitely a cute piece. I could definitely see if you have somebody who’s small or somebody who may be larger with a smaller chest size this would look amazing on you. And I almost wanted to include this. I did a swimsuit Zaful haul. And I did a now clothing Zaful try on haul and I thought maybe I should include this into the swimsuit section because technically I wouldn’t wear this anywhere outside of the beach. But this was a cute piece. Like I said it’s just not for somebody who has all this going on upstairs. Now the next piece that I have is another romper. You guys know I’m on the hunt for a cute romper and this one actually was a cute romper. Zaful titled it the striped romper. It’s in the color cherry red. It’s in the size medium. It’s $15.57. Now this was a perfect sizing. It was medium truly upstairs and then the bottom was definitely a medium. So that means it fit a little looser than I wanted it to. Of course I would want it to fit a little bit tighter but I get what I get. And I think this one was a pretty good material fabric and it didn’t feel cheaply made. And that’s the thing I see a lot of times with these overseas retailers it feels cheaply made. This one in particular did not feel cheaply made. Now the next item I got was if you saw my last Zaful try-on haul I really liked that green and mustard color top that I got. So I decided to get it in white and I loved it. And it is the striped crossed front blouse. It’s the color white and it’s medium size .13 dollars and ninety three cents. I actually could have gone a little bit smaller in this. It felt a little bit too big and I was like this is why these sites always confuse me. That’s why you can’t always count them out because some things feel a little bit different than the other one. Now it doesn’t fit bad but it definitely fit like I had an extra little bit of extra room. Especially because it had elastic in the back. I had a little bit more wiggle room in it. And I really do enjoy this top. I can’t wait to bust it out. I wanted to wear it in today’s video but I decided to wear the top that I have on right now which I paired with the bottoms that you guys are seeing right now, And these are titled the a line floral embroidered miniskirt. And it is in the color black. Size medium and it costs $15.88. I really love this. This is probably my favorite piece from the haul. I love the stitching of it. I think it’s quality made. I think it’s fit well. Now it’s a medium. Something told me to go medium because I thought that small might be a little bit too tight. Even though I’m typically a small in skirts. I thought it fit a little bit too tight if I got a small. I did get the right size. Medium was perfect for me. So that just lets me know I don’t think that a large would fit anything bigger than a size almost eight maybe a six or eight. So the sizing on this does run very very small. So just keep aware that. I’m in a size two, three or four sometimes in bottoms and a medium fit me. So I’d say maybe six or eight would be a large. So definitely runs small but definitely is a cute piece and like I said I just paired it with this top that I had in my collection. The next piece I have is this bowknot dress. It is in the color light blue. It’s in the size large and it’s $12.17. Now it did come very very wrinkled and I realized that as I was trying on but I didn’t have time to bust out the iron. So don’t mind the wrinkleness that you guys are seeing right now. I think it’s very cute again another piece that is probably so good for somebody who has you know a little things upstairs but it’s such a cute little cutout design. I really like it and it’s inexpensive at the same time. Now the next piece is a piece that ran extremely extremely a little bit too big on me. Not a little bit a lot a bit too big and it’s just this two piece set. And it is titled the tie front crop top and short set .It’s in the color baby blue. Size medium and it’s $15.57. Now I think and this is surprising this is the largest medium that I’ve ever gotten from Zaful. It almost is a large extra large. The bottoms fit me so baggy that in half the video I’m holding it together in the back because this it will fall right down. It’s not even close to being the right size for me. The top definitely fit me snugly. Fit me like a medium should but the bottoms were too big. Way too big. I’m definitely gonna have to pass this down to one of my sisters who could probably get a lot more wear out of this than I can. But I thought it was a cute two-piece set. So that has been my haul. Overall I got some pieces that I really do enjoy. I think the sizing of it could play a little bit either way. You know sometimes things run extremely small. Sometimes they run extremely large and that’s surprising for this site. But if you like the pieces that I got let me know down below. If you hated some of the pieces also let me know down below. Which ones were your faves which ones did you not like at all on me. Make sure you’re subscribed to my channel so you don’t miss any of my content. Make sure you guys give this video a big thumbs up cause we want all the support. If you did not like this video make sure you give this video a big thumbs up because like I said we like all the support. Make sure you have that bell on so you don’t miss any of my videos and I will see you in my next video. Thank you so much for watching!

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