Plateau IDPs lament neglect by local authorities

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Plateau IDPs lament neglect by local authorities

Plateau IDPs lament neglect by local authorities Plateau IDPs lament neglect by local authorities Internally Displaced Persons taking refuge in Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) RCC Heipang, have lamented that the authorities in Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State have abandoned them. The over 3, 000 IDPs are in the camp as a result of the June 23rd and 24th 2018, attacks that claimed over 200 lives and displaced over 38, 000 persons in some villages of State. This was disclosed by the Leader of the camp, Iliya Makau, when a corps member embarked on a sensitization exercise on the dangers of drug abuse to the camp. Makau said, “the Local Government had promised to relocate us within a month after the attack on our communities but has done nothing to that regard.”He also debunked reports that the church had told them they would relocate, adding that it was unfortunate that instead of commending the leadership of the church for accommodating them thus far, some persons were spreading false information about the church. The Camp leader thanked the corps member for the initiative, stating that most youths go into drugs because they were traumatized and described the gesture as timely. Speaking earlier, President of Drug free and quality control CDS, Jos South Local Government Area, Panshak Stephen Dawap said the gesture was because of the vulnerability of the displaced persons to drugs. He also presented relief materials to the IDP’s, including grains and toiletries. Tags: No comments
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