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I need a gas mask because it stinks so much.
I never smelled something like that.
>> My gosh.
[SOUND] >> Babe, where is the Diaper Genie?
You didn’t bring it?
Where are you gonna put any of the diapers?
>> In the trash.
>> [LAUGH] >> You can’t put it in there, it stinks.
>> Do you wanna open the window and just throw it out?
>> No, but- >> [LAUGH]
>> Whoa.
>> I got a solution.
Get out, take the pamper with you.
We’ll see you in Austin.
[LAUGH] >> Ha ha, I gotta solution.
>> Hi, baby. >> Watch and learn, kids.
>> No! >> Yeah.
If you put the diaper in a freezer, it freezes the stench and it gets rid of it.
You guys don’t get it.
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Shopify Chokes Gun Industry, Alien Gear Shape Shift Pocket, Bump Stock Competition? – TGC News! – Duration: 10:27. This week on TGC News, Shopify tries to choke the gun industry, Alien Gear slides into your
pocket and move over bumpstocks, there’s a new rapid fire tool on the market!
Welcome back to another episode of TGC News, the only gun news show that covers things
you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
First up this week, MOVE OVER BUMPSTOCKS, say hello to the hellfire gen 2.
Now this company has actually been around for a little bit but since I’ve never seen
it before now, we’re going to talk about it.
So what is this thing, well on the surface it appears to be a piece of plastic that wraps
around your A2 grip for the price of 60 bucks.
On the part that goes behind the trigger there is a magnet that supposedly keeps the device
attached to the back of the trigger and the rear portion that wraps around the grip has
what appears to be some sort of foam used to return the unit to its original position.
Long story short, this thing is a tiny version of a bump stock or a trigger reset assistance
It was actually brought to my attention through a sale email from a 3rd party but upon further
digging I found the company that makes these and they don’t exactly appear to be on the
up and up.
Mr Triggerman or Rapidfire Triggers were the two main names I found.
And on their website, it is nothing but various devices and all of them are meant to assist
you in shooting faster and none of them are expensive.
There’s the hellfire gen 2, The Tac Combat 15 trigger which essentially is a piece of
metal that stops the trigger short of its full travel but allows a reset.
There’s also the autoburst, which actually uses what appears to be a section of heat
shrink for wiring over the trigger to join it to some sort of spring mechanism.
And there are a few others as well.
Bump stocks are really stupidly expensive right now.
These things are all sub 100 bucks.
BUT and this is a big BUT.
I was unable to track down an ATF approval letter for any of these products so you are
rolling the dice on whether or not these have been approved as legal to own and use.
Especially from a company that has this on one of their websites.
Either way, they look like a crap ton of fun.
What I want to know is what you guys think of stuff like this?
Is it good to continually push the ATF and blur lines of what is okay according to them?
Or is this stuff going a bit too far?
Sound off in the comments below.
Here comes the struggle bus again, this time half the industry is riding.
On August 13th, a company called Shopify, which is a shopping/backend service for ecommerce,
changed their terms of service to disallow just about everything that gets sold by the
gun industry.
Things like guns that accept more than 10 round mags, bump stocks, thumbhole stocks,
threaded barrels, pistol grips, any part of a gun, ghost guns, 3d printed guns, grenade
and rocket launchers, and a few other things.
They really cover just about anything gun related.
The reality is that a huge portion of the industry just got cut off at the legs.
Brands like Spikes Tactical reportedly spent over 100,000 dollars on developing their shopify
based web store and they are essentially going to just lose all of that and have to start
from scratch.
And they are not alone.
Someone we’ve been talking about a lot lately, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, says that
this was done because of him and his 3D printing files.
In an interview with Jacki Billings posted over on, he stated that this was
not surprising as he has had government officials trying to get the hosting service to take
down his website for some time now.
His site was actually disabled temporarily on the 10th of this month due
to shopify’s nonsense but that was PRIOR to this rule change which sort of confirms his
It appears to be functional at this point.
This sort of behavior from a company like Shopify is exactly the kind of stuff that
anti gunners dream of.
Cutting off the gun industry at the source.
There really aren’t many GOOD alternatives at this point and migrating everything to
a new platform is often quite a task.
However, as Adam Kraut has pointed out, they are not the only game in town and should not
be forced to do business with anyone they do not wish to conduct business with.
We’ve got a couple other short updates for you guys this week.
Alien Gear is continuing to expand their shape shift line up of holsters to the point where
I don’t think anyone else comes close with a single line.
Some of them I think aren’t great and others, like this new pocket holster, are somewhat
The things that make this stand out from other pocket carry options are that it is injection
molded, fairly slim and utilizes a built in hook for the top of your pocket in case the
gun doesn’t come out clean.
They claim that this hook also helps break up the outline of a gun in your pocket which
is always a good thing.
The biggest thing for me is that it has positive retention AND it covers both sides of the
trigger guard.
That puts it miles above the soft holsters that most folks use for pocket carry.
Now I personally don’t carry in the pocket but if I wanted to, I’d definitely consider
this thing, especially at under 50 bucks for the entire set up or 20 bucks if you already
have the shape shift shell.
Really solid value there.
And another quick update for you guys, This one is about 2 new rounds from Hornady.
The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute, otherwise known as SAAMI, which
is a sort of collective of gun and ammo manufacturers coming together to agree on certain standards,
has approved both the 6.5 PRC and the 300 PRC.
What this essentially means is that the new precision rifle cartridges from hornady have
an industry recognized standard and are likely going to be chambered and offered by a bunch
more companies and thus will hopefully increase the popularity of the rounds as a whole.
I, for one, am excited because not only did hornady introduce the super popular 6.5 creedmoor
but they also make some really high quality match ammo for cartridges across the board.
I’m excited to see the potential growth out of these.
For reference, the 6.5 PRC is the big brother to the creedmoor and slings a 147 grain bullet
at about 2900 feet per second.
The 300 PRC is supposed to send a 225 grain bullet down range at about 2800 feet per second.
Which is about 100 feet per second more than a 300 Win Mag might shoot a 220 grain bullet.
Time will tell how those both pan out.
This week our Good Guy with a Gun story takes us to a small town about 45 minutes northwest
of Lubbock Texas, called Littlefield.
It was the afternoon of August 2nd when Adam Armstrong was arriving home.
He saw that his neighbors were being assaulted and an attempted carjacking was in progress.
The assailant had a knife and was shooting things like this is my effing car now.
Armstrong said he drew his pistol and aimed center mass but something told him not to
fire on the perp.
The man started to retreat at that moment.
He claimed that this saved the guys life.
I guess if you have to look for a positive in a crappy situation, not having to kill
someone is pretty positive.
Here’s a quote from him.
Fair point Mr Armstrong.
Fair point.
I know for certain there are some folks in our community that have a sort of shoot first,
ask questions later mentality but that definitely does not apply to all situations.
The question I have for you guys, was it the right call for this situation?
Sound off in the comments and let me know your thoughts.
That is it for this week’s show.
Guys if you disliked this video, hit that button, if you liked it, hit like, get subscribed
and consider supporting us via the links in the video description below.
We have a new amazon affiliate store as well as a link to purchase cool shirts just like
this one and of course links to find us all over your favorite social media platforms!
And as always, thank you all for watching, we’ll see you soon.
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THERE’S SOMETHING INSIDE THE HAUNTED ABANDONED GHOST SHIP!! – Duration: 10:11. look at this thing what is going on Sharer’s welcome back to the vlog welcome
back to another crazy adventure um for those of you who are just tuning in last
vlog was crazy we found this a banded ship we started exploring it and little
did we know that somebody was spying on us and we got rocked by a ton and I mean
a ton of waves this jet skier was spying on us they must have been sitting over
there in just like swampy water there’s nothing over there grace why would they
be sitting there there was a fish that jumped right there but yeah other than
that there’s nothing back here this is a banded ship graveyard over 200 ships are
just sunk in here absolutely crazy someone was spying on us and they just
took off I don’t know where they went I mean the river is completely completely
empty that’s our boat right there we have to park it out there because the
waters really shallow but what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna try to explore
this ship some more and try to see if we can weasel our way into the ship we
don’t really know what to expect we followed this treasure map that we found
in a hidden abandoned safe and it led us to this this is called Mallos Bay it’s
in the Potomac River and it’s a graveyard of over 200 ships this is like
the main one that sunk and we’re just exploring it we don’t really know what
we’re gonna find all we know is that the map led us here
and let’s just say yeah this is scary I mean check this thing out grace come on
we gotta go to the front keep coming be careful be careful metal is very sharp
yeah so we couldn’t bring the boat as you can see the boats over there it’s
anchored in we had to bring these paddle boards but we didn’t realize that these
paddle boards well we did realize but we didn’t think that the ship would be made
of metal and like super sharp but these paddle boards are boards so there’s just
filled with air sharp metal plus air doesn’t really uh doesn’t really match
too well so we gotta be what what what what happened grace you don’t touch the
metal be careful we do not want to pop these things I’m like way too close to
this ship if something falls off that’s gonna be bad wow this is so scary grace
I do not like this at all the water is like murky and gross what are we gonna
find here we gotta somehow make it to the upper
level we brought all these tools snorkel masks all this stuff I’ll tell you one
thing I’m not snorkeling here this is like nasty I would be scared to go on
the water and it’s super super super shallow there’s 200 not even joking you
can look this up a line 200 ghost ships sunk underneath here so there’s metal
their ships the water is disgusting I’m not snorkeling in this water grace
did you bring your circle mask no yes you did on the boat well you should go
get in snorkel I don’t know it’s kind of like creepy out here but look at that
there’s a gate in this boat oh my goodness grace this is oh so crazy so
crazy let’s go explore I won’t I know grace I’m gonna go down here I’m going
to the front of the ship oh wait don’t leave me back here yes it’s getting
crazy oh there’s like more paint on it up here
grace grace there’s a nasty big nest up here I think it’s a bird’s nest oh I
think that bird that we saw last call that was like trying to attack me I
think it must live up there grace we might not want to get too close actually
maybe should probably keep your voices down
probably should keep yeah that is definitely some type of trace there’s a
I think there’s birds in there shows if you look closely at that you can see the
birds sleeping grace there’s a massive birds nestled in here did you hear that
Grace okay okay so sharers this is the front of the ghost ship check this thing
out Wow grace this ship is absolutely huge and
there’s nasty metal stuff on the other side wow wow wow wow
woah there’s numbers let’s see if you can see it there’s numbers eight seven
six five three two grace there’s definitely animals there there’s
movement there is movement I’m kind of getting scared grace where are you I’m
back here I’m staying safe back here okay what’s even scarier is that no
Steve I think that’s a spine of an animal definitely look at the
consistency maybe you’re right maybe it’s some massive animal that attacked
the ship that caused it to sink and then the animal died this is oh my goodness
this is crazy this is huge I think we need to rack up
on some more supplies yeah I’m getting like all the safety equipment let’s head
back to the boats let’s grab some more gear maybe we can see we brought a drone
we can fly it up there see really what’s inside that ship something brought us
here so there’s something in this ship graveyard that the person who made that
map wanted to find out if it’s treasure if it’s jewels if it’s money is it is it
another safe I don’t know but whoever had that map definitely marked this spot
out come on get out of here yeah okay right down those numbers eight
seven six five three and two chairs come with those numbers down below in the
comments we don’t forget okay let’s see what kind of supplies do we
have checking back on the treasure map came Mallos days right there that’s
where we are that’s the ship that we found snorkle mask? no sir flashlight on
this boat flashlights yes flashlights ok grace I got a flashlight these water
shoes on because it’s really sharp out there I’m paddling back now that I got
my shoes on I think I can get like a better look at everything because I can
step on things and hurt my feet but it’s where are you start towing me start
telling me I found something in the water
I found something it’s like a cabinet next to the banded ship grace we got us
I don’t know how I’m gonna get out it’s like sinking me quick quick quick help
me just grab my hand pull me out of here get back to the boat
when you get back to the boat grace it’s so heavy it’s so heavy it’s so heavy tie
me up tie me up quick link up link up let me grab your leash and put your
leash on here and start paddling out okay I’m so heavy
I can’t lose this it’s mostly what we’re sent here for I’m not even joking what
is that what is that no grace I just that thing that I’ve been kissed it’s so
nasty there’s that weird animals – are you sure you try and pull a big is it
it’s huge grace it’s like a cabinet look at this
thing you just gotta tow me back to the boat I can I’ll try to hold it as much
as I can okay turn around grab you over here give me that camera I will hold it
but you’ve just got a pal Sharers we gotta get this thing back come on guys
it’s really dark grace I don’t know you just kind of somehow pool here we go I
hope this tow thing works grace just keep going focus on getting us back
grace go this way go this way go through here yes is it gonna be shallow through
there I don’t even know oh my gosh okay just you got to go fast fast fast I
can’t help at all that’s the problem I’m literally holding this thing oh my gosh
grace maybe oh I’m afraid it’s gonna break I’m holding on just barely maybe
um maybe bring your kayak thing over here
your paddleboard maybe we can lift it together or something this is Casey Oh
Tommy I can’t lose this grace it’s literally sinking it’s sinking grace
come on pull me pull me grab me grab me grab me wrap your or around there
something here just pull me closer let me close this looks like a safe I see a
lock I see chains I think it’s a treasure chest I know this is all we can
see Sharer’s if we lose this what’s to come back and get another day I don’t
know what we’re gonna do just hop on this thing and let’s just get out of
here it’s getting so dark out my thing is hooked is it yeah grace it
can’t be hooked I’m getting drugged this snake is too heavy
got here wait there’s people there’s people oh my
gosh that might be the jet shoe that was there earlier okay we got to get back to
both go go go go he’s handle quick quick quick quick quick quick quick
oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh quick
grab everything let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go okay start the boat turn the
boat come on boat please don’t please don’t please start come on okay we got
fire on the boat we’re good we’re good let’s go we’re just gonna head for the
lights have for those lights up there head for those lights up ahead we can do
you, stay awesome and share the love, peace!
PJ MASKS Toys Backpack Toys Surprise – Duration: 9:13. Super awesome
It’s the PJ masks toys backpack toy surprise with new Romeo laboratory and also the awesome PJ masks spaceship
SuperDuper cool
Hey Dino pals. This is Toy Rex here. Let’s see what toy surprise. We have today’s
Tour chameleon the PJ masks bathtub has a lot of toys. This is getting so fun
There’s Jack your palette cat-boy and it says PJ masks right here. You can even see the PJ masks headquarters. This is
Here’s a little bag so you can put your pencils and here’s the zipper is your a toy in here
Wow, what’s that
Cool. It’s the PJ masks owlette super watch awesome.
It’s got flashing lights so cool and you can even see the time there’s cat boy, let’s put on the watch
Well, it looks so cool everybody can be a superhero no, it’s trying to open up some more toys look deep
What’s inside this backpack?
Here’s the zipper
While they need it toy in here what so anything let’s find out
Wow, it’s the awesome peachy mask super moon adventures. So awesome
First we got spaceman cat-boy
Awesome. He’s wearing his blue astronaut helmet and he’s got a controller for the super cool PJ masks spaceship
Next we have check out and get Joy’s also wearing a space helmet. He’s also holding on the Jamin Wow
Gekko found a diamond in space so cold and
Then we have Captain outlet. She’s gonna fly the PJ masks spaceship and she’s holding the PJ masks telling us what’s inside
Well, it’s the spaceship. So cool
And we have a new PJ Masks friend, this is the PJ Masks robot Wow, he’s got the PJ masks tower on him
He’s super happy and he’s saying Hi. Hello
He’s also has little wings just like how they’re so cool
And we also have Luna girl Wow, Luna girl is holding her lunar staff
It’s got a purple moon so fun when a girl isn’t a villain
But sometimes she works with the PJ Masks and they make an awesome awesome team
Time for more toys, let’s see. What else do we have in here? Here we go
Wow we got another PJ Masks watch this one is Gekko
It’s got super cool green lights and we can open it to see the time. Hey check it out
Awesome. Let’s wear this watch to
Joe’s watch so come on time for some more surprise toys. Let’s see what else we got
It’s red with two yellow light this palette is wearing a special silver helmet
Alright time for some more toys
Well, this one is get go it’s the gekko-mobile
So fun the gekko-mobile has one two three
Four five six six yellow light and it’s got a really cool tire
So cool. He also has a really big engine. Gekko must be able to go really fast
We got more toys
Wow, this is a PG masked Knight villain playing
There’s Romeo meeting jump and there’s Night Villian plane can fly
ha ha
Is there more toys there’s another one?
This is the PJ masks plane. Awesome
You see Captain Jack going palette and look there’s the outlet symbol cat-boy and Gekko.
So fun, let’s see this place. Fly. Whoa
more toys
What’s this
Well, it’s the cat boy catmobile. He’s so fast
Awesome cat boy is wearing a silver helmet so he can drive really really fast
He’s got two yellow lights and he’s got blue lightning cat boy also has a super powerful engine
So he and drive really really fast. Oh
Do we have another toy in here? What’s this one?
Wow, this is blazing lovely machines so cool. And this Blaze has Wings Wow
Oh, we can fly really fast
Together with outlet. Let’s go play
Are there gonna be more toys let’s find out Donald friend
Wow, we got a yellow bulldozer
It’s rubble and
He’s got a really big scoop so he can dig and he’s a member of the paw patrol pups
Let’s go Rubble scooped up the bag Wow
Are there gonna be more toys in the PJ masks backpack? Let’s find out
What’s this? This is the PJ masks owlette tower. I
Wonder who’s inside the PJ Masks Tower and there’s a little red button. We can push let’s push it one two, three. Hey, it’s
Cool, I’m wearing red glasses and she is outlet where she puts on her pajamas
She becomes the amazing. I’ll live. Let’s see what happens. We push this red button again
Well, I’m let it turn into outlet. That’s super duper cool. And here’s her awesome outlet watch. This is so fun
We learnt a spider-man robot. So cool. Spider-man is red just like Owlette.
He’s really really strong. So awesome. This robot is the robot that Spiderman tried
Wow, there’s fun man. He’s driving the super big robot and he’s gonna team up with the future man. So cool
And this is the pgms super adventure
Spaceship so awesome
That’s great so awesome the PJ masks can go right inside and they can try out the pgms spaceship
We’re gonna fly this spaceship to space the spaceship has legs. So the PJ Matt can come out of the door
So awesome, and you can hold the spaceship like it’s flying. That’s so cool. And guess who’s driving its deck
Oh, wow, it’s so
The next toy is Romeo’s laboratory so soon there’s Nathan
He’s always secure of plans to beat the PJ masks busy functions. And here’s the robot invention of his so cool
Awesome look, he’s even looking at the PJ masks. You can push the button. We do all sorts of cool things
Romeo sit soon here. We can scale back the driver seat of the lavatory and here’s the door
He’s even got the PJ masks already. Wow. There’s a sticker for Romeo
here’s the power meter to see how much power the laboratory has the laboratory is blue with really big wheels and
Here, it’s the computer station. This is where Romeo
Conspirators with all these awesome Romeo tools
Romeo is so smart and Wow, look there’s even a really big claw
PJ masks better watch out. Romeo’s gonna use the claw
If the PJ masks aren’t careful. Romeo’s can use the claw to take the PJ masks ours. Haha. That’s not good
And there’s a lot of lights and sounds to control the command center and the robot even has a laser
So cool, and there’s cat boy. He’s ready for action
Do you think Romeo you catch the PJ masks or the PJ masks? It’ll wait. Let’s open up this toy
Super duper fun that PJ masks toys back
I had a lot of PJ masks toys there is even a spider-man robot and Rubble and we’re gonna open up the PJ masks spaceship and
Romeo’s laboratory next let’s go Watch the next PJ masks toys video.
Thanks for watching. Dino pals. You guys are awesome
For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the Dino Club
For more infomation >> PJ MASKS Toys Backpack Toys Surprise – Duration: 9:13.
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Florida Travel: Visit Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast – Duration: 2:35. (upbeat instrumental music)
– And today we’re heading to beautiful Cocoa Beach.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Cocoa Beach is just an hour’s drive east of Orlando
on Florida’s beautiful Space Coast.
It is also one of the most affordable spots here
in all Florida.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Ron Jon’s Surf Shop is the largest surf shop in the world,
and definitely one of a kind.
They say if you can’t find it here, you don’t need it.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Cocoa Beach is the surfing capital of the world
and I’m going to give it a try.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Historic Cocoa Village was first settled mid 1800s
by fisherman, and it’s one of the Space Coast’s
most popular destination.
For those who are looking for unique shopping
and dining experience.
(upbeat instrumental music)
Kennedy Space Center, where rockets launch
and imagination begins.
This is the birthplace of American space flight.
– [Announcer] Attention, all engines running.
Launch commence, launch commence, lift off.
(announcer cheering)
Right on.
(upbeat instrumental music)
For more infomation >> Florida Travel: Visit Cocoa Beach on Florida’s Space Coast – Duration: 2:35.
“SPIDER-MAN PS4” | More Details on Web Swinging | Open-World Trailer Breakdown – Duration: 9:29. What’s up you guys? This is your boy RBG hitting you up with another Spider-Man PS4 related video.
We are literally on the cusp of the game’s release.
And it seems like Sony and Insomniac are releasing more and more footage to get us hyped.
In the last video we went over the insane web swinging gameplay which looks to focus on some type of leveling system.
In today’s video we’ll be breaking down the New York City open-world trailer we got a few days ago.
But before we do that I wanna remind you that I’m giving away a free gaming mouse.
Since you guys have supported this channel I’ve linked up Mallknow to give you their brand new gaming mouse.
It features a high FPS Rate, 7 different switches such as the back and forward buttons.
An adjustable DPI, microswitches backed with LED lights, and much more.
As I mentioned you can get this mouse absolutely free.
And the shipping and handling averages around 5 dollars depending on your location.
The link will be in the description box below so make sure you jump on that while the offer last.
But anyways as I mentioned the most recent footage we’ve gotten seems to highlight the intuitive swinging mechanics.
Like I know a lot of you guys wanted me to talk about the gameplay launch trailer we got a week ago.
But there wasn’t anything we haven’t already seen from the various conferences and trailers we got prior.
Like there was literally nothing to write home about.
But I think this new trailer gives us a better idea that New York is just as much of a character as Spider-Man himself.
Like I’d be lying if I didn’t say this game dares to challenge Grand Theft Auto’s open sandbox experience.
Because everything looks meticulously crafted from top to bottom and from the different locals to the wide variety of civilians.
This is definitely a landmark that superhero and video game enthusiast can be proud of.
I know I’m going off on a tangent here but I feel like I’m reviewing the game without having experienced it hands on.
Like seriously look at this! You know Insomniac’s done their homework when they actually have a random New Yorker wearing Timbs.
Come on now.
But anyways I think this trailer pretty much adds validity to what GameInformer covered.
1 of the 1st things being what was eluded to in the recent demo.
After the infamous crime lord Wilson Fisk is arrested, he mentions how he brought order to the city.
Pretty much alluding to the fact that Spidey may have opened the floodgates for more crime.
A good example would be when J. Jonah Jamison accuses Spider-Man of causing more crime.
Stating that ever since he’s sprung into action gangs have followed suit by setting up secret bases of operation throughout New York.
You see that Fisk still has henchmen working along rooftops.
And the aforementioned Mr. Negative has taken illegal works to warehouses and construction cites.
This is definitely something that will add pressure to Spider-Man.
Because there’s only so much he can do to make everyone happy.
Naysayers such as J. Jonah Jamison will use certain mishaps that Spidey had no control over against him to slander his image.
I’m assuming that the way you handle crime will also determine how the civilians view you.
If you notice you see Spider-Man on street levels interacting with all the locals which I’m guessing will also play a factor in his public perception.
He gives people hi fives. Goes out of his way to take selfies.
And it even looks like their will be certain missions where’ll you help shop owners scare away armed robbers.
This is all just an assumption but if it does make it into the actual game it will add hours of replayability.
Since J. Jonah has his call in show maybe some of Spidey’s supporters could call in to commend him on keeping the streets of New York safe.
Since we’re on the topic of J.J. I just wanna say that whoever’s doing the voice was an excellent pick.
He damn sounds exactly like like J.K. Simmons from the Raimi Spider-Man films.
I’m not sure if it’s him since the imdb only list a handful of the voice talent but I’m loving what I hear.
I specifically love how Peter Parker calls in as another person to pat the fires J.J. has thrown on his alter ego’s name.
It’s been officially confirmed that Jonah’s talk show titled “Just the Facts with J. Jonah Jameson,” will play periodically throughout the game.
If you miss out some of the more interesting dialogue you’ll be able to replay them by going back to the tab on the game’s menu.
But moving on Peter talks about how New York is super diverse and alludes to the player having to use certain locations as vantage points to monitor crime.
Some of the most noticeable cites include the famous Avengers Tower and the Sanctum Sanctorum.
Back in April we had gotten word that the two iconic Marvel locations would appear in the game but we hadn’t seen any of the visuals.
With the exception of the Sanctom Sanctorum which had been spotted various times through keen observation and interviews with the developers.
Back in October a reddit user by the name of bigfatlove101 posted a snapshot from the PGW 2017 trailer.
If you looked closely at the 47 second mark, you get a brief side view of Dr. Strange’s mysterious mansion.
Some fans were hyped about the Easter Egg but there were a lot of doubters who thought it could possibly be something else.
But about 8 months later after the dust cleared at E3.
Insomniac Games released an in depth recap via a livestream where fans got to get a full frontal view of Dr. Strange’s Mansion.
Around the 40 minute mark you can see Spidey swinging from building to building, until he found himself on a roof directly across from the Sanctum Sanctorum.
Brian Intihar and camp didn’t really elaborate on the Sorcerer Supreme’s home so it’s somewhat unclear if you’ll be able to fully explore the building from the inside.
If anything I hope Spidey gives some kind of dialogue reference where he talks about past experiences with Strange since he’s most likely become acquainted with him in his lengthy tenor as a crime fighter.
But anyways it was only a week earlier before E3 that we had gotten word that the Avenger’s Tower would also be featured in this title.
I was stoked but not as hyped I am about Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum because it’s a building we’ve seen in a lot of different Marvel related mediums.
I also knew that it would be totally different from it’s MCU counterparts.
And I was somewhat right.
It looks to be a more simple design of the building with the Avengers A on the side of it.
Then again it was a very brief shot.
If anything I hope that these Easter Eggs potentially plant the seeds to a possible expanded Marvel game universe.
After getting the announcement of the Avengers Project.
A project that fans are desperately waiting to get more insight on.
Like I know a lot of fans are expecting to get future games that are interconnected to this 1.
It’s 1 of the main reasons why I think Square-Enix and Marvel Entertainment opted not to show the Avengers Game.
Because they know this title has so many eyes glued to it, with all the show casings and the huge marketing campaign.
But moving on we got a few other popular sites in the city of New York and 1 that struck me the most which was the shot of Columbia University.
1 of the most prestigious colleges in New York where a lot of the popular Marvel intellects attended.
You have characters like Mr. Fantastic, Professor X, and Matt Murdock who’ve all had some form of education from this school before they became the heroes they are today.
It was also featured in the Raimi Spider-Man films where Peter Parker attained his powers in 1 of the laboratories.
He attended Columbia University instead of ESU like he’s done in most of the other comic iterations and in this game.
In the NETFLIX MCU Daredevil series Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson were roomies at the famous university.
There’s so much established Marvel history that’s associated with this college
and as I’ve mentioned earlier I hope there’s some kind of references or dialogue that mentions these things.
But moving on I wanna elaborate a little more on the web swinging mechanics.
In the trailer Jamison briefly talks about the various tricks and flips Spidey’s able to do in midair.
And you can sort of hear the little sound prompts when he stitches different flips together.
Just without the heads up display.
I harped on how your experience points would hinge on how many tricks you pull.
But I didn’t go over the actual controls since I haven’t had hands on experience with the game.
And it’s still a relatively new feature that was revealed in later demos that fans didn’t have the luxury of playing.
But we now have a good idea of how it works, largely thanks in part to GameInformer’s executive editor Andrew Reiner.
This is what he had to say.
As soon as I let go of the web line, I tapped triangle and circle together to make Spider-Man curl up into a ball and flip through the air.
Each trick nets him bonus XP and extra focus.
I don’t know if there are ways to initiate different tricks or if they are just randomly cycled, but you can see a moonsault in the GIF above.
No matter how complex this system ends up being, getting more XP from this fun little activity could be a great way of helping achieve levels faster.
The XP reward isn’t much, but it will add up over time.
Some of the other tricks: spider-roll, flying helix, dragon roll, trick switch.
So it’s as I’ve assumed.
Your experience points will be determined by the multiple moves you pull before you shoot out another web or hit the ground.
I’m guessing the button input will probably be pattern based
because hearing Andrew talk about having to press circle and triangle together makes it seem like there’ll be 1 move that can be altered into many.
Like circle could be the flip button while triangle can be the aerial spin button.
And I know a lot of fans are probably thinking that 2 button inputs doesn’t seem like enough to warrant a plethora of tricks.
But after experiencing how Web Swinging has been in older entries like Spider-Man 2 where you basically had 1 button doing most of the tricks.
I’m more optimistic than ever to learn that we could possibly have 2 action buttons as opposed to 1.
Each button could be double tapped or even charged to hold out certain flips.
But anyways I think I’ve rambled on long enough.
You guys have been asking to hear my opinions on this trailer.
And I’m always flattered that you like hearing what I have to say about them.
This game just keeps getting better by each trailer.
And I think Sony knows that it’s gonna sell like hot cakes because their marketing campaign has been great.
We’ve been seeing Spider-Man PS4 on billboards.
There’s even a custom made subway cart that’s specifically designed for the game.
So this is undoubtedly a passion project that’s gonna be remembered for days to come.
But with that I’m gonna end the video.
What are your thoughts?
Lemme know in the comments below.
As always I ask that you like or dislike the video.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a thumbs up or thumbs down.
Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on my content.
But if you enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it on social media with all your friends and followers.
But anyways this is your boy RBG signing out on another video.
I’ll catch you guys later.
Peace out.
For more infomation >> “SPIDER-MAN PS4” | More Details on Web Swinging | Open-World Trailer Breakdown – Duration: 9:29.
12 Weeks of Halloween 2018 Week 2 – Duration: 10:16. hi thanks for joining me this is angie at chicnscratch this is the project
we’re making today and this is the second project for the 12 weeks of
Halloween okay let me show you another color if you
like monochromatic this is using the gray granite this is one of our new
colors this year this one this one is a basic gray we’re going to make this one
and I’ll show you some candy that fits inside inside this one I believe is a
pack of Skittles or M&Ms it will hold like a pack of sweet tarts emergency I
actually do use these in the winter gummy bears
candy corn any of those little snack sized bags okay so let me give you the
measurements it’s very simple basic gray seven by seven and then a quarter of a
sheet of whisper white which is five and a half by four and a quarter we just
need it for the octopus here and the circle we’re using the it’s a sea of
textures stamp set along with the coordinating framelits under the sea I
told you guys when I got this set that I totally ordered it for Halloween so here
we go and then I’m using the spooky sweets right here and this set right
here will not be available until September fifth okay so this is in the
holiday catalog this isn’t our annual okay let me get the simply scored
scoring tool and we will score this
since both sides measure seven by seven we’re going to start with the first side
and we’re going to score it at one in three quarters and five and then turn it
on the other side and you’re going to score it at one in seven eight and six
and a quarter let’s fold on the score lines
okay now we want to do some cutting I do have my template here this is how it’s
gonna look so these are gonna fold and this is going to fold up and this is
going to fold over so that’s how the back looks and I will show you here okay
so let’s get the scissors out we’re going to be removing these two pieces
down here at the bottom and do the same thing up here at the top now let’s take
the detailed trio punch we’re going to round the edges same thing down here at
the bottom okay I want to make sure that I have that all the way in there so
that’s why I folded those sides in okay so now let’s do some stamping I’m going
to take the there’s two images from the sea of textures we’re using octopus and
then this image here okay I am going to be stamping off I’m going to take my
basic gray so ink it up and stamp it off stamp can’t get up stamp it off now and
I’m just doing this randomly
okay I think that looks pretty good yeah now since we have this open let’s go
ahead and sponge the edges so I am using our sponges I’ve just cut into what not
quarters probably eight or six I don’t know cut them in half then cut them in
half and then cut those in half
sponge this edge I did not sponge the edge of the octopus or the greeting you
could do that if you wanted it to look a little scoop here okay so now for your
adhesive we’re going to place one piece of tearing tape on this side right here
and then down here at the bottom whoops cut that a little more
fold that over while I’m doing this head over to my website leave a comment on
week 2 of the 12 weeks of Halloween I’m gonna be giving away a chick’s tan I do
have those back in stock ok let me show you how the candy will fit so it just
slides in just like that ok so any snack size and it could actually be a little
bit bigger like you can see this is this would fit in there perfectly too okay
now we’re gonna take the basic black or black glittered organdy ribbon you guys
are gonna love this stuff let’s see I want to tie a bow not a knot so I need a
little bit more
okay and we can slide this around wherever we want it in just a minute
so I’m using gorgeous grape and then I’ll close that up and then basic gray
for the greeting
okay so now we need to get the Big Shot out and we’re going to cut these images
out so I’ve got the octopus here to cut him out and then the stitch shaped
framelits to cut out the spooky sweets okay so here’s the Big Shot that Pat
form and cutting pad and then we’ll place the octopus on here first and I do
like to cut him more at an angle
okay so there he is and then now we’re gonna cut out these spooky sweets okay
so let’s get all of our pieces back in here for this one we’re just going to
add it with our regular snail adhesive and like I said you could sponge the
edge if you want I chose not to on this project and then now we’re going to add
him with a dimensional and we’ve got a couple more things to do so make it that
dimensional there I’ve got my rhinestones here I’m gonna take my dark
black bland stamping bland and I’m gonna color two rhinestones I’m gonna give
those a second to dry and I go ahead and add the octopus here I don’t want him
covering up the the letters it looks like I smeared my ink but I didn’t it’s
a piece of glitter okay there we go now I’m going to take the paper piercer and
get these little rhinestones on his eyes
and you can color our rhinestones with any of our stamping blan markers okay so
here’s my original here’s the one we’ve just made I think the only difference is
I probably need to clean up the ribbon just a tad super cute right
don’t forget head over to my website enter to win a chick’s tan have a great
day bye
For more infomation >> 12 Weeks of Halloween 2018 Week 2 – Duration: 10:16.
RUSSIANS REACT TO MEXICAN MUSIC | Charro Avítia y Zoila – La Martina | REACTION – Duration: 8:42. Today we’re going to react to…
I don’t know if “La Martina” is the singer
Or it’s the name of the song
There are two artists here
The song is called “La Martina”
Finally I found some information about him
Commonly known as “El Charro Avitia”
He was a Mexican singer and actor
His best known songs are “Maquina 501” and “Caballo alazán lucero”
Zoila is probably the woman that is standing next to him
I don’t know
Let’s see
Why there’s no information on her?
And there’s almost no information on Charro Avitia either
It only says that he was an actor
Write in the comments who Zoila is
We will see her in the video now
The song is called “La Martina” which means…
It can’t be translated
Let us know what “La Martina” means
We don’t know anything about this song
My favorite
What? -My favorite clothes
And a poncho
And the mariachi… and the costumes
Many people requested this video
I think it has 7 million views
He’s very manly
He’s a true Mexican
Maybe “la matrina” is the girl
Beautiful girl
With big breasts
That’s probably Zoila
Yeah, that’s probably her
I like the sound of the violin
And the trumpets
This feels like the old times
It reminds me of the 19th century or beginning of the 20th
He looks very very… in Russian we would say “farmer”
But in Mexico it’s Ranchero?
He looks like an owner of a rich rancho
Yeah, maybe
He looks so grumpy
I think he even has a gun
Like a cowboy
Do you hear his voice?
He got angry, she even got scared
He’s angry
He has a great hat, I want one
He’s treating her badly
She probably was apologizing
She is like a sneaky fox
She’s talking sweet
She has a beautiful dress
Very bright
So, what’s next? -They made peace
He’s not angry anymore
He has a crazy voice
Told you, very manly voice
I like his mustache too
He fixed his hat
Is he gonna forgive her?
I think they are telling poems
Maybe it’s like a theatrical play
Because the music is the same, and they are telling a story
Beautiful outfits…
Why is he so strict?
I thought he forgave her… look, he’s grabbing his gun
He has a gun? -Yes
He has a gun
Oh, true, I see it
I think he wouldn’t bring a real gun -Of course
She keeps crawling on her knees -Stop crawling, girl!
She says she wants him a lot
He’s standing proudly
You can see that they are actors
Those pants are very beautiful
And the poncho too
It’s like a theater
Did you get scared?
I didn’t get scared
I even have goosebumps now
He shot unexpectedly? -Yes
He scared me
Look at his great poncho though
He’s a very noble man
He’s like a don… don Pedro
Did you get really scared?
Not too much -I didn’t expect him to shoot
I didn’t think he had a real gun
I think it’s fake though -Yes
It was a good play
It’s not just a concert
It’s more like a theatrical play
Yeah, they are artists
She probably did something and he taught her a lesson
Zoila is probably an artist too
Well, we read that he was more actor than singer
He doesn’t have many songs
He’s more of an actor
But his voice…
Very manly voice
She has a nice dress
All the costumes look good
Everything looks beautiful in this video
And the mariachi band in the background
They played more at the beginning
And then they played the same melody
They played for the artists
They were telling a story that we couldn’t understand
It was good, they impressed me and scared me
Write in the comments some info about the woman
And let us know what “La Martina” means
Translation of the title
We couldn’t find it
There’s not much information about them
Even in Spanish
But it was awesome -Yes, we like it
Like, subscribe, leave comments
Share this video with friends and follow us on Instagram and Facebook
For more infomation >> RUSSIANS REACT TO MEXICAN MUSIC | Charro Avítia y Zoila – La Martina | REACTION – Duration: 8:42.
Deff – Eleven – Duration: 2:57. Deff – Eleven
For more infomation >> Deff – Eleven – Duration: 2:57.
MEDO – PROJEÇÃO HOLOGRÁFICA – Duration: 4:56. For more infomation >> MEDO – PROJEÇÃO HOLOGRÁFICA – Duration: 4:56.
Jane Fonda In Five Acts (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO – Duration: 2:02. -(PROJECTOR CLICKS) -(TAPE ROLLING)
ANNOUNCER: Jane Fonda.
One of Hollywood’s most exciting new stars.
REPORTER 1: There’s a lot of hostility towards you.
REPORTER 2: Would have done anything differently?
JANE FONDA: This is the beginning of my last act.
In order to know how to go forward,
I’m gonna have to know where I’ve been.
I was Henry Fonda’s daughter,
which meant we looked like the American Dream.
But a lot of it was simply myth.
INTERVIEWER 1: When you were little lady Jane Fonda,
did you dream about being an actress?
FONDA: I was doing plays, making movies.
I wanted to please Dad. Who would you like me to be?
I never felt real.
I just thought I’ve gotta find who I really am.
I just felt like I had to become a righteous activist.
I wanted my life to have meaning.
INTERVIEWER 2: You’ve been taking your public by surprise,
invading army camps and getting yourself arrested.
FONDA: I’m proud of most of what I did.
And I’m very sorry for some of what I did.
I consider Jane Fonda
one of most courageous women of our time.
She didn’t look back, she didn’t change her voice.
-I pledge to resist! -CROWD: I pledge to resist!
FONDA: None of my marriages were democratic
because I had to be a certain way,
-I had to look a certain way. -Am I attractive to you?
She’s lived her life in front of us.
FONDA: Any healthy country, like any healthy individual,
should be in perpetual revolution.
It took me a really long time to find my own narrative.
But, um…
I am what I am.
For more infomation >> Jane Fonda In Five Acts (2018) | Official Trailer | HBO – Duration: 2:02.
Dreweybear – The One (Lyrics) With Julia Thompson – Duration: 3:57. Are you the one
You are, you are, you are
was it too soon to leave
If you’re the one for me
Then this should be easy
Are you the one for me
Should be easy
Then this should be easy
If you’re the one for me
why can’t I see
Baby why can’t I see
Are you the one for me
Are you the one
Are you the, Are you the one
But you piece me back to life, are you
Now I’m falling into little pieces
You were something that I never needed
I tricked myself into believing
Are you the one, are you the one
Why did I ever want to leave you behind
Back to the day when you were mine
Reverse the clock and turn back time
Are you the one for me
Are you the, Are you the one
But you piece me back to life, are you
Now I’m falling into little pieces
You were something that I never needed
I tricked myself into believing
What if I was wrong, are you the one
That you are not the one for me
Make you believe or make you see
Why’d I ever make you leave
Are you the one, are you the one
Been asking myself all night long
Do I want you to stay or do I want you gone
Were you right or were you wrong
For more infomation >> Dreweybear – The One (Lyrics) With Julia Thompson – Duration: 3:57.
فهد الكندري- فسيروا 2 | الإعجاز التشريعي في الذبح – Duration: 0:49. The miraculousness in slaughtering.. in Islamic Sharia.
What will happen to the animal, from the vital aspect?
The brain needs blood supply..
and after you slaughter the animal..
the blood will not reach the brain..
and the brain will ask the heart for help!
and the heart will ask the rest of the body for help..
then the animal will squeeze itself, and will contract its muscles..
to pump more blood to the heart..
But, there is an opening, so the blood will come out through it, and the body of the slaughtered animal will be cleaned, naturally.
getting the blood out of the slaughtered animal.. fast..
this will decrease the speed of proliferation of microbes in its flesh ..
This have an effect on the duration of validity of the meat..
and it will be longer, according to these studies..
For more infomation >> فهد الكندري- فسيروا 2 | الإعجاز التشريعي في الذبح – Duration: 0:49.
10 Things that men do not understand about women and Facebook solves them – Duration: 2:02. For more infomation >> 10 Things that men do not understand about women and Facebook solves them – Duration: 2:02.
NESARA ACABOU – (Trump e Putin se reúniram em segredo) – Duration: 20:13. For more infomation >> NESARA ACABOU – (Trump e Putin se reúniram em segredo) – Duration: 20:13.
How to Sell Watches Online (Show and Sell EP1) – Duration: 6:03. Whether you’re a dropshipper, an ecommerce entrepreneur, or simply curious by nature,
there’s nothing quite like stumbling upon an exciting product that you can sell online.
Hi world, it’s Mark from Oberlo.
Welcome to Show and Sell.
It’s where I take a couple of minutes every Monday to dig deep into Oberlo’s marketplace.
What am I looking for?
Products that are likely to sell fast.
I also share tried and tested marketing methods for getting those sales.
This is the first show in this series, so I’ve included a special extra that will
be super helpful for anyone who sets up an online store based on today’s product.
So stick around until the end for that.
And if you would like more product recommendations and marketing tips every week, then consider
turning on the notification bell.
Today I’ve selected a fantastic niche for dropshipping.
One that consistently ranks in the top ten dropshipping products year on year.
Most products in this niche cost under 5 dollars.
They ship with epacket.
They come in countless iterations.
And they’re timeless …
You got it: mechanical wristwatches.
There is an buzzing online market for inexpensive, fun, handsome, quirky, novel, personalized,
you-name-it timepieces.
And I’ve picked out a handful to show you today.
All of the watches you’re about to see can
be dropshipped via Oberlo.
They are all supplied by Obero Verified Suppliers, and they all cost under five dollars, which
means one thing: higher profits for you, the merchant.
If you’re about to set up an online store, then pay attention: this could be a product
idea that works for you.
Mechanical wristwatches have been around for centuries.
They’re extremely popular accessories for people all over the world and of all ages.
People buy watches to commemorate special occasions, to give to loved ones, to express
their style, and to stay on time.
So let’s take a look at some examples to see why.
This is my favourite one.
The pineapple watch.
It has a gold colored case with gold colored hands on a white dial, and it comes with a
quality leather strap.
And then there’s the pineapples spread all over the dial.
They give this classic model a fresh twist that consumers will find hard to say no to.
It’s an ideal product for attracting impulse buyers, as this kind of watch is not something
seen very often.
That means it will stand out in Facebook ad campaigns.
Facebook ad campaigns which target, say: young people with disposable incomes; people who
have been searching for watches and jewelry online.
People going on summer vacation
The next two timepieces are for more serious watch fans.
This wristwatch is sleek, modern, and trendy.
It calls to mind the fashionable timepieces of Daniel Wellington, for example.
While you might not be able to beat DW on brand awareness, you can certainly undercut
the Swedish giant on price with a watch like this.
It also comes with a Nato strap, which is a strap that is very easy to exchange without
the help of a trained watchmaker.
If you sell watches like this, you might think about selling Nato straps too.
Nato straps are a great secondary product to offer in your store to complement the range
of watches you have.
The other timepiece is better suited for more masculine wrists.
The large, tall case speaks to more to male aesthetics, and if we turn it over we see
the engraving “stainless steel back”, so you know this watch can handle itself.
Inside that case is a quartz movement, also known as a caliber.
This is the technical term for the mechanism inside that enables the watch to keep time.
Watch buyers will expect to know what kind of movement is inside the models you sell,
so make sure you include the words “quartz movement” in your store when you list your
Quartz watches keep outstandingly accurate time, and typically lose zero point zero two
seconds a day, which is no bother to the wearer, and much better than the accuracy of other
types of watches.
You can sound this smart too when it comes to writing product descriptions for your online
watch store.
All it takes is a little research, and some editing of your supplier’s copy.
And when it comes to copy, it’s essential you include some information that your customers
will crave.
Like the diameter of the watch and its height; how water resistant it is, which is measured
in ATM; the color of the dial, case, hands, and strap.
You might think that those things are obvious to the eye and unnecessary, but here’s where
you can put your brand personality front and center.
You could describe this watch as large.
But if your brand is all about tough, resistant timepieces that can withstand the strains
of everyday life, you might also describe it as a tank watch, for example.
Ultimately it’s up to you how you use this opportunity to gain sales.
Here’s another pro tip: when choosing or taking marketing images for your watches,
you’re going to want to see the hands set to 10 past 10 – this is the watch industry
norm, and it is the best way of showing off your selection of watches at their smiling
For our final timepiece from the Oberlo marketplace: the cute cat dial watch.
This joyful accessory for the wrist comes with a novelty dial that will leave feline
watch fans, feline fine indeed.
The eye-catching design is sure to turn heads during ad campaigns, and it’s so unlike
other watches on the market that it’s another one that is ideal for capturing those impulse
As with most of the products we’ve seen today, this cute cat dial watch comes in a
range of dial and strap colors, meaning more choice for your store, and more choice for
your customers.
Watches are very popular products among influencers, particularly on Instagram.
Using Instagram influencers is how many young watch brands make a name for themselves.
And getting started is often easier than you think.
Many of these influencers will be happy to create a post or campaign for you in exchange
for a watch.
That’s hardly going to put a sizeable dent in your budget is it?
And in return, your watches are on the right wrists and looking cool, instantly.
Here are 5 hashtags you definitely should be using for you Instagram watch promotions:
WatchesofInstagram Watch of the day
Wristporn Watchmania
And WOMW, which means watch on my wrist.
What do you think of the watches we had on show today?
Would you import them to your store and start selling?
If you would, then you should check out a link to a case study below in the description
(this is the special extra I promised you earlier).
In this study, one of Oberlo’s superstar merchants lays out the exact steps he took
to start a successful online watch store.
He even made over 6,000 dollars in under two months doing it.
That’s all we have time for today.
Did you enjoy our new show, was it helpful?
Let us know in the comments.
Thanks for watching, and don’t forget: learn often, market better, and sell more.

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