Youtube daily Aug 26 2018

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Youtube daily Aug 26 2018

– Hey guys, it’s Inga.
Today, we’re gonna be doing something
a little bit different.
My friend Ade gave me an ostrich egg.
He challenged me to make a giant Egg McMuffin.
(laughing nervously)
We only have one ostrich egg.
It is not a cheap egg.
The stakes are very high,
but let’s make it work.
We’re gonna start off by making the English muffin part.
So I looked up some recipes,
and I made the dough last night.
(whimsical big band music)
So here’s the dough.
Flour, moment of truth.
Oh, ho!
Look at how much air this has.
I’m gonna knead this gently.
It’s so smooth.
(whimsical big band music)
I need to roll this out.
– [Man] You gotta do that.
– Gotta roll it.
Like pizza.
(light jazzy music)
That looks pretty decent.
They said sprinkle pretty generously.
I think I’m being very generous.
It smells so good.
And we’re gonna cut it.
Ooh la la.
Now this is what it looks like right now.
This is the muffin.
We’re gonna let this prove for a little over an hour.
We can start working on the ostrich egg.
You hear that?
Like a china plate.
Very smooth.
Even though it has bigger pores than I do.
(clinking repeatedly)
It’s beginning to crack.
(clinking repeatedly)
(light jazzy music)
Oh my God.
The membrane!
Why is it so full?
I don’t know what to do.
(light jazzy music.
– [Man] It’s gonna be a crunchy Egg McMuffin.
– Oh!
I’m shaking.
(light jazzy music)
It looks like egg?
That was the hardest part.
I’m gonna pour this in the mold now.
I’m gonna put it in the oven, okay?
Oh my God, it’s leaking.
Oh my God.
(big band music)
We’re gonna go with 350.
Make it a little lower.
Okay, let’s check on that later.
We’re going to transfer this huge piece of bread
to the cast iron.
How does one transfer this?
No, no, no, flip it.
Wow, that was a complete and utter failure.
We’re just gonna wait now,
until it becomes golden brown.
(light jazzy music)
I think it’s about that time.
Look at it!
Put it on this heated baking sheet.
(light jazzy music)
I’ll put it in the oven.
See you later.
It’s all coming together now.
Beautiful ostrich egg.
I’m so excited.
So while I’m waiting for these to cool down,
I am going to pan fry these super thick cut,
by thick, I mean, damn, this is thick.
Check it out!
Perfect for a giant Egg McMuffin.
Okay, so you’re only supposed to open these with a fork,
so I found a giant fork-ish thing.
Let’s try.
(light jazzy music)
(mimicking fanfare)
English muffin!
I’m so happy!
So we’re gonna butter these slices up,
make it extra greasy, extra yummy.
Hey, hey.
And these are going back in the oven.
So we’re gonna do the most important part now.
For research purposes, the original Egg McMuffin.
You see the bread on top, the ham, the egg, the cheese.
So that’s how we’re gonna build ours.
Here we go.
I could not find a giant piece of cheese,
so we’re gonna have to do this one by one.
This is the moment we’ve been waiting for.
(imitating fanfare)
Wow, how do you take this off?
Now we’re gonna put the ham.
And we’re gonna cover it up.
And this, my friends, is the beautiful,
giant Egg McMuffin.
The only thing missing is that we need to get the cheese
just like this, super melty.
Original one.
It looks kinda alike, right?
Wow, guys.
I did it.
I didn’t think I would be able to do it, but I did it.
The real test is does it taste like it?
We don’t know.
I’m gonna have my friends and my coworkers reveal the truth.
I’m nervous.
(jazzy big band music)
(group gasping and ah-ing)
– Oh, yes.
This thing itself is the size of an Egg McMuffin.
(whimsical big band music)
It tastes exactly like an Egg McMuffin.
– Yay!
(whimsical big band music)
Yay, I did it!
Until next time.
(whimsical big band music)
– Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel.
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– That was my part.
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A Big Tour in Occitanie 🛣 #Ride 60 [EN SUBS] – Duration: 10:51. Hi guys, this is Julien for a new motorcycle ride
8 hour-drive, 400 km
so the program is part of the Haut-Languedoc
that’s what I’m doing around Lac du Salagou
then towards Aveyron in the footsteps of Roquefort, the cheese, next, Millau and the viaduct
and then we will enter in the gorges
Gorges de la Dourbie, Mont Aigoual
and gorges of Hérault
a big tour in Occitanie
back on a main road
on a slightly more conventional road I would say
first impression about curvy routes from my GPS
finally I just realize that there
I almost drove for 20 to 30 minutes
in small villages, in small roads, with lots of gravel
not much visibility and finally there was nothing to do
it was just access to villages
but actually it was very curvy
but curvy at 10 km/h so not very interesting
while there, look
it’s a major road, wide
there are still some nice turns, nice landscape, not many vehicules
but because it’s early in the morning
but it’s more pleasant here
than in the small roads where I was
Look closely at the motor-home
he was completely in the left line, it is not possible!
I saw that there was a motor-home I slightly take the outside
more than usual
how would you have reacted?
and back in landscapes
so rustics and farming
I think we’re on the border of
Hérault / Aveyron, I already saw a sign with the direction of Roquefort
so this is the right road
Meeting with my fan club in Aveyron
oh come on!
always in the roads in Aveyron, we arrive in a few kilometers
on the sector of Roquefort and the sun is up, it’s nice
because earlier I had a little cold
there was a very wet climate not very nice
Roquefort sur Soulzon here, or I do not know what is the name of the village
Towards Millau and the viaduct
and to my right, I’m riding along the Tarn and just behind the hill
is the Viaduct de Millau over the Tarn and we already see some pylon of the viaduct
entering the village of Peyre with the label of the most beautiful villages in France
this is certainly not the most populated village in France
The Viaduct of Millau (2004) is the highest road bridge in the world
the bike made me a V
then we will also greeting him
going higher and leaving the town of Millau
and I did something
I do not often, I crossed the city completely
it was not voluntary
I had changed the route last night to make me
pass in front of a gas station and finally it has not taken into account
so it made me a shortcut through the city, I could see
the city, as usual I’m always trying to avoid it
but I do not tell you
it is a Saturday morning
So there was a lot of cars waiting to refuel
and here, the Causse Noir
I stopped exactly at the same place, this is nice when you do
the same rides, you know where you can stop
still notice the garbage, which is not very aesthetic
but rather look at this view
with this forest landscape
chaos of Montpellier-le-Vieux is what we see in front but
check my video about Montpellier-le-Vieux and Causse Noir
I like this sign: for cars only
no vans
no motor-home, no larger craft
it’s fantastic these small roads
and it is true that being on a motorcycle enhances the pleasure
because with a car here, it is not very wide
we will not cross, it would not really
a fun ride, as with a motorcycle
no worries, you know you can go anywhere
the bike is so fast
the village just below, it looks pretty
nice, in heights
with this little turret, this small tower
it was the Roque Sainte Marguerite if you have reminded on my right
it’s Dourbie and then I’ll enter the gorges de la Dourbie
by small roads
here, is also gorges de la Dourbie but
we will say that it is the major road
in quotes
up to the gorges de la Dourbie
lunch ended and as you see, I took the opportunity
to set-up the gimbal on the handlebars
from where I am I see a lot of vibration
So normally it is the goal of a gimbal to remove it
it’s the first time I put it here
We’ll see what happens
not terrible
in fact, it’s simple, you see the ball
I put it up
then I put inclined in his little hole
So it can not move and the gimbal is vertical
it captures in front so it’s perfect
then I think it will work better
what a disappointment this stabilized view!
GPS curvy mode
I’m a little scared
Do I continue?
GPS, I think he is stoned
thank you my GPS and the curvy mode, because even a car
could not pass it was barely 1 meter wide
very complicated especially since we can not go back with a motorcycle
so if it was a closed road
I was really pissed off
last stage of the tour
the tour continues
I will enter the gorges of Hérault
to find some freshness
and now slowly the ride ends
there was the gorges of Hérault
just before we had seen the gorges de la Dourbie, the Causse Noir
around Millau and the Viaduct
the Larzac plateau and Roquefort
Haut-Languedoc, it’s a great ride
400 km and 8 hours driving
but I feel that I forgot to tell you something
here here here gravel, it is not stable
I nearly lost the front wheel and I am not going so fast
to be continued…
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Entrevista com Dr. Will A. Andrews | Parte 1 – Duration: 8:01. Hey guys, welcome to my channel. My name is Lucas Mendes. And today I have the pleasure
and privilege to be here doing this interview with Dr. Will Andrews
replying the questions you sent to me on the comments, on my whatsapp, etc.
After the Intro!!
Dr. Will do not speak portuguese. So, this interview will be in english.
If you don’t speak english, you can turn the subtitles on.
The subtitles on the bottom of the screen.
If you don’t know how to turn it on. On the lower right side,
there is a small square. Click on it!
It will turn the subtitles on.
If they are in the wrong language.
By the right side, there is an engine logo.
Click on it and you can change the language.
Welcome Dr. Will Andrews
It’s a pleasure to have you. Thank you very much for being able
to do this interview and reply some questions people have.
Thank you it’s my pleasure. I am happy to do it.
Thank you. Well, I have a list of
questions here. Feel free to answer whatever you want or just “next” if you
don’t want to answer some questions okay? So, I have here doctor Vinicius Laranjeira.
He asked it if regarding the 10-hour theory if there is some study
regarding that and if you know… How do you think would be a good way to create I
study about the 10 hr theory? That’s a good a good question we still call it the 10 hr
force Theory because to my knowledge there really isn’t or hasn’t been a good
scientific test of the theory. It’s a difficult one to study on humans because
you rely on patient cooperation and following instructions that are pretty
complex. It could be done on animals and I know there’s been at least one attempt
on doing using an animal study. And it’s probably the best way to do it. But
whether the biologic response in an animal is predictable enough to
translate to human tooth movement we don’t know for sure. My thought would be
if someone’s really brave like if you’re brave enough you can try it on yourself.
You can control, you know. If you had a TAD then you could
truly control changing the force system every 10 hours. Or, vary the hours that
you apply force. And just test it on one person in yourself first. And then learn
a protocol from that that you could apply perhaps to patients. But it’s a
it’s a difficult one. I think TADs might be the best way. If you had a
patient with Tad’s you could test the left side of the mouth versus the right
side. In an extraction type treatment for example. I haven’t done it but that’s
probably the way it would have to be. So it would be like TAD on both sides one
with continued force and the other one with alternate hours.
Exactly. And maybe in all four quadrants and you could have: one 24 hours a day;
one 10 hour segments; one two hour segments and things like that. To find out where
exactly that threshold is if it’s ten hours. Maybe it’s different in the
maxillary arch then I mandibular because of bone physiology. But it’s a difficult
one to study. So we only have clinical evidence. It seems to work most of the
time on patients when we try it. That’s all we have but does need more study.
Okay. I hope somebody does it. Perfect, yeah. Another question, keeping on the subject
study, Dr. Jose Guerra asked about the measurements were made by your father.
Regarding this sample he has. Yeah. And that research pretty well publish on the
six key article and also on the book of the Straight-Wire Appliance. On that
sample would you do something different or add something on those measurements
he made nowadays? Like, 40 some years after that. Yeah. Or would you do pretty
much the same. On the naturally occurring occlusion. Yes! Well as far as doing
further study on on the naturally occurring occlusion sample that my
father gathered. What I thought about is if it were to be done over again from
the beginning. and the sample could be collected again.
Probably the difference would be and I think my father would agree that and we
are doing this. But the new ones were collecting we would want mounted in
centric relation on an articulator. To be sure that the occlusion so we can check
function for example. Another would be that given the information we know now
we’d like to have facial photograph a particularly smiling and profile.
Because it would be really nice to study a population that had ideal occlusion in
centric relation and who had a nice AP relationship of the maxillary incisors
to the face. You could really learn a lot about the Six Elements. Beyond just
occlusion from if you collected the sample that way. So I put them on
articulaters and I would take facial profile photographs. Might also be nice
although it’s not ethical that would be nice to have some x-rays on all of them.
CBCT imaging but you know that’s just kind of not not possible to do. But so
you could look at root position. That’s the other part of the six keys that
we’re concerned about now that we weren’t originally. As root position
relative to supporting bone. Which we can’t learn from the current sample.
So pretty much you would not change the measurements but the sample you would
have more information on a sample. Correct! I mean, the measurements I think
we’re done pretty well. The most interesting part about it and my opinion
was that my father used the FACC. He found this landmark that hadn’t been
used before. And I think that really was an important piece of the puzzle in
terms of using that data clinically. So that the bracket could position the
facial surface of a tooth the way that we would like it to be.
So I don’t know of a way to make the measurements any different or any better.
I think he did a pretty good job on that.
I would just kind of gather the as I mentioned. Had more and more informations.
That’s right! But adding more information from the sample, not measuring
the first, only. Right! So you can measure different things. Yeah. Okay.
And also the FA point was really the one. That all the prescriptions now use that
landmark for all those data. When we see any prescription with inclination or
torque, they call torque, angles and those kind of things. Yeah. It’s on the FA
point. Right. So the Straight-Wire appliance couldn’t have been, wouldn’t have
been possible and he didn’t know that at the time actually. When he did that
original study he didn’t have an appliance in mind. He just wanted a way
to quantify tooth positions. But then later he realized that the Straight-wire
appliance really couldn’t have worked. It couldn’t have been possible had he
not used the FA point in the FACC. I was just lucky it worked out that way.
And if you were to go back and do it again. He would say, he would do it the
same way. The is a way.
Watch the other parts of this interview.
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Making Money Online in 2018 [What You DON’T Know] – Duration: 22:24. alright guys welcome back to another QA voiceover where you watch you play
Madden essentially and just roll the computer with my franchise team and I
answer your questions and just kind of scroll down my YouTube questions I think
this is a great way and a lot of people responded well to the last one so I
think I’m gonna do another one here basically what I’m gonna do is people
have been saying that I haven’t been getting to a lot of the questions so
some of the questions I’m going to scroll down and answer them here on this
video I think it’s mutually beneficial because
obviously if I didn’t respond to that person you can hear that now and a lot
of the questions that these people have will be in reference to another
potential you know business model that you might be familiar with so if you
watch this channel for private labeling there’s probably a private label
question coming if you watch is for arbitrage there might be an arbitrage
question coming and so on and so forth so that’s the way that we’re gonna do
this and we’ll really just jump right into it all these are entrepreneur and
e-commerce related and marketing stuff too so they can help you if you’re into
that stuff let’s see if we can find a good one started so far down I’m still
seeing mystery box videos it it amazes me how many people actually responded to
that mystery box video so well like people were so into it and it kind of
scares me but at the same time it also gives me hope because it scares me human
race to be perfectly honest that people are that naive to think that people
would actually buy from the dark web and put that on YouTube but at the same time
as somebody who sells you know teaching making money online there’s clearly a
lot of people that need to be taught but that’s just my take on it all right
Jason Longwood or Jason logwood sorry sorry if I butcher the name skies Jason
logwood asks how do we keep our emails out of spam can I make a video about
that well typically he’s referring to basically my spam tactic where I don’t
really do this anymore number one and I honestly would steer you away from doing
this if you’re doing this now so it still works but it but Google and Gmail
have been cracking down on this like crazy this past year it used to work a
lot better and now if your account warms up is warmed up it still works however
if you’re starting a brand new account and can take a while to warm up so
specifically my answer is you really you don’t keep your emails out of
spam when you’re doing that it’s theirs it’s just part of the game man the
powers and the numbers if you’re pulling about a hundred thousand emails even if
you’re only getting a hundred that convert it’s not that great but at the
same time if you remember that maybe you’re getting paid 250 you know 2
dollars and 50 cents per conversion well you’re doing all that work for 250 bucks
so it’s not terrible but like I said it’s hard to scale now because Google
and Gmail have cracked down so the answer to that question specifically is
you don’t you don’t keep them out of spam you know if you send a hundred
thousand emails randomly and twenty thousand go to spam it’s not the end of
the world all right powers and the numbers sorry I’m laughing at some of
these comments there’s so many meme once
ok so Jane Morningstar says for method number two how do you and this is on my
top three ways to make money as a burrow kid or $100 $100 a day fast as a broke
kid something like that I forget what it’s titled and she’s basically
referring to method number two in this which is eBay dropshipping now I just
released a brand new course on this not trying to sell you guys on that I’m just
referring to the topic because a lot of people actually been asking me similar
questions because I just actually started promoting this through you
nummies so she basically asks for that specific method how do you make sure
that the customer doesn’t receive the invoice from Aliexpress this basically
what you’re doing is your job shipping from Aliexpress to eBay it’s a little
bit more complicated than that but that’s it in a nutshell if you guys want
to check that video out I’ll drop that as a card above my head right now I’ll
also link in the description if you want to check it out it’s the the middle one
it’s not the first one it’s the middle one so it’s method number two she
basically says how do you keep the person from understanding that the
invoice is from Aliexpress stating that not only is it from Aliexpress but that
it’s a different price it’s pretty simple you just in Aliexpress when
you’re checking out you at just ask them to blindly dropship it they know what
that means so say you know would you mind blindly
drop shipping this to my customer and what that will basically do is that will
take the manufacturers name off of it and the price so then won’t the the
customer will then be none the wiser of the price of the item and who is
actually shipping it to them I’ll find another one that was a good
one all right guys back here now now I
skipped ahead a little bit and kind of cut that out because I was literally
just scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and it was all mystery box
comments I was scrolling for just pages and pages and pages so what I basically
did is I went back to my original you know just all the most popular videos
that weren’t mystery boxes on my channel open them up and I’m just gonna read
comments and questions from them I think that this is a better way to go it’ll be
a lot better you know a lot less lag in between each questions so Gary Edwards
snow asks not every YouTube video has email addresses in the comments how
would you find some that do is this just a trying to figure it out thing this is
in reference to my video of how to build a free targeted email list where I
basically scrolled with an email exporter on a YouTube video that was
asking for what’s it called emails don’t wanna throw on a blank there and
basically it was a really really great way that I was able to make money in a
short period of time because I they were all targeted around Amazon and I sent
them an Amazon offer now you it’s gonna be hard for you to basically there’s no
pop there’s no it’s impossible to know which YouTube videos unless you stumble
upon them have emails in the comments like that so I would just suggest if if
you’re going that route just do manual crawling on on Google or Facebook it
works really really well I’ll drop a card to a video where I’ve done that in
the past and that basically shows you how to do that and you can just pull
pull targeted emails from search engines like Google and Facebook it’s a great
great way to do it and I suggest doing that rather than just scouring YouTube
because you’ll be wasting a lot of your time Albert
Zork er says great video but email exporter doesn’t work doesn’t export
emails anymore only phone numbers how do you solve this well email exporter email
exporter does exporting emails I don’t know what you’re talking about it
definitely does maybe you just I don’t know maybe you’re you have to update
your version or something but it works fine for me I don’t use it that much
anymore but it still works for me pratik I think that’s pratik pratik says hi do
sending cold emails violate gdpr laws in privacy that’s a good question what’s my
take on it well like I
in the last video I’m not a law expert you know consult a lawyer if you really
want to know the specific answer to these things but it’s my understanding
that is not illegal I read up on that when I was first introducing that course
and you’re allowed to send emails to cold people soliciting stuff that’s a
fact you’re allowed to it’s the law yes it’s legal and to my understanding
there’s a gray area there but you are allowed to email somebody random with an
offer or a CPA offer or spamming them so to speak however it does become illegal
and it does become a gray area when you continuously do it when they ask you to
remove them so that’s the gray area to my understanding if you send somebody a
cold email it’s not illegal if you send somebody a cold email and then they ask
you to remove you to remove them from the list and you continually send them
emails even though they’ve asked you that becomes illegal so that’s the only
to my knowledge the only thing that makes it illegal if somebody asks you to
take them off the list obviously we’re using G mass and G sweet there won’t be
an unsubscribe button um you can put one in there but I’d
suggest just keeping now then just obviously remove them from your list
it’s pretty self-explanatory let’s find another one okay era teeny says you’re
good you’re really good reviewer on Amazon who is deeply loved by your fans
I love your style and I wonder if we can be a sponsor no Jesus no I don’t know I
don’t accept sponsorships on this channel the only time to really ever
accept the sponsorship is maybe when I got a little bit bigger and it was
something that I already believed in I’m not gonna sell out you know cause I
already sell my own products and stuff I don’t really need a sponsorship Mary Oh
Ted Vic says hey Brian if I sell 20 products and get 20 reviews do you think
that’s a problem or potential for Amazon to ban your
account he asks this four months ago and this is on my Amazon
how to basically get unlimited Amer Amazon reviews in 2018 with new
algorithm my answer to that normally would be well
it doesn’t it’s not normally if you yeah if you sell 20 if you only sell 20
products and you’re getting 20 reviews that’s gonna be a huge red flag even if
you don’t get caught away caught right away they’re probably going to catch you
eventually I would space it out a little bit more I would sell them organically
and then kind of mix in a bunch you know here and there you don’t really need
that many reviews to be perfectly honest the difference between you know five
reviews and 50 reviews is really not that big of a deal in the grand scheme
of things I always recommend getting ten at least and then kind of just chilling
and you know then you can kind of work organically and with PPC from there but
once you get 10 reviews you know sell 100 things you get 10 reviews and you’ll
be fine a couple more questions on the Amazon let’s go my question is if I get
my friends and neighbors to go purchase the item is it against Terms of Service
so he’s basically saying if if his friends and neighbors review his product
private-label wise is it against Terms of Service yes and no there’s a gray
area there as well so it is against terms of service if you solicit that
that positive review so if you give them a product and basically say it’s in
exchange for a positive review that’s a violation of the Terms of Service
stumbling with my words here Jesus but if you give them the product and
basically say you’d appreciate a review and you don’t specify whether that’s
positive or negative it is not against Terms of Service so you just can’t
simply solicit you know you can’t give your product for free or for discount
with the expectation of a positive review it’s that it’s there’s a gray
area there but it depends Amanda Smith says can you make a video on how to buy
such connect G suite with GMS accounts because I well Amanda I actually did
this was 7 months ago and now I’m reading this but I actually did I’ll
drop that video above my head right now as a card I’ll also drop that in the
description below a couple more from this one then we’ll move on hi Brian if
I buy one G suite and one G Mass today how many emails can I send today well if
you buy a G Bassem G suite today that means they’re brand new so especially
with Google and Gmail cracking down I would say no more than a hundred right
now once you scale it up fully it can be up to 8 K a day
you know right now brand-new account 2018 they’re cracking down i wouldn’t go
over a hundred a day it’s a slow scale process alright that’s the last one from
that let’s move on to the Instagram video actually let’s skip this one I
don’t really not too into Instagram anymore I just want to outsource my
social media and get rid of it because I just it doesn’t it’s the same thing with
the CPA question from the last video and the social media marketing questions I
just don’t I don’t enjoy it it’s not something that really jazzes me up see
what you want says you talk a lot of a necessary bullshit and it gives me a
headache thanks man this is only make money online with
atomic email hunter video it’s the same same as that last one kind of hey man
nice JD says hey man nice video really interesting I know it’s a difficult
question but how many how much do you think I can make a day using your system
I’m not gonna continue reading this question it’s long but I get these
questions all the time it doesn’t matter what you know business model what’s on
whether that’s you know email marketing whether that’s a private labeling retail
arbitrage people always want to ask hey man before I get started how much do you
think I can make I can’t answer that question because I don’t know you at all
depends on you and you and your ability to take action on the information
there’s a lot of you know I’m not teaching it because you yeah the reason
I’m teaching is because you can make money doing it and I’ve made money doing
it in the past it all depends on the person how much you take the information
and how receptive you are to it how you know willing to take action you are on
that particular information and then learn from the mistakes that you make
and reimplemented sir it depends on you one more from this video then we’ll move
on to a couple other ones I got an automation video and then I got a mass
email video and then we’ll do the dropshipping becker video couple more
real fast a seem says nice video I also checked out your udemy videos you have
some great valuable lessons for us I’m definitely thinking of joining your
email marketing course just wondering is it possible to scrape emails and phone
numbers from Facebook using this tool is this the witch
is this this is atomic emo hunter um not really you can there are ways around it
but I would say no he’s referring to atomic email hunter so you can’t scrape
Facebook or any other place necessarily with atomic email hunter so well but
what you can do is you can manually crawl them and that works very very well
in a lot of ways and like I said I believe I dropped the manual crawl video
already it should be in the description that’s basically a way to get targeted
emails around any niche prominent this is a question this is the number one
question that I get across all my courses prominent singles international
dating agency says I’m having trouble finding the correct link to atomic email
hunter where is it in your course I need to build a frequently asked questions
page because I spend probably about a good five minutes a day on average
answering this question across platforms which adds up to a lot of my life and
the answer is it’s attached to a Google it’s attached to a word document at the
beginning of lecture for an email and atomic sorry email and affiliate
marketing mastermind in that course it’s attached as a word document at the
beginning of lecture four and it is the Google Drive link that will give you the
free cracked version of atomic email honor Andrae gumar says how do you
protect your IP address VPN proxy what do you recommend
what about gmass do you feel the need to protect the IP address somehow Audrey
there like I said internal IP is an external or at what whoa I don’t know
what that was internal XP is an external X internal IP addresses oh my god an
external IP addresses are a little bit beyond the scope I could talk about them
for a day or two but typically I don’t really worry about them if you scale
slowly it won’t be a problem I always scale slowly it’s always my
number one one more from here this a eh atomic Iman err fortune Braun says this
is atomic email hunter hunt for private Gmail addresses or business chima well
huh it hunts for both a lot of them will be business but there’s nothing wrong
with business emails people always say well I get a bunch of you know
business-related emails in my personal emails when I scan with atomic email
hunter and to be honest there what’s wrong with
that I don’t find anything wrong with that in my experience there’s people
behind those emails just the same and they’re clearly interested in that topic
it doesn’t matter if they’re sitting at work a lot of people scan the internet
when they’re at work all right couple from send mass email how to send mass
email in 2018 for free I’ll drop that as a card above my head right now that’s
the video I’m referring to right now about 20,000 views Alex Mack says how
many emails do you use to send say 10,000 emails he’s referring to how many
G suite accounts do I use to sent to 10,000 emails well since my are scaled I
can send a bit more than you because you’re probably just starting out like I
said just end a hundred when you’re first starting out and then scale very
very slowly but right now I’d used 2 G suites with G mass to send 10,000 emails
that’s all you need and I’m referring I’m assuming that you’re referring to
per day watch social system we use one G mass account with multiple G Suites um
no no you need multiple G masses per G Suites so you can’t you’re gonna need
every time you have a G suite account you’re gonna need a G mass on that so
it’s it’s one of each and they pair one more from this this video because we’ve
been talking about these these email anatomic stuff a lot and I don’t really
do this that much anymore Esther Laius says our g-spot Esther
louse I don’t remember I can’t pronounce that name our G Suites account our G
Suites accounts oh my god our G sweet accounts free no tests are there I think
there are 8 bucks a piece to my knowledge alright moving on to
Instagram Automation about 21 thousand views drop that as a card above my head
also in the description Thomas sector setter says the extension
of full the extension is full of malware how can I recommend this pile of crap
well the extension is not full of malware I don’t know what talking what
you’re talking about specifically but if I linked to follow licker that’s not
full of malware
Josh ceases so you sit there and physically follow 60 people an hour no
Josh um when I use follow like her follows for me you can do that if you
want to do that but it’s a lot of time wasted and eheh Lili says is the app
still there in 2018 I can’t find it he’s basically referring to I’m assuming auto
install which is a Google Chrome app that was free and it’s now expensive or
not not at now expensive now cost money I believe it’s like five bucks per month
I think it’s there I think they brought it down when they were changing it from
the free version to the paid version but it should be there just search for auto
and stuff top-shelf edit says Jesus is this the follow like her ad yes top
shelf they paid me to put this out here Diego says if my pool is around 5k but I
only follow 300 follows per day is my account at risk because my pool is at 5k
no Diego he’s talking about how many people you keep in your pool for auto
and stuff no your pool doesn’t matter it’s about how many people you follow
Instagram can’t see how many people are in your pool they just see how many
people you actually follow all right let’s do like a couple from Becker’s
video because that’s my other most popular video outside of the mystery
boxes and then we’ll end this here obviously let me know if you guys like
this video if you stayed this long I appreciate it I love answering your
questions if you have a specific question just wrap it in the comments
down below I love to answer it for you in the next one and I will check this
video first to answer those questions on top of that please give it a like I
appreciate that it really really helps channel grow and it lets me know that
you guys like this kind of content so I can make more of it
Dragonslayer says how is this any different than the course that you offer
at the end of this video and he’s referring to the fact that I’m basically
bashing Becker for selling his course in the ad first and foremost I don’t I made
this video a long time ago when I didn’t know who alex Becker was I just knew
that he gave me annoying shit ads and they annoyed me so I didn’t know
anything about him back then but it isn’t any different suppose the fact
that I have sell my course for ten dollars and he sells this course for I
think a thousand dollars I’d never taken his course I have since I have since
enrolled in his Academy to check it out and I’ve
purchase his book to check it out and I’ve watched a bunch of his YouTube
videos to check them out I have nothing but great things to say about the guy
I’ve never taken his drop to me course but I’m sure it’s great he obviously
knows a lot about marketing and he obviously knows a lot about e-commerce
and just being an entrepreneur in general and succeeding so you know take
his course if you really want to but my courses ten bucks so that’s the
difference Cato this isn’t a question but Kano says drop shipping has been
dead since 2014 not sure about that necessarily there’s
a million different ways to dropship but if you’re talking about Shopify drop
shipping it definitely is a little bit more competitive now that’s for sure hmm
it’s fun another good one real fast it’s not a couple more and then we’ll end
this video guys did everyone get a Shopify ad played before this video
Jeremy Ferguson says probably cuz I’m sure Becker put ads on top of this video
because he targets well
Ghost Dog says the song name from the beginning of this I don’t remember what
that song was that was a long I was a intro from a while back
same thing with JDC song name I don’t remember what was called guys I’m sorry
one more question and then we’ll finish this up
alright Carrie I’m only know what this says but carol victaulic chin ski or
whatever says dude you don’t know anything about him and he didn’t even
watch his vids and you’re bashing him what have you built and okay I see where
this is going well first and foremost I just praised him about a minute ago if
you’re listening to this video I doubt that you are but I didn’t know what his
stuff was back then and even if he rewatched this video I’ll drop it as a
card right above my head right now also in the description it’s basically called
what alex becker doesn’t want you know about shop on drop shipping i don’t bash
him at all in fact i just talked about the ad he sells really well in the ad he
does exactly what he’s supposed to do now that i know a little bit more about
selling and you know salesmanship he’s doing a great job in the ad i just break
it down and out and talk about how it’s misleading i don’t take any personal
shots at him at all in fact i just say how the ad can be misleading to people
that are just getting into it because it can in reality so that’s you know
basically where i stand with that but like i said i don’t really know that
much about him but from what i do know i have nothing but great things to say
about the guy so hope you guys like this video give it a thumbs up i really
really appreciate it drop a comment down below I’d love to hear from you
For more infomation >> Making Money Online in 2018 [What You DON’T Know] – Duration: 22:24.
I Spent $125,000 To Live The Van Life | Sweet Digs | Refinery29 – Duration: 4:59. Hi, I’m Jessie,
welcome to my mobile Sweet Digs.
Before you come in, subscribe below.
The bus was $7,000,
and all in all, I spent $125,000 renovating it.
Currently, I’m parked in Asbury Park, New Jersey,
and I pay $100 a month in rent.
Expenses were carpenters, electricians,
the largest cost was the master carpenter that
I hired to do all the interior wood work.
I found the bus on eBay
and I loved the aesthetic of a 1966 Greyhound.
This is my reading nook
where I like to just cuddle up with my blanket and read.
But I use this space
for whenever I don’t want to fold clothing, I just kinda throw it on,
so it’s my catch all chair.
Growing up, I had a ritual with my mom.
She’d wake me up early every Sunday morning,
and we’d clean the entire apartment,
while she blasted either Queen or classical music.
So, for me it was always something that you just kept up with.
A lot of the
items that I have throughout my home come from my travels.
I bought the pillow in South Africa,
I got it when I was studying abroad there.
It’s embroidered by women in a township,
and it gives back to their community.
I also bought this carved-wood box in Hawaii at a thrift store.
It was actually not for sale.
The owner told me that
someone was passing away on the island,
and wanted to give it to me
as long as it was something that I was going to
keep and value in my home.
Over here I have a seven-foot closet.
It extends to the same area that this does.
It’s all one whole.
They’re larger than anything that I had in New York City.
I grew up in Manhattan.
I had always lived in small spaces,
so it made downsizing pretty easy because all of
my apartments were around the same size as the bus,
which is 400 square feet.
I decided to downsize
more so because I wanted to live outdoors and spend less.
I love going hiking, and boating, and swimming,
so for me having this outdoor lifestyle was
only possible by having a tiny home.
Back here is my bedroom.
My favorite space in the bus is definitely the bed.
It’s super cozy.
I love to sleep and just cuddle up here,
especially on cold winter nights.
I love to read with this antique lamp that I have in here.
I just started War and Peace for probably the fifth time.
I would like to finish it.
This is my kitchen area, I have lots of counter space.
The stove is propane, I have the propane tank under the sink.
It’s a 20-pound propane tank,
which you can fill at any Lowes or Home Depot.
The water tank is underneath the bed.
I think it’s about 50 gallons, 47 to 50 gallon tank.
And there’s PEX piping
which leads it to the kitchen and bathrooms.
To heat the water, I have an instant hot water heater,
which is underneath the sink,
and it’s meant for RVs and tiny homes, so it vents through the floor.
One thing that is really different from apartments or
other places that I’ve lived is that
I’m much more conscious of the amount of water
and propane that I’m using.
I recently learned how to cook spanakopita, a vegan version.
I had to bake it in the oven with pastry dough,
and it was a huge hit.
The plates and fruit bowl are a matching set
from my great grandmother.
They were from their apartment when they lived in the tenements
on Delancey Street.
When the apartment burned down
they saved the plates and moved to Brooklyn with them.
There’s hidden storage throughout the bus.
Bus battery, charger, all of that stored in these cubbies down here.
In the baseboard of the kitchen,
I decided not to waste this space, and I put utensils
down here.
And in the back of the bus I have cubbyholes
acting as a night table all around the bed.
There’s no dishwasher, but I have a large sink,
so I’m able to pile my dishes in there.
But I’m usually pretty fast with cleaning.
I have my shower over here.
In here I have mahogany wood strip floors,
so when I step out of the shower I can drip dry off.
All of the flooring underneath the mahogany wood
drains to the same place that the shower drains to.
And I don’t have a great water tank,
so I make sure that all my shampoos conditioners
and body washes are biodegradable.
Here I have my bathroom.
So, I have my mirror and sink in here.
I previously had a compostable toilet, and I’m looking to update.
Up here, I have the driving area,
and also the guest bed and couch area.
So far, I’ve only had a couple people over.
Mainly people stay in the bed with me, it’s just cozier back there.
But I do have a pullout bed in the front of the bus,
that’s a queen size and fits two people.
The front area of the bus has a ton of windows,
the windshield is massive.
I would like to figure out a way
to make it more private for when I have guests over.
Can you comment with how I can possibly do that?
This is the original seat and steering wheel
from this 1966 GMC Greyhound commuter bus.
The horn still works.
*toot toot*
When the bus is in motion, I secure everything so that nothing breaks.
I don’t have many delicate things,
but for my plates and all of those items I just wrap
them up when I’m on the go.
The tiny home movement is awesome,
I do hope that it becomes more mainstream and I think
that it has been lately.
People are surprised when they find out I live on a bus,
I think specifically when
I was on dating apps.
It’s the best place I’ve ever lived because I designed everything,
so it was really just custom to everything I wanted
in closet size, kitchen size, all of these different spaces,
and it has the aesthetic that I just really enjoy living in.
I’m selling because I want to travel abroad for some time.
For my next dream home
I think I want something even smaller and easier to drive in cities.
Thanks so much for watching my Sweet Digs,
to subscribe click here,
and to watch more click here.
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The Immature Kids – I’m Sorry (ft. Emil) [Lyrics] – Duration: 3:39. ♪ Been a couple months since we last talked ♪
♪ Ended in a text or a phone call ♪
♪ You had nothing much to say ♪
♪ And I felt so played ♪
♪ I’ve been hurt, but never this much before ♪
♪ I’ve been bruised, but never been scarred I’m sure ♪
♪ You were fake as **** yeah, frontin’ like you’re gold to everybody ♪
♪ But I could see right through, you were rustin’ ♪
♪ From your head to your body ♪
♪ I’m done, playing all this games ♪
♪ When you, probably didn’t even feel the same ♪
♪ So right now, I am feeling sorry for your new man ♪
♪ Sorry for your new man ♪
♪ Wasted all my money, yeah you wasted all my time ♪
♪ Now you got me sitting here, I’m wasting all this rhymes ♪
♪ Ten in your head but at two in my bed ♪
♪ I knew I should’ve your friends instead ♪
♪ You were fake as **** yeah, frontin’ like you’re gold to everybody ♪
♪ But I could see right through, you were rustin’ ♪
♪ From your head to your body ♪
♪ I am done, playing all this games ♪
♪ When you, probably didn’t even feel the same ♪
♪ So right now, I am feeling sorry for your new man ♪
♪ I feel sorry for your new man ♪
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Hilton Anatole – My Favorite Hotel in Dallas TX – Duration: 5:29. My steadiest place is coming to an end.
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So, I think I went down those slides about 20 times.
It’s a lot of fun.
A 40-year old planning with a whole bunch of kids.
You know, there’s no line.
Quick walk up.
That was a lot of fun.
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Craig Campbell – Outskirts of Heaven (Acoustic) // The George Jones Sessions – Duration: 4:01. My grandpa taught me about buck knifes and shot guns
How to cast an old Zebco And how to work a stick shift
He taught me the bible about all twelve disciples And he made sure that I know there’s life after this
With pearly gates and streets of gold
He said if I just believe that’s where I’ll go
Lord when I die I wanna live On the outskirts of Heaven
Where there’s dirt roads for miles Hay in the fields and fish in the river
Where there’s dogwood trees and honey bees And blue skies and green grass forever
Lord when I die, I wanna live on the outskirts of Heaven
Now it says in the King James in the Almighty’s kingdom
He mentions a mansion that he’s built just for me
Now I’d gladly trade it for a farm house with acreage
And a back yard that’s shaded and a squeaky front porch swing
That’s where I wanna hang my wings When I die I wanna live on the outskirts of Heaven
Where there’s dirt roads for miles
Hay in the fields and fish in the river Where there’s dogwood trees and honey bees
And blue skies and green grass forever So Lord when I die, I wanna live on the outskirts of Heaven
Yeah, the good Lord knows me He knows I need blue skies and green grass forever
Lord when I die I wanna live on the outskirts of Heaven
Yeah, when I die I wanna live on the outskirts of Heaven
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When Your Barber Tries Too Hard To Be Funny – Duration: 3:12. Hey mate, is Steve in?
Yeah mate, he’s just downstairs
I’ll go grab him for you.
Steve mate, you in?
Nah I’m only messing mate, it’s his day off.
He’s not in?
OK, cool.
I’ll come back tomorrow.
No, don’t be silly. Come in.
You sure?
Yeah yeah yeah, I’ll sort you out.
So what I’ll have mate is a three on the side and little scissors on top please.
I’m only messing with you fella, I’m only pulling your leg.
What are we doing today?
I’m just going to have a four back and sides, and a little tidy up please.
Nothing too crazy.
Nothing crazy, so we’ll just give you a mohican then yeah?
I’m only joking fella, only joking.
OK let’s go.
I’m in a bit of a rush, that’s all.
We’ll get you out of here quickly, sorry about that.
You got to have fun though.
Yeah you’ve got to have fun but you got to have a haircut as well.
We’ll get you out of here super quick mate.
Ooh – that’s Chanel No. 5.
Mate you know I think I will just wait for Steve.
No don’t worry, from now on we’ll get this done really quick.
Are you sure?
Yeah we’ll get cracking.
Let’s do this man, here we go.
You know what, you’re taking the mick.
No mate, mate, wait, wait
Please, please.
I’ll be honest man
business has not been going too well recently.
My wife’s threatening to leave me because I can’t even put food on the table.
Yeah I’ve been making a lot of jokes on the outside
just cos inside I’m hurting man.
I’m really hurting.
Please don’t go, I need this.
I really need this.
Please come sit down.
I’ll give you a good haircut, I’ll give you a good haircut.
No more jokes?
Come on then, OK.
Thank you, you’re a good man.
We’ll get you out of here quickly.
You got any plans for the weekend?
Yeah, I’m going to a wedding actually.
Oh right, that’ll be nice.
Yeah it should be nice.
The weather’s supposed to be perfect.
I’m going to take the girl down there for the weekend.
Oh you’re going with your girlfriend?
That’ll be really nice.
Sorry mate, just move your head forward a little bit.
Who’s getting married?
Oh it’s my good friend.
It’s going to be fun, they’ve rented out this whole summer house.
They’ve got these massive gardens.
I’m just really excited to get out of the city for a bit.
I’m really looking forward to it.
It’ll be really nice yeah?
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Broly Unlocks NEW Saiyan Instinct Beyond Whis that Near Kills Goku!New dragon ball super broly movie – Duration: 12:16. To find the key for unlocking the Saiyans’ true form, these two were all it took?
With so little given to us…
If it wasn’t for them, no one would’ve ever found the truth.
Although it is clear,
through seeing Goku’s reaction while using a form only found by reaching the calm energy
of the gods, that Broly has also reached divine levels
of power, it’s hard to tell just how far he’s reached.
But it’s not impossible.
During his three occurrences with Ultra Instinct, we found that Goku experienced two major setbacks.
And it’s through those setbacks in strength that Goku has already given us a huge chunk
of what’s needed to uncover the rank of Broly’s form.
But unfortunately, he hasn’t given us everything we need.
However, another Saiyan has filled the rest.
By putting together what these two fighters have already shown to us,
the unknown form that Broly is holding back will not be hidden anymore.
Thing is, these #ANIFAM members won in the $1000 giveaway by clicking the notification
bell and watching the entire video until the end!
Looking at another Saiyan who has also surpassed the level of Super Saiyan Blue…
While that seems like the only way to discover the truth of Broly’s new power,
the differences between that power and Ultra Instinct
are just too hard to ignore.
Forcing us to also look at another Saiyan with a form almost identical to Broly’s.
Even though it seems impossible to learn anything about Broly’s divine power through Kale,
someone who never got close to reaching a god’s status herself,
we have to remember her only purpose.
Already knowing that not every part of Broly’s old character will be changed, why wouldn’t
we look at Kale?
When she was only created for the sole reason of giving Broly fans some kind of canon character
for his power?
And finding that her version of the Berserker form
shares the same two setbacks that Goku experienced with his divine ability,
she suddenly has become the most important link to finding what Broly’s hiding.
Her first time finding that Berserker power, other than her obvious green color,
it was plain to see that her form was different from every other Saiyan form we had ever seen
Even though, while in a fit of rage, many other Saiyans have also gone into completely
separate forms, their minds had at least stuck around.
Kale on the other hand…
Aiming to take the life of her own comrade, Kale hadn’t just lost control of her power,
but she had gone into a similar mindset as what was later unlocked by Goku.
Not seeming his normal, carefree self at all, it was a relief to discover a major change
with his second Ultra Instinct encounter.
And just like him, Kale also learned during the Tournament of Power
how to control her unconscious-like state of mind.
Problem was, this new form had two major setbacks from her first match up with Goku.
The same setbacks that Goku experienced that lead to the truth of Broly’s unknown god
In her very first fight against Goku,
Kale’s original Berserker form was too much for even Goku and Vegeta to wrap their heads
Not even just by presenting a color the Universe 7 Saiyans never knew existed.
And through using this uncontrollable state of mind,
Not only had she forced Goku into using his highest form at that time, but Kale was able
to pull off what should have been impossible against a
master of Saiyan strength.
But come time for her to use her new and improved form?
Those setbacks linking her to Goku’s Ultra Instinct
and Broly’s hidden skill couldn’t be overlooked.
Because just before Kale had been invited to join in on this Saiyan on Saiyan battle,
Goku had found the ultimate of all techniques to not be the success his team had been hoping
Still slowly building his energy back up, Goku had just barely been able to reach Super
Saiyan 2 again.
Yet, somehow, Kale found herself needing help from Caulifla?
And by reaching only up to Super Saiyan God, Goku was able to force the two Universe 6
Saiyans into using the ultimate of trump cards.
But shouldn’t Kale have been able to handle all of Goku’s weakened forms all by herself,
when she had previously been dominating this same Universe 7 Saiyan’s much stronger Super
Saiyan Blue?
Kale was experiencing the same two setbacks that link
Goku’s divine Ultra Instinct ability to the secret of Broly’s new form.
As Goku tapped into Ultra Instinct for a second time, he found a much different personality
than with his first awakening.
Having that fun-loving personality return, it certainly seemed like Goku was improving
his new angel technique.
However, along with the new control over his mindset
came a major setback.
Was that unconscious-like state of mind needed to make the offense of Ultra Instinct effective?
After struggling with this ability for a third time,
Goku made the answer to that question obvious.
Letting his mind slip away from all his worries, allowing it to focus solely on himself and
his opponent, Goku’s physical strength had not only returned
to what it was in his first awakening,
but it had improved immensely.
For both Goku and even the much weaker Kale, their full potential for strength came out
only when they allowed their mind to take over the body.
And not by coincidence, this is the same explanation Goku first received
about the benefits of an amazing ability
that later came to be known as Ultra Instinct.
Unlike Goku, who had to train for quite some time in order to allow his mind to take that
kind of control, Kale is automatically thrown into this same
state just by using her original Berserker form.
A form brought into Dragon Ball Super with the single goal of making the Legendary Super
canon in some way.
Taking that into consideration, if Kale has this kind of advantage,
then doesn’t Broly also?
But taking Kale as the perfect example, just because a Saiyan has a way to cheat their
mind into taking over the body doesn’t mean they can reach divine heights.
Levels that Broly
clearly has reached.
So what’s the difference between them?
Right before giving Goku and Vegeta that unforgettable lesson,
Whis had explained two very important keys to mastering divine abilities.
Saying that it would be pointless for Goku and Vegeta to train using anything other than
their base forms, and after seeing Goku awaken his own godly
technique without his usual Super Saiyan forms, was the key to unlocking pure strength not
Finding both Goku and Vegeta using Super Saiyan powers against Broly,
who strangely doesn’t show off any blonde hair,
tells us Broly has already learned Whis’ lesson for himself.
Adding to the fact Whis admitted there’s an entire world out there of different divine
abilities, has Broly combined his automatic advantage
of splitting mind from body, and mixed it with the clear mastery he has
of his base form to pass beyond levels Goku,
even after the Tournament of Power, doesn’t even know yet exists?
For more infomation >> Broly Unlocks NEW Saiyan Instinct Beyond Whis that Near Kills Goku!New dragon ball super broly movie – Duration: 12:16.
Just loosen up your life, laugh more, don’t be so serious – Sadhguru about life – Duration: 11:26. Questioner: What are the best practices for someone who is dead serious?
(Laughter) Sadhguru: Dead or serious?
(Laughter) Questioner: Well, you referred to this last
Sadhguru: Yeah.
It once happened…
There was a Sufi master in Basra.
You know Basra?
Basra is a that place which is famous for pearls today
in Iraq or it’s famous for bombing, whichever way.
So someone came and said, ‘Please give me a teaching.’
He refused, ‘No teaching.’
Then more and more important people started coming to him
and said, ‘Please give us a teaching.’
He said, ‘No teaching.’
Now because he refuses to teach, he became very famous.
So one day a great scholar in the area who is well-versed in all the scriptures and
everything, he came and insisted,
‘You have to teach; you have something that no scholar can have.
I am beginning to realize that.
So you have to teach; you cannot keep it to yourself.’
So the Sufi master looked at him and said, ‘I am not giving a teaching to you,
not because I am not willing, because you are not willing.’
The scholar said, ‘What are you saying I am not willing?
I am here, I am asking you.
I am the one who is asking you and you are saying
I am not willing.’
‘No, the teaching that I give, you will not be willing.’
He said, ‘What is the teaching?’
‘Are you willing?’
‘Anything, I am willing.’
So the master went inside, brought a… a dirty looking piece of cloth
and gave it to him and said, ‘Wear this as your loin cloth.
You take off all your robes and nice clothes; wear this as your loin cloth.’
The scholar looked at this dirty piece of cloth,
said, ‘What this?’
‘Not just that; then I will give you an empty can with a string,
wear it around your neck and I will give you a few sweets
peppermint, you go on the street to the market place.
All the young boys will look at you and tease you and throw stones at you.
Whoever throws a stone at you, take out a peppermint,
grin at them and give them a peppermint.’
The scholar said, ‘This is ridiculous!
What will happen to me in this town if I do such a ridiculous thing?’
‘See, I told you, you’re not willing for the teaching,’ (Laughs)
because the question is just this do you want a teaching that you like
or you do you want something that transforms you?
That’s the question.
So now you’re asking this question – ‘I am dead serious’.
So the first and foremost thing is you must make yourself non-serious, which
is not possible; so the only way you can make yourself non-serious
is to be ridiculous, you know?
Can you do that?
Can you get up and do a jig right now?
Do it.
(Questioner doing the jig) (Laughter, Clapping)
No, you must do it the Indian way; the Indian jig;
no, no you must do the Indian jig.
(Questioner doing the jig) (Laughter, Clapping)
So you see you’re getting little non-serious now, (Laughter)
not dead at least, still serious, not dead.
So just loosen up your life a little bit, laugh a little more,
involve yourself with people around you, do things that you think is not so important;
don’t do things which are very important, do simple things.
It’s very important you do simple things.
Very important things you’re doing in your life,
you will become dead serious.
You know Bertrand Russell, an English man.
(Laughs) Bertrand Russell said,
‘If you’re beginning to think that what you’re doing is very important,
you need to take a holiday.’
So holiday does not mean coming to India.
(Laughter) Holiday is every day in those 24 hours,
you must take a holiday from your seriousness, from your
Seriousness has come essentially because of your self-importance.
You hold yourself as an important person.
I want you to see you are like a speck of dust in this existence.
Tomorrow morning if you disappear, for sure in India nobody will miss you,
even Down Under they won’t bother much, you know.
A handful of people, they will also forget soon enough.
Isn’t it so?
Nature does oof, you are gone and nothing will happen in this world;
everything will happen wonderfully well even if you’re not there.
Every human being should be aware of this every moment of his life.
It does not matter what the whole world says about you;
it does not matter how significant a work you are doing,
you must understand that tomorrow morning the world will go on fine
without you, whoever you maybe.
Isn’t it so?
If you constantly remind yourself of this, you will have no reason to be serious (Laughs),
definitely not dead.
And don’t be dead now, a time will come.
This’s time to be alive.
[Sadhguru] Now, life is not telling you that if you finish one thing you must do the
next thing.
Yes? you are doing it because otherwise you will
be lost if you don’t do anything
you’ll be completely lost, isn’t it? if you don’t have to do a job you’ll develop
some hobby you have to do something
because without doing you’re lost right now simply because you’re way of being
is not established who you are
has come to you only because of your doing, isn’t it?
but you tell me how did doing become possible
only because there is a being, doing has become possible, isn’t it?
only because there is a being doing has become possible, isn’t it so?
but where is your being it’s not in your experience.
only doing is in your experience so you’re in desperate action
if you want to feel like somebody, you have to act
you have to do many things No. that’s not the great way to live
if I close my eyes I can keep my eyes closed till I fall dead
there’s no need to open my eyes and look there’s no need to do anything
you do something because the situation demands it
if the action is coming because you need it, its a desperate action, isn’t it?
when you’re constantly in desperate action to make yourself feel substantial you have
to act that means
all this activity is coming from a certain feeling of insufficiency, isn’t it?
somewhere the way you are right now is not sufficient
you have to do something to feel little better but if you get used to that little better
state that feels insufficient then you have to do something more to feel
little better so
it is simply because of the insufficiency this insufficiency has come
simply because your whole experience of life is limited to the physical
if your experience transcends the limitations of the physical
if you sit here you are so complete there’s no need to do anything
if you do something it’s simply because the situation needs it
otherwise there’s no need to do anything for yourself
its a good way to be, isn’t it? right now humanity is in desperate action
fortunately fifty percent of the population is lazy
if only all the six billion people become very industrious
this planet will be finished in no time isn’t it so?
isn’t it unfortunate it’s the lazy of the world who are saving the planet
the intelligent in the world should save the planet isn’t it?
this planet should be well because of human intelligence
not because of their lethargy but right now it’s the lazy who are saving
the planet all those who can do, they are desperately
active their activity is so destructive
but it doesn’t matter they cannot stop because if they stop
they’ll feel insufficient
For more infomation >> Just loosen up your life, laugh more, don’t be so serious – Sadhguru about life – Duration: 11:26.
RUSSIA’S TUPOLEV TU-22M3M BACKFIRE BOMBER UPGRADED – Duration: 5:15. Russia has officially rolled out an upgraded Tupolev Tu-22M3M supersonic intermediate range bomber.
Tu-22M3M is an upgrade of Tupolev Tu-22M which was introduced in 1972
The bomber armed with precision conventional weapons and nukes is a formidable addition
to Russian forces.
At the roll-out ceremony on August 16, Tupolev CEO Alexander Konyukhov said, “The first
experimental Tupolev-22M3M was created under a large-scale program for upgrading strategic
and long-range aircraft Tupolev is working on at the moment.
In the next phase, the first batch of Tupolev-22M3 planes currently in service will be upgraded”.
He added, “The Defense Ministry will make a decision to upgrade operational planes on
the basis of results of joint government certification tests”.
Konyukhov said, “By and large the upgrade program will ensure the operation of strategic
and long-range planes in the long term and effective performance of their tasks.”
In this video, Defense Updates analyzes why Russia’s newly upgraded Tupolev Tu-22M3M
Backfire bomber could be a potent adversary for U.S & NATO?
Let’s get started.
Tu-22M is a Cold War era designed aircraft
It is a supersonic and long range bomber with variable-sweep wing design.
The bomber can reach speeds of Mach 1.88 and range of around 6800 km.
Russia has about 497 Tu-22M bombers which will now see phased upgrades.
According to Tupolev, the aircraft has been extensively modernized, “In the process
of profound upgrade, the Tupolev-22M3M was equipped with the newest on-board digital
radio-electronic equipment made of domestically manufactured components.
In particular, the plane boasts new navigation, communication and targeting equipment, new
engine and fuel consumption control systems and radio-electronic warfare means.
The upgraded plane was also equipped with a new information and control system with
digital indicators in the cockpit and the function of intellectual support for the crew.”
Tu-22M3M has more efficient engines that may increase its range further.
Also, Tu-22M3M has an aerial refueling boom which will increase its range significantly.
Tu-22M3M will be able to carry many different types of weapons including free-fall bombs,
smart bombs as well as cruise missile.
The 2 weapons that are particularly significant are the Kh-32 anti-ship missile and Kinzhal
hypersonic missile.
Kh-32 is intended to target U.S Carrier Battle Groups from long ranges.
It weighs close to 5800 kg, is 12 meters long with a one-meter diameter and a 3 m wingspan.
It can be armed with a 500 kg conventional warhead or a nuclear warhead.
The Tu-22M3M will be able to carry 3 of this missile.
It has a speed of Mach 4.5 and range of around 1000 km.
The excellent range means that Tu-22M3M will be able to launch the missile from a standoff distance.
Kinzhal is designed to take out high-value land targets as well as has an anti-ship capability.
The defining features of the missile are its Mach 10 speed and in-flight maneuverability,
a combination of which makes it almost immune to current anti-missile defense systems.
It has a range of around 200 km and hence will allow Tu-22M3M to strike land and maritime
targets across Europe, the Middle East, the Asia Pacific and the North Atlantic regions.
Russia has 497 Tu-22M bombers and if a good percentage of them are upgraded to Tu-22M3M,
then it will have a very potent and modern bomber fleet.
Currently, it is not clear if Tu-22M3M will be counted as a “heavy bomber” under the
New START treaty.
Viewers may note that as per the New START treaty, the United States, and Russia are
each limited to 700 launch platforms, which includes submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs),
intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and heavy bombers.
For more infomation >> RUSSIA’S TUPOLEV TU-22M3M BACKFIRE BOMBER UPGRADED – Duration: 5:15.
SuperHeroes in Real Life As Dogs – Duration: 10:03. SuperHeroes in Real Life As Dogs

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