Waching daily Sep 14 2018

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Waching daily Sep 14 2018

Shall we go up?
His naked state
– and nature. / – He is a natural boy.
(The natural boy gets up.)
– Shake it off. / – He runs well.
– This is incredible. / – This place is nice.
This place is nice.
It’s the best.
Play. Go on.
– He wants to play. / – It’s mine.
Don’t drink it. It’s mine.
– The weather is nice. / – Yes.
Where is Soyi’s present? It’s here, right?
Why don’t you give it to Soyi?
That’s right. He bought a present.
What is that?
(What is this?)
Girls would love that.
Thank you, my friend.
It’s a butterfly net, right?
You can catch dragonflies with it.
(Got William!)
I caught William!
– I caught William! / – What will you do?
I will save him.
– Gosh, he is hurt. / – Will you save him?
Gosh, he is hurt.
(Dad caused an accident.)
You were startled, right?
(He is really sad.)
Blow on his wound so that it won’t hurt.
Show him a heart.
Show him a wink.
He is smiling again. I can’t believe it.
A heart from a girl makes him smile again.
Will you wipe his tears?
(Stop crying, my friend.)
Where did you learn to do that?
(Very jealous)
Where did you learn to do that?
What should I do if she brings a boyfriend?
It bothers fathers with daughters.
– It’s a necklace. / – Come here.
William, put it around Soyi’s neck.
Say, “Thank you.”
Say, “Thank you.”
Say, “Thank you.”
How pretty!
That’s not how you do it.
That’s now how you do it.
He is trying to put it around your neck,
but I don’t think it’s working.
(He succeeds this time.)
– There you go. / – Give him a big hand.
– You look pretty. / – Say, “Thank you.”
Say, “Thank you.”
(It’s a bracelet this time.)
– No, no. / – That’s…
– That’s not it. / – Put it on her wrist.
Put it on her wrist.
It’s a bracelet.
– Soyi, show him a heart. / – A bracelet.
– Soyi, show him a heart. / – A bracelet.
My goodness.
It’s a gift from William.
(Then I will wear it.)
(It’s pretty.)
Are you going to wear it?
What is William wearing?
Bling, bling.
(Soyi comes to his side.)
(He squeals in happiness.)
They are playing together. They get along.
I want to get up there.
My goodness.
– He helped her up. / – Go on up.
(Let me join you.)
(Two friends in a swing)
You are cool.
You didn’t give me a call
– when you got married. / – I got that a lot.
The wedding was a small family affair.
It’s okay.
I dated my wife for nine years.
I did think about marrying her,
but she sealed the deal.
– Soyi did? / – Yes.
– Soyi did? / – It’s not what you think.
It sounds you got married because you were pregnant.
We got married in order to have a child.
That’s right.
We wanted to get married years later,
but the doctor told us we might not be able to
have a child if we begin too late.
Hearing those words
changed our minds.
Even though I valued my work,
having a child and making a family
was my life’s goal as well.
I told her, “Let’s get married.”
“Let’s get married and have a child.”
It wasn’t an easy decision.
It’s hard to get pregnant.
Even if you get pregnant,
it’s hard to give birth to a child.
I worried a lot,
but Soyi was born as a healthy child.
It’s a relief.
(It was hard to have Soyi.)
That’s why I refrained from having
any articles published
about my family.
I knew that
pregnancy would be a struggle for my wife.
I wanted to get that worry off her chest.
My wife and I…
(He relates to Jun.)
struggled as well.
– I see. / – It wasn’t easy.
We tried IVF four times.
We tried other methods…
and experienced a miscarriage.
That’s how we got William.
He is a precious child.
That’s right.
Because William is so cute,
we wanted another baby.
We had Bentley through IVF as well.
Even now,
we are thinking about having a third child.
Do you want to wear a crocodile outfit?
– It’s a gift. / – Crocodile.
It’s a gift from Soyi.
Take off your pants.
He listens well.
Soyi, are you embarrassed?
Is that why you turned around?
(She turns around.)
When I give you clothes,
you don’t wear them.
But you want to wear clothes in front of Soyi.
You like girls too much.
You upset me.
– How cute! / – My goodness.
He is a crocodile.
(I will bite you.)
(They look like…)
(Loopy and Crong.)
That’s right.
– Hold my hand. / – Where are we going?
Are you leaving without me?
Your dad isn’t going anywhere.
She left without looking back once.
Children are like that.
(Don’t be sad. I’m here.)
Do you want to come here?
– I don’t remember… / – He is heavy.
the last time I saw such a small baby.
Girls and boys have different weights.
He is strong.
Do you want to go?
Okay, I will let you go.
He is stronger than William.
William is strong,
– but Bentley is stronger. / – He is energetic.
I can tell from the way he moves.
He is different from other babies.
His body is firm.
He doesn’t cry when he falls down.
He is manly.
I think he likes the crown.
(Gosh, it’s a crown.)
Sam said he is manly,
but he likes the crown.
It doesn’t suit your image.
You wore a pretty crown.
It doesn’t suit your image.
You wore a pretty crown.
It suits William’s image.
He found something he likes.
My goodness.
He looks cute no matter what he wears.
(William and Soyi are having a date.)
It’s a swing.
Let’s get on it.
– Let’s get on it. / – No.
It’s dangerous.
Okay, I understand.
(They find a small pond.)
(William makes a wish with a pebble.)
It fell.
(He is speechless.)
It’s floating because it’s plastic.
He thought of something.
(Soyi, hold on.)
What is going on?
What is he going to do?
(William’s booster is on.)
Where is he going?
Where were you?
– The butterfly net. / – What?
The butterfly net.
– The butterfly net? / – This one?
Do you mean this one?
What do you say?
“Thank you.”
Where is my daughter?
Shall we ask?
(I’m sorry that I’m in a hurry.)
(Her hands are over her mouth.)
(I will fish out the necklace.)
He is a man.
He knows how to use a tool.
There are many adults
who wouldn’t think of that.
(He refuses to give up.)
(he fishes out the necklace.)
He is good.
My goodness.
I’m so proud of him.
– I’m so proud of him. / – Soyi, take it.
(Soyi, take it.)
(Thank you.)
Here is the necklace.
Here is the necklace.
(He exits in a cool way.)
William, are you hungry?
– Do you want food? / – Yes.
Let’s go inside. Take your shoes off.
Let’s go.
– Rice and dried laver. / – A, B, C, D, E, F, G.
No way!
William, did you see that?
She is speaking English.
Not even my children can speak English.
Where did you learn to speak English?
On his shirt.
She saw English letters on Bentley’s shirt.
She saw English letters.
She is so smart.
is studying Korean very intently.
He has his head pressed against the words.
This makes no sense.
Soyi studies English,
and my children study Korean.
(Soyi learns English and Bentley learns Korean.)
Ma’am, we’ll order.
Ma’am, we’ll order.
How does she speak so well?
Are you ready to order?
We would like to order cheonggukjang, kongtang,
potato ongsimi, and potato pancake.
Please pour Uncle water.
Please pour me water.
Can you pour me water?
Ben, Ben.
(He charges towards the water bottle.)
So that’s what he does.
He knows what’s food.
– Here. / – I’m really jealous.
– This is… / – He is angry.
– He is angry. / – Gosh.
Our food is here.
Here you go.
(Bentley charges towards the food.)
Come on.
Come on.
He charges towards the food.
He charges towards the food.
Gosh, he is always like this.
It’s unimaginable.
Chewy potato ongsimi,
cheonggukjang that smells good,
kongtang that smells even better,
and nutritional potato pancake.
It’s a healthy meal from the countryside.
(Humming in approval)
Is it good?
He is excited.
He knows he will have food soon.
Are you happy?
(Let’s eat.)
– What? / – It’s tasty.
(He smells it first.)
Look at his eyes.
He looks so satisfied.
Hey, that’s my rice.
(It’s mine.)
Is that your rice?
That’s my rice.
Go ahead and eat.
You can share it.
That’s my rice.
You’re eating it so well.
Can you eat all of that?
It’s too much.
Not even I can eat that much.
It’s too much.
He doesn’t want to lose.
(I will eat more than William.)
When boys live together,
– They get competitive. / – they become competitive.
I think the boys became
more competitive.
They are brothers, so…
It happens when they are together.
When they eat, they become competitive.
They become competitive.
That wasn’t even William’s rice,
but seeing Bentley eat it so well
made him want it.
What do you want?
Ask him, “Is it tasty?”
Are you okay?
(He still saved his rice.)
I thought he got hurt.
I’m sure he hit his chin.
(It must hurt.)
He didn’t let go of his rice.
You are incredible.
Even in crisis, he saved his rice.
Others would throw away the rice
to save themselves.
He sacrificed his body to save the rice.
He saved his food.
Here, Uncle.
It’s bean sprout.
Is it bean sprout?
(My goodness.)
It’s tasty.
– Have your fill. / – Thank you.
Enjoy your food.
Do you want it?
– Open wide. / – Open wide.
Here baby, eat it.
What should you say? “Thank you.”
“Thank you.”
Not you.
You should tell him to enjoy it.
(William is eating a potato pancake.)
You’re eating so well.
(William eats with his hands.)
Is it good?
(I’ll eat every grain of rice.)
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Trash to treasure Altered empty tape roll – Duration: 9:17. Hi I’m Gerry from Gerry’s Craft Room and welcome to my channel
In this video I’m going to make a box out of an empty tape roll with FabScraps paper
I have cut 2 strips at the height of the tape roll and I measure the size
I put one strip inside and I cut it at the size that it was a bit overlapping
and I did the same for the outside first I’m going to decorate the inside of the tape roll
I put tape on the long sides and on 1 short side
by the way I added the products I used in the description box for you
and if you are new here don’t forget to subscribe
on the short side with the tape I take of the protective paper
I fold the edges of the protective paper back on the side where there is no tape on the
short side and I roll the paper around and put it inside
the roll make sure the protective paper stays folded
by the way if you if now a better name for the paper please tell me in the comments
and then press down the beginning of the paper then push it in place and remove the protective
paper in bits and press the paper to the inside
and then you can burnish the inside seam I sand the edges so it’s all smooth
I’m going to ink the top
and then I add glue to the bottom edge
if there is some glue that comes out from under the edge you can wipe it away
if there is still some left it will dry clear so it won’t be visible
I make this for my mum and she likes blue, flowers angels and fairies
So I put the pretty picture inside the box and then I cut it roughly
and put something heavy on it to dry an acrylic block work great for this
and after drying I cut away the excess and then I sand the edge
I want the angel on the outside at the feet of the little elf inside
so I start at the beginning of the strip and tape that down
and then I add the rest in parts
some more sanding for smooth edges
and I ink the parts for a nice finish
I cut a bunch of circles out of kraft paper to make a cover
I glue the circles together the big ones and the small ones
I ink the edges here you can see the difference
the brown gets a nice grey look with the ink
and then I glue the circles together
and this is the box so far
and now some decoration I fussy cut parts of the paper and I have some die cuts
I shaped the big flower and cut the petals apart so it has a bit of dimension
and now I am laying it all out to see how I want to assemble
I going to use a hot glue gun to create some dimension
and then I just start adding all the parts
I hope you liked the video don’t forget to like, share and subscribe
and I’ll see you in the next video thanks for watching
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Jeff Bezos’ Day 1 Fund: Things You Need to Know | Heavy.com – Duration: 8:39. Jeff Bezos’ Day 1 Fund: Things You Need to Know | Heavy.com
Amazon founder and billionaire Jeff Bezos says he’s going to put two billion dollars towards a fund that will provide housing for homeless families and preschools for children in low-income areas.
Bezos announced the plan, which he’s calling the Day One Fund, in a tweet on Thursday.
The Day One Fund includes the Day One Families Fund, which will help agencies that work with homeless families, and also the Day One Academies Fund, which will launch and run a series of schools for young children.
Here’s what you need to know:.
Bezos Says That At His Schools, Kids Will Be Treated Like Amazon Customers.
Bezos says that the new preschools will run on the same principles he uses to run Amazon.
He wrote, “Most important among those [principles] will be genuine, intense customer obsession.
The child will be the customer.” Bezos then went on to quote Irish poet William Butler Yeats, saying, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”.
Bezos says the schools will be run according to Montessori principles.
Montessori schools are based on a child-centered, flexible curriculum which tends to de-emphasize testing and focus instead on the needs of individual children.
The schools are inspired by the theories of Maria Montessori, an Italian doctor and teacher.
They take an optimistic view of education, believing that children tend to want knowledge and that a teacher’s job is to give them the tools to learn best, rather than to force-feed them information.
Bezos says he plans to create a network of his preschools in “underserved” areas.
He says the schools will offer full scholarships to students, although it’s not clear whether every student will get that scholarship.
Bezos’ Day 1 Families Fund Will Finance Companies that Do ‘Needle Moving’ Work With Homeless Families.
Bezos says he wants to fund groups that work to provide shelter and food to young families in need.
He plans to give an annual prize to organizations that are doing “needle moving” work with the homeless.
Bezos says he is basing his mission statement off of Mary’s Place, a Seattle homeless shelter.
Amazon has been partnering with Mary’s Place since 2016 to help provide emergency shelter for women and local families.
Mary’s Place provides day centers, family centers, and night shelters for people in the Seattle area.
Bezos wrote that the vision for his new homeless fund “comes from the inspiring Mary’s Place in Seattle: no child sleeps outside.”.
Bezos Says He Is Already ‘Supporting American Democracy’ By Running the Washington Post.
Nobody would call Jeff Bezos a modest man, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bezos believes he is already providing a major service to the future of civilization itself.
This new charity is apparently just one more step for him.
In announcing the Day 1 Fund, Bezos wrote, “In addition to Amazon, my area of focus so far have included investment in the future of our planet and civilization through the development of foundational space infrastructure, support of American democracy through stewardship of the Washington Post, and financial contributions to the dedicated and innovative champions of a variety of causes…”.
What Bezos doesn’t mention, of course, is that he’s often been criticized for the way his trillion-dollar company, Amazon, treats its own employees.
As many as one in ten Amazon workers in Ohio are paid such low wages that they qualify for food stamps.
And Amazon employees around the country have complained about long hours, stagnating wages, and threats of layoffs.
The Washington Post (which Bezos owns) reported that Senator Bernie Sander is calling on Amazon, MacDonald’s and other mega-companies to pay the cost of food stamps used by their employees.
Bezos’ Net Worth Is Estimated at Over 163 Billion Dollars.
Forbes Magazine says that Bezos is worth 163.1 billion dollars.
The Princeton graduate founded Amazon in 1994 in Seattle; at the time, Amazon was just a bookseller.
Bezos founded the company, which is now valued at one trillion dollars, in his garage.
Bezos also own Blue Origin, an aerospace company which is developing a rocket that Bezos says will carry passengers into outer space.
In 2013, Bezos bought the floundering Washington Post, paying $250 million for the newspaper.
Bezos is the Man Trump Loves to Hate.
Jeff Bezos and Donald Trump have a bizarre history.
Back in 2013, Trump was full of praise for Bezos, and said he was excited about Bezos buying the Washington Post.
Trump told ABC News, “Jeff is an amazing guy” and added, “I think it’s a great move for him, I think it’s great for the Washington Post.”.
But since his election, Trump has frequently used Twitter to attack both the Washington Post and Amazon.
Trump frequently complains that Amazon is taking advantage of taxpayers by making the US Post Office deliver its goods to customers, even on Sundays.
And Trump often lambasts what he calls “the fake news Washington Post,” which he sees as biased against him.
Trump has not responded to Bezos’ new charity.
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Why Cleaning Systems Don’t Work – Are Coaches Overpromising? – Duration: 9:41. Why cleaning systems and programs from coaches and consultants don’t work.
We’re going to talk about that today.
Hi there, I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask a House Cleaner.
This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question
and I get to help you find an answer.
Now today’s show is brought to us by MyCleaningConnection.com
and that is a resource hub for all sorts of cleaning stuff.
You’ll find books and blogs and podcasts, and videos.
And products, and supplies and equipment, and uniforms.
It’s a bunch of stuff to help you grow your cleaning business.
Alright, on to today’s session, which is from a house cleaner who also owns a window washing
company who said that resources like videos on YouTube and coaches and consultants are
lying about their products and the simplicity of the use, and we have painted an erroneous
picture about the ease of the house cleaning business and how hard it actually is.
And so today we’re going to address that because that’s a valid question.
Now I would like to liken the systems and the programs that are offered by coaches and
consultants to a diet.
Now, there is no one diet that fits all because we’re all different body types, and we’re
all wired differently and we all have a different mental relationship with food.
And so if you pick one diet, there may be elements of that diet that work for you.
Following that diet to a T may not work for every single person that tries that diet.
Now, the reality is lots of people will swear to a diet, they buy into a diet,
they buy books and training programs and vitamins,
and blenders and all kinds of fancy stuff, and then they don’t follow the diet.
And so the diet does not work for them.
So this is similar to a diet, there is no one program that fits all, and so if you buy
into a program, or you hire a coach, or you hire a consultant, there will be things that
they talk about that might trigger an idea with you.
And you say, “Oh, that idea would not work with me at all, but I can take that idea,
I could tweak it a little bit, and here’s what I could do with it.”
So, the whole purpose of having a program is not to buy into it and to implement it
step by step, because although there are step by step guides, and if you follow them, you’re
going to get really close to your end result.
But the reality is a lot of people don’t follow them at all, okay.
We all have different relationships with food, going back to the food analogy.
There are people that buy food, and they lay it out on their kitchen cupboard in a nice display.
They go through and they repackage everything into smaller portion sizes, they put them
inside their fridge, they label everything for every day of the week so that they don’t
overeat, and they’re all about portion control.
There are other people who may even live in the same house that have a different relationship
with food, and they go out and buy cookies and crackers and potato chips and stuff like
that, and they hide them in the dishwasher and the dryer and in the bottoms of drawers,
in the backs of closets, so that the other family members won’t see them eating all this
fun, what we call extra-curricular food. Right?
So there are people even in the same house that have the same common sets of beliefs
and the same common lifestyle, they have very different approaches to things.
So when it comes down to the program that you buy into, the program that you buy into
has a lot to do with the filters you are running it through.
How are you wired up here?
If you were born and raised in a philosophy that money is the root of all evil, it doesn’t
matter what system you buy, unconsciously you will do whatever you can to sabotage your
business success, so that you don’t make money, so that you are not evil.
Now I was one of those people.
I grew up in a poverty mentality that it was a bad thing to make money.
And so the reality is as I got older and I started having bill collectors call me,
that was bad.
It was more bad to me to have people interrupt my day with bill collections, and I wasn’t
responsible and I hadn’t paid them on time and all these things.
That was more bad to me than making money.
So I had to reframe my thinking and say, “Wait a second, these beliefs no longer serve me,”
and I had to let go of those beliefs that I had been programmed with because it didn’t
work for running a successful empire.
I had to let go of those beliefs.
So, if you have beliefs that are hindering you somehow, you’re going to have to address that.
Another thing that you have to think about is there are issues that you have to deal
with on a day to day basis that have nothing to do with your business.
They may be family issues, like maybe you have an ailing parent who just had a stroke,
and half of their body is paralyzed.
Okay, that has nothing to do with your cleaning business, but now you have to deal with that
on a day to day basis.
So if you bought a program, and suddenly you have this extra thing in your life, this program
may not work how you expected it to work.
Another thing is maybe you have a fifteen year old teenager, and they’re a bratty, entitled
teenager, and they steal your car and they run amok in the community and they cause all
kinds of chaos and they do drugs and have wild parties and all kinds of things against
your knowledge.
Okay now you have this extra-curricular thing going on, while you’re trying to run a system
to build your business.
You have other things going on.
And so the filters that you’re running a program through, that’s it, it’s just a filter.
There’s always other stuff going on to make your life miserably hard.
And so to try to run a program for your business is hard.
It’s really hard, but the systems are simple.
And the reason the systems are simple is because they are systematic, if you follow these things
you get certain results.
There are people that jump in and they say, “Well I’m going to charge X amount of dollars
for house cleaning.”
That’s great, you go charge whatever you want, but the reality is if the market does not
bear that particular price, and you overcharge, you’re going to have a couple of clients,
and then you’re going to say, “Well the system doesn’t work.”
It’s not that the system doesn’t work, it’s that there’s something that you’re doing that’s
incorrect, and it’s incorrect for the market that you’re in, or the niche that you’re in,
or the way that you’re doing it, or the way that you’re marketing it.
There are people that come to me all the time and they say, “Well what I’m doing is not
working, I’m doing everything you said but it’s not working.”
So we take a look at their advertising, and their advertising will have one sentence about
their business.
There’s no depth, there’s no explanation, there’s no reason why somebody should hire you.
If there were three house cleaners, and one had a really detailed portfolio with before
and after pictures, and a story about how they got into the house cleaning business,
and this is a three-generation business and they’ve been serving clients for over 60 years,
and then you have somebody with a one sentence profile that says, “I clean houses,” who are
you going to choose? Right?
It’s not that people are dumb, it’s that there are different ways to run your business inside
the exact same system, so yeah, it’s really hard, and what complicates it is people that
just expect they’re going to buy a program, and the program is going to mysteriously just
work for them without them working the business.
So, I got news for you, and here’s where the harsh realities of the programs that don’t
work come in.
They don’t work if you don’t work.
You have to jump in and say, “Okay, I’m going to take what I learned, and I’m not going
to judge it, I’m just going to learn it, and I’m going to let it dance around in my head,
and after a while, something’s going to click, and I’m going to go, ‘yeah, that idea is for
me, that works for me, I’m going to do that,'” and then go do it.
Just saying, “Ah, that works for me,” is not enough, because it doesn’t work for you just
by you knowing it, you have to apply what you’ve learned, and you have to apply what
you’ve learned through all of the other filters that are going on; the ailing parents, the
bratty teenagers, the newborn and not getting any sleep at night and being up for three
and four hours of every night that you should be sleeping.
There are things that are going on that will affect your business.
So, it’s not that the programs don’t work, but it’s that the programs are designed to
do a certain thing, and what they’re usually designed for is to shave years off the learning
curve, so that you don’t have to go through all the trial and error.
But the reality is having a business is tough, it’s really tough, and you have to do it consistently
every, single, day, and you have to follow the systems every, single, day, even if you’ve
tweaked them or modified them a little bit, whatever you tweaked and modified you have
to do every single day, because consistent application results in consistent rewards
and results.
And so, if you’re going to do something sporadically and you’re going to be all gung ho for a week,
that’s not going to produce long lasting results.
And so you can sit back and go, “Oh, the system didn’t work.”
No, it’s not the system didn’t work, you did not work.
So my reality to you is, yeah, running a business is tough, but there are systems you could
participate in that will shave years off the learning curve, and it will streamline you’re
So when all this other stuff happens, you’re able to cope and manage and still grow that empire.
Alrighty, that’s it for today, and until we meet again,
leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.
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Psoriatic Arthritis and Sleep Issues – (arthritis and sleep problems) – Duration: 8:32. hello and welcome to the foot of our
stairs it’s another arthritis Diaries
Friday today and I wanted to talk about
issues with sleep and it’s something
that quite a few of you have recommended
that I speak about on the comments of
the other videos um sleep you need you
sleep if you’ve got a illness you need
to sleep more than usual sleep helps you
to recover sleep helps you to repair
unfortunately when you have an illness
that causes you pain you can’t always
sleep now I haven’t had a huge amount of
problems with sleep I know some people
who have it every night they can’t get
to sleep they can’t stay asleep they can’t
wake up refreshed it’s a difficult one
but recently I have had a flare which
affected this hand a lot and it
was quite swollen and I couldn’t make a
fist properly and all that kind of thing
and it was so painful that it did wake
me up and that’s the first time that my
condition has actually woke me up from
being asleep and it’s really bad because
you go to bed you want to sleep you want
to feel in the morning refreshed and
ready for the day ahead but you don’t
you just feel like you can’t get a break
from it you feel like you can not get a
moment’s rest from it because even in
your sleep it still hurts and that is
not only physically draining it’s
mentally draining and emotionally
draining as well affects your mental
health as well as your physical
well-being and it can be a number of
things it can be that people have
trouble getting into a
position where they can just lay down
comfortably to go to sleep because some
people it affects the knees the back the
arms and joints that won’t flatten out
you know I mean ordinarily a person can
just go and lay down lay down however
you want if you’ve got a condition that
causes your joints to not work properly
you can’t straighten your legs you can’t
lay flat you know so people end up with
pillows under em and you know extra
pillows under the legs I had to do that
for a while when my feet wouldn’t
wouldn’t rotate at the ankle they were
just so stiff like that even if a layer
don’t laid on my side I couldn’t have
one flop you know no you know I mean it
was just stiff feet like this I had
seven want a pillow so that there was a
knit bit extra sponginess underneath
them to give them some relief and so you
can be that it can be a case of your
medication might not let you sleep
properly some medications now I’ve said
this before and this is in terms of the
psoriasis rather more than the arthritis
but I lathered a load of steroid cream
on one night and I woke up that night
with palpitations it was like a panic
attack but I mean I don’t get panic
attacks and funnily enough since I
stopped using it it hasn’t happened
again so I think it was the medication
that woke me up in the middle of the
night and kept me going and some
people’s medication makes him first day
they can’t get comfortable because
they’re always wanting to have a drink
you know medications have side effects
and some of those can keep you awake
stop you’re sleeping and of course the
obvious one is that when you finally do
get to sleep that the pain can literally
just wake you up several times and I and
that’s what happened with my hand
because you move about in his sleep you
know you roll over and things like that
all you gotta do is catch that and when
you’ve got arthritis
a tiny knock will hurt the joint a tiny
flexion of the joint will cause pain so
you know you don’t have to be writhing
about kicking and you know throwing your
blankets off just a slight movement and
bang you can be awake all of a sudden
and it’s painful it affects your sleep
which affects you the day after which
then affects that day’s sleep which
affects you the day after that which
then affects the day after that sleep
and on and on and on and on you can not
have a proper sleep for years and years
and years and when you’re ill you need
your sleep to recover you need to be
able to sleep in order to just get your
energy back and for me as long as I’m
not walking up when I’m asleep sleeps a
bit of an escape from being in pain all
day you know that’s the the long and
short of it going to sleep is great
because you know if you can go to sleep
and you don’t get woken up by the pin
then you’re not in pain for a bit while
still unconscious it’s brilliant you
know I took to sleeping in my car on my
lunch breaks at work for several months
because I wasn’t sleeping properly and
on a night and I just felt that I needed
to have a break from being in pain as I
said nip out and go to sleep in the car
but it worked wonders because it did
even an hour even 20 minutes
worked so that’s a suggestion from me is
that if you do have this trouble getting
to sleep
stayin asleep you know but try to think
of it more as a thing you can do
so you don’t have to wait till the end
of your day for it to be sleep time you
can have a Kip hit middle at day if you
want if you’ve got a spare twenty
minutes any point in your day and you
can find a quiet place just go and have
it just going off 20 minutes because he
will accumulate it will make a
difference to you you will feel more
refreshed plus it’ll stop you worrying
about oh well I know I’m not going to
sleep tonight so that makes me worry
however I’ve got work tomorrow I’m gonna
be tired at work you know it stops all
that mental bullshit that we get because
yes you know the human mind what a
marvel but what a bastard as well
because he didn’t have give you some
shit don’t it makes you worry gives you
scenarios makes you think makes you
overthink you don’t need that when
you’re already limping about and
struggling to UM tins of beans you don’t
need your brain telling you that you’ve
got to be worried about everything the
brain needs to sleep your brain needs to
rest sort of your muscles some of the
rest of your body so try to find if you
can points where you can catch 20
minutes it’s not easy for everybody I’m
quite lucky in the fact that it is easy
for me to just go and sit in the car for
20 minutes and ever sleep but yeah
that’s my experience of sleep issues
with psoriatic arthritis let me know how
you come back the issues you have with
sleep let me know if you have any
particular stories and any medications
that cause havoc with your sleep and any
tips and hints for any other people who
are watching who might just be
encountering disease for the first time
and they want to know what they can do
about it apart from that thank you very
much for watching I’ll see ya next
Friday bye
For more infomation >> Psoriatic Arthritis and Sleep Issues – (arthritis and sleep problems) – Duration: 8:32.
Whitney Laidlaw: Things You Need to Know | Heavy.com – Duration: 9:52. Whitney Laidlaw: Things You Need to Know | Heavy.com
Spring Branch School District Laidlaw pictured on the Spring Brand School District website.
Whitney Laidlaw is the married middle school dance teacher who is accused of the sexual assault of a 14-year-old female student at Cornerstone Academy Middle School.
The Houston-school has announced that Laidlaw, 32, a former reporter with ABC-affiliate KTRE in east Texas, has been placed on administrative leave following her arrest.
ABC Houston reports that Laidlaw is accused of the sexual assault of a child under 17 years old and of an improper relationship with a student.
The alleged abuse occurred on August 1 and August 14.
The ABC report says that student says she exchanged messages with Laidlaw via phone, Snapchat and Instagram.
The student said that after completing the 7th grade, Laidlaw texted her to say she had feelings for the teenager.
In a statement announcing her suspension, the school district referred to Laidlaw with her maiden name, Grunden.
Laidlaw married Jason Laidlaw in Houston in June 2016.
Here’s what you need to know:.
Laidlaw Is Accused of Trying to Get the Student to Come & Meet Her During Summer Vacation.
During the summer of 2018, the student says that Laidlaw tried to get the teenager to come and meet her, reports the Houston Chronicle.
Despite the teen saying she rebuffed the advances of her teacher, Laidlaw would nonetheless show up at the victim’s house.
On one occasion, the victim said she got into Laidlaw’s car and her teacher kissed her and touched her “inappropriately.”.
In another instance, the teenager says that Laidlaw sent a photo showing the teacher topless.
The teenager said she refused to send a video of a sexual nature to her teacher.
The messages were discovered by the teen’s father.
The teenager then identified Laidlaw as the sender.
When authorities first made contact with the teacher, Laidlaw refused to co-operate, reports KHOU.
Laidlaw has been released on bond and cannot have any contact with the victim or the victim’s family and must keep at least 200 feet from the victim at all times.
Laidlaw can not be in contact with anyone under the age of 17 and has been forced to surrender her passport.
Laidlaw cannot possess pornography, a computer or a cell phone, according to ABC Houston.
A Review for Laidlaw Left on Rate My Teacher the Day Before the Arrest Called her, ‘Truly an Amazing Teacher.
A review left for Laidlaw on Rate My Teacher the day before her arrest.
It reads, “My child fell in love with history, learned to think critically and had a blast in her class.
Truly an amazing, gifted teacher.” The review before that, from June 2018, reads, “Best social studies and hip-hop teacher to ever walk the planet.” Another says, “She was the best hip-hop dance teacher i ever had and i will always remember her.” While the first review on Laidlaw’s page reads, “She’s one of the nicest teachers at Cornerstone.”.
On the Spring Branch school district website, Laidlaw is listed as a language arts and social studies teacher.
In 2018, Laidlaw was nominated for the school district teacher of the year award.
Laidlaw was honored by the school’s PTA during the 2017-18 school year.
Laidlaw Was a Former Dance Teacher in Los Angeles & a Dancer for a ‘Semi-Professional Basketball Team’.
Laidlaw is a former reporter with KTRE, the ABC-affiliate in east Texas.
According to her profile on the station’s website, Laidlaw was born in New Braunfels, Texas, though she was raised in southern California.
Laidlaw graduated from California State University Northridge, Mike Curb College of Arts Media & Communication with a degree in Broadcast Journalism in 2008.
Laidlaw later told the school’s website about finding work in Texas saying, “It was a really long process in a tough economy.
You have to be really persistent.
I used my favorite stories that I had done, some anchoring and work from my internship for my demo reel.”.
Laidlaw had worked in LA for KTTV’s Good Day LA, for her college’s radio and TV station as well as freelance reporting for Dance Channel TV.
Her profile notes her role with Dance Channel as combining her “love for the arts with her passion for journalism.” The profile ends with, “When not reporting, she enjoys dancing, traveling, training and running marathons, reading, karaoke, watching movies, and spending time with loved ones.”.
Laidlaw Is a Certified Zumba Instructor.
Laidlaw also taught children’s dance classes that were open to the public.
An online profile for Laidlaw says that she has been studying dance since she was a small child.
Laidlaw says she studied “Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Hip-Hop, Irish-Step, Congolese, Flamenco and Musical Theatre.” In August 2010, Laidlaw became a certified Zumba instructor.
Female Educators Make Up a Small Fraction Teacher/Student Sexual Assault Convictions.
Slate reported that female educators make up 4 percent of convicted rapists in teacher/student scandals in 2006.
While in 2016, former Department of Education chief of staff, Terry Abbott, wrote in the Washington Post that teacher/student sex scandals were on the rise.
For example, in Kentucky in 2011, the state saw the number of teacher/student sexual relationships nearly double.
In November 2016, Texas State Representative Tony Dale sought to pass legislation that would prevent, as Dale says, teachers merely resigning and moving.
Dale said of his legislation, “HB 218 increases penalties and close loopholes that allow educators who engage in inappropriate relationships to resign and obtain employment in another district.
This bill seeks to allow Texas the tools we need to get rid of teachers who prey on our children.”.
For more infomation >> Whitney Laidlaw: Things You Need to Know | Heavy.com – Duration: 9:52.
Huawei HG630 V2 – Configuration | Static IP | Port Forward | DMZ | Hide SSID | Change Password – Duration: 9:25. hey good morning good evening good
afternoon whatever the time is for you
it’s Atul from Techobia and in today
video I’m going to show you the complete
configuration and the other settings
for the Huawei Hg 630 version 2
modem which is normally provided by a
Airtel VDSL to their customers. As right
now I am using the 40 Mbps speed with
100 GB of the monthly quota
whereas I also have 1000 GB
available for an entire year for this I
already created a lot of the videos so
you can check so as if you connect just
by using the default username and the
password which is printed on the Modem
once you are connected you just only
need to go to
whereas by
default it take you to the some other
and here you can see this login screen
here you can use the default username
and the password is admin admin I will
modify it later so once you are there
here it is showing you all the options
in a different manner as compared to the
version 1 so here the entire setting is
different and the interface is also new
so just make sure that you can check the
steps every step which I am going to
explain you as if you are just only
connecting it for the broadband not for
the VDSL like you are just only using
the broadband then this is a setting
which you have to configure with the
name 1_R_32
and if you are doing the settings for
the VDSL then in that case you have to
do the settings for the
R_VID_!00 so example these
settings are already available over here
and as I already told you that for DSL
that and the VDSL this one as I’m
connecting and configuring it for the VDSL so
I click on the edit and here you can
see the internet name keep it as same and
in the connection type you have to use
IP routing as there is an option bridge
this is the case when we are using it
just only as a router and connected
further to some particular modem and we
have both of the other options we can use
it for the settings to configure the
as right now I’m going to show you the
settings for the dynamic IP and which
you have to select PPP and there
you can just enter the username provided
you by the Airtel VDSL like your
username or your ID@ and if
you are just going it to set for the
static IP then in that case you have to
select the IP routing and once you
select it over there then you need to
enter these settings like ipv4 where you
have to select the ipv4 as a static and
in the primary DNS currently I’m
configuring it for the Google which is and
then you just only need to click on the
save then it will take some time and it
will automatically restarted your
services in the backend right now you
can check and we can like check by going
to the Google
that is it working or not as you can see
that the internet is working Google page
is open and here right now you know that
how you can configure it for the static
IP and for the dynamic IP and here are
the other settings like example when you
go to the home network in the LAN
devices whatever the devices which are
connected to this router even by a LAN
or even via wireless these all will be
shown by their names by the machine
names in this list as and this option I
am again going to show you that how you
can configure the DMZ like in the case
when you are trying to port forward
80 port and the 21 port which other
default port for the web services and
the FTP these are not going to work so
what you have to do you have to go to
the DHCP reservation in that case and
create a new static IP address first
because in case if you are using this
particular stuff on your local server
for your local network as well then in
that case you can enter this local IP in
the host file so that you can get access
to that particular machine using for the
web services now we can configure the
DMZ here the port forward will not work
for the port 80 and the 21 whereas all
the other settings
I am already showing you on the screen
so that you can make sure that you are
already aware to the settings as we
already added the DHCP reservation and
I temporarily assigned
to my machine so that
whenever I configure this particular
machine has a webserver
then from the other local network
machine when I enter the this IP in the
host file I can get access to this
now these are the WLAN settings as 2.4
gigahertz is already enabled
and then the WLAN encryption you can
change the name of the SSID you can also
change the password which is configured
for this modem and here it is also
option for the hide broadcast if you do
not want to broadcast the name of your
modem to the other people in your
surrounding area then they are looking
for the Wi-Fi networks
here you can configure more than one
SSIDs if you want to switch to the other
SSIDs as you are more concerned about
the security and you have to share it
with the multiple people
and our WLAN access it is a WPS option
it is you can set it whether WPS or PBC
as I’m going to show you all the other
options step by step like so you can see
like what exactly other features are
available in this Modem as right now
layer two bridging these all services
are enabled whereas we are just only
using underscore VID_100
so we can disable all the other services
and only enable this one because we
don’t require any other services right
now it’s up to us that we enable all or
we just only enable the selected one and
in the network security as previously we
already configured the static IP for the
machine and here we can see the DMZ here
as you can see that in the ACL already
all the rules are written for the FTP
and so on even if we want to like route
the FTP to the different IP then we can
also set the start and the end IP
address as will
and here that case is beneficial where
we assigned the static IP to that
particular machine so the ACL will work
over there and in the DMZ we are going
to select our machine where we want
our all the default or to be forwarded
as like for the HTTP and the FTP and you
just only need to click on the enable
DMZ and then it need to click on the
save and once you click on the save you
are done over here I hope so, that I
covered almost everything in this
particular model still if you have any
queries or if you have any question you
can ask me in the comments and I already
created two other videos like in one I
especially only showed the DMZ
configuration if you just only want to
see that and in the other I compared it
with the version one of the Modem so
make sure if you want to check those
videos you can see it in the cards above
there thank you thank you for watching
give it a like if you liked this video
subscribe to show your love thank you
for watching see you soon in the
upcoming video bye bye
For more infomation >> Huawei HG630 V2 – Configuration | Static IP | Port Forward | DMZ | Hide SSID | Change Password – Duration: 9:25.
寧願扮演輸家,也不打敗戀人的星座 – Duration: 8:09. For more infomation >> 寧願扮演輸家,也不打敗戀人的星座 – Duration: 8:09.
DIY CLEAR GALAXY SLIME WITHOUT BORAX – Duration: 3:11. Hi friends, this is Anna Chi with you and today I’ll show you how to make galaxy slime without Borax. For this we gonna be needing baking soda, contact lens solution , clear glue, food coloring and different kinds of glitters.
First we’ll make a solution of soda. We’ll dilute three teaspoons of soda in 500 ml of hot water then mix it well so that it completely dissolves and allow it to cool down.
Next, we’ll squeeze out 400 ml of glue in a separate container and add 150 ml of water and 30 ml of contact lens solution into it. Then we’ll mix it all up nicely.
Now pour the glue solution into the Soda solution and mix them until the slime comes together. We should get a big clear slime. Now divide it into 3 identical parts and color each part with blue, lilac and pink.
I’m just adding a bit of food coloring so that the slimes look slightly transparent.
And further on each slime we’ll pour different sort of glitters
We got three glittery and very beautiful slimes. They stretches nicely and don’t stick to your hands which is very important.
This slime recipe is simple and good. The slimes I make turns out really cool with this recipe.
And now we’ll mix 3 different slimes and see how our galaxy slime will look. You can place them next to each other like stripes or put a piece of lilac and pink slimes on the blue slime.
It turned out to be very soft and translucent galaxy slime. It’s fun to watch all the different colors swirl together and it looks really cool.
I decided to put little piece of each slime in a small jar so that later I can show you all slimes together.
Friends, I my like my slime videos then be sure to hit the thumbs up and also write in the comments what more kind of slimes you want me to make next? Maybe it will be some unusual coloration or a new recipe which I’ve not tried yet.
That’s all for today! Thanks for watching, till next time, bye!
For more infomation >> DIY CLEAR GALAXY SLIME WITHOUT BORAX – Duration: 3:11.
Problem Solving Techniques in Husband and Wife | Tamil Motivation – Duration: 3:05. Problem Solving Techniques in Husband and Wife | Tamil Motivation

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