Waching daily Sep 15 2018

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Waching daily Sep 15 2018

hello everyone and welcome to let’s talk
channel your online source to learn
English at your own pace anytime
anywhere you want this Abdelrahman Ramadan and Let’s Talk
if you’re new here
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channel we’re here to boost your English
for a better future today is our first
class and after this class you should be
able to greet people and use different
greetings at different times of day
let’s get started in this class and the
upcoming classes I will work on the full
pillars of English speaking reading
writing and listening very quickly I
will go over how to do that and get the
most out of the course listening this
whole course will be provided to you all
in English that way we improve your
listening skills the more you listen to
English the better you will get at it
writing please prepare a notebook and
write what you see on the screen that
way you develop and improve your writing
skills reading it will happen through
what you watch on the screen and you
connect what you’re watching to what
you’re listening to and that way your
reading skills will be a lot better
speaking if you give yourself a chance
to repeat after me your speaking skills
will improve a lot with the right
pronunciation so we greet people when we
see them we always greet people we know
like family friends etc and sometimes
we’ll greet people we don’t know people
we just meet for the first time so in
general to greet someone in English is
to say hello in a friendly way hello
but is that all actually no I’ll give
you some one common greetings to
increase your knowledge some of these
common greetings are hello
now you can start repeating after me
hello hello there hello there hi hi
there hey hey there you just saved the
one ward greeting or you can add a
question to it like this example hey how
are you doing hey how are you doing how
are you how are you what’s up what’s up
what’s happening what’s happening hey
long time no see long time no see
hi how’s it going hi how is it going
hey what’s new and exciting hey what’s
new and exciting or howdy howdy howdy
only used a North American and by saying
North America that means in Canada and
the United States
here is a pronunciation step for you
most English speakers link words
together a phrase of three words can
sound like just one one word for example
how are you if you were to speak a bit
faster you can say Toria how are you or
how are you how are you we kind of get
the are to become Hawaii Hawaii and
what’s up can sound like what’s up
what’s up
but do we use any of these greetings
that with anybody actually no as any
language in the world
English has formal and
words sentences and statements because
what greetings – to greet a friend or a
family member is different than creating
your manager at work for your teacher or
your principal at school let’s look at
Rachel greeting Joey her friend and
let’s listen to what she gonna say
what’s up Joey how you doing so what’s
up hey how’s it going what’s going on
what’s happening howdy these are all
greetings you can use with a friend or a
family member because they are informal
so how do I agree my manager at work
then you always have to be very formal
with your manager otherwise you will
lose your job and then you kind of blame
me for it but to bring your manager you
can just say hello how are you doing
hello how are doing today speak a
little bit faster oh how you doing today
how are you doing today
you kind of pronounced the are but it’s
very very very light how are you today’s
another format you can say hello how’s
your day going how’s your day going when
you pronounce going we kind of skip the
G at the end as well instead of saying
how is your day going we just say how’s
your day going going another format how
are you plus time of the day how are you
plus time of the day for example how are
you this morning how are you this
morning how are you this afternoon how
are you this afternoon
or how are you this evening how are you
this evening
now let’s move on to how to greet people
using different times of the day so we
all know that we have different times
during our day we have mornings we have
afternoons and we have evenings and each
part of the day has its own greeting for
example when you get out you just say
good morning good morning and good
morning can be linked together instead
of saying good morning you can just say
good morning good morning we say good
morning between 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. 12
a.m. means it’s after midnight to 12
p.m. which is afternoon then we say good
afternoon good afternoon between 12 p.m.
all the way to 5 p.m. only 5 hours after
noon is down short and we say good
evening between 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. or
please notice that saying goodnight it’s
not a greeting when we say goodnight
someone we are either ready to go to bed
or we’re just saying goodbye to this
person we’re talking – goodnight
I’m going to bed goodnight I’m leaving
let’s look at these two short
conversations our first one will be
between Dan and Mart then mark our two
friends mark ran into Dan in the
afternoon when Dan saw mark he said hey
what’s up hey Mark what’s up and Mark
said not much what’s happening with you
not much what’s happening with you
then answers him back not too much just
having some lunch not too much just
having some lunch
did you see how two friends greet each
other now let’s move on to the second
conversation between Laura and Kim M is
Laura’s boss Laura would say good
morning Kim how are you today
good morning Kim how are you today Kim
with answer back good morning Laura and
good thank you how are you good morning
Laura I’m good thank you how are you
Laura with answer back I’m doing good
thank you I’m doing good thank you so
that was it for our class today guys I
hope you learned how to greet people at
different times of day how to use the
formal and informal greetings and don’t
forget read read read right right right
repeat repeat practice makes perfect
thank you very much and I’ll see you
next class peace
For more infomation >> HOW TO GREET PEOPLE IN ENGLISH / FULL ENGLISH COURSE / CLASS 1 – Duration: 10:06.
How I Make 9K a Month with Automated Emails – Duration: 18:45. welcome to the video guys so today I’m
gonna teach you how I make about 9 grand
every single month with my email
marketing sequence on autopilot now all
I’m basically doing is I’m taking leads
I’m buying them for a certain amount of
you know a certain price and then I’m
getting a certain amount back which is
obviously more than I purchased them for
it you don’t have to spend money to do
this you can do it with free traffic
which is something I’m gonna talk about
in the lecture that I’m dropping at the
end of this introductory video which is
from actually my course it’s about I
think it’s like lecture 9 or 10 in my
new course which is my email marketing
sequence where I’m actually teaching all
this to you I’m not trying to sell you
on this I just think this is a cool
piece of content now I’m gonna drop a
video after this on free traffic methods
as well as paid traffic methods that I
use to get potential leads to my landing
page where I give away my free dropship
course if you guys are interested in my
free drop shipping course you know you
get both of them my amazon drop shipping
course and my shop fire option of course
100% free and you’re interested in
learning how to do those you can drop
drop the link in the description I’ll
also drop that as card up above my head
in the right hand corner right now now
that will also show you exactly the
email marketing sequence I’m talking
about that makes me about 9 grand every
single month literally all I’m doing is
behind leads and they’re turning into
profits so the more traffic obviously
the that you get the more leads the more
leads that you get the more people in
your email marketing sequence and your
your email autoresponder sequence and
the more money that you ultimately make
so I’m gonna walk you through the entire
business model in a nutshell before I
drop that lecture and I teach you about
the ways that you can generate traffic
to your landing page once you set it up
so here you are right here we’re gonna
talk about the traffic like I said the
traffic comes to your landing page
obviously those people come there for a
reason whether you’re sending paid
traffic or free traffic doesn’t matter
you’re just getting traffic they’re
obviously targeted traffic those people
are then submitting their email and
exchange for something and they’re going
to your list so that you can remark it
to them in the future
you have a bunch of people on your list
you’re building a targeted email list
based around a certain niche or subject
obviously very very valuable on top of
that this is the entire course so that’s
very very cool on this side the entire
course that I’m talking about in the
lecture I’m going to be dropping from
this course is on the right side so not
only when they come when the traffic
comes to
to your landing page and they submit
their email and go to your list they
also submit their email and go to your
email marketing sequence this is 100
percent automated this is how I make 9k
every single month now now this is crazy
I just started implementing this like
two months ago and I didn’t actually
have it down pat but I feel like I have
it down pat now and it’s all about the
email copy it’s all about you know the
landing page and converting more people
and it’s certainly all about you know
giving it’s about copywriting in a lot
of ways too and it’s also about you know
you know sending people the right
related offers and send them through you
know the email marketing sequence is
giving them value but just to give you
an example let’s say they come and they
go to the they go to your list but they
also get when they came for for free
that’s the first email in the sequence
always and this is all on a response
sequence so then the second email
obviously it says number one but the
first real email not counting what they
came for is going to be giving them
value then maybe the second one gives
them value then maybe you know the third
one gives them more value in the fourth
one pitches them something where you
have an opportunity to make money then
maybe you go over to the fifth email and
you give them some more value then you
go to the six email you give him some
more value then maybe the seventh email
pitches them a different product or an
affiliate product where you make more
money that’s simple and as people come
through and you get more traffic whether
that’s free or paid you’re going to get
them more people to your landing page is
going to comport convert more leads
building thus building your targeted
email list so you can send them future
emails in the future have you come up
with new products or new offers then
this is very valuable but they’re also
gonna come over to your email marketing
sequence and every single email that you
offer them money or that you offer them
money hit offer them money that’ll work
no every single email that you offer
them a product or a service that you
make the commission on or that you’re
selling if you have your own products
and services that works well too you’re
gonna make money on those emails so
every lead is more money for you I
believe right now if I erase this to
kind of show you
I obviously generate leads for free in a
lot of different ways there’s a lot of
different ways I have instagram
automation software just running all the
time pulling leads and people come in
through my my bio link on my Instagram
getting my free drop shipping course you
might have seen my Instagram if not go
follow me drop my handle on the screen
right now
on top of that I also obviously dropped
links in YouTube videos I have a YouTube
channel where I you know just like I
plugged it earlier people can go get my
free drop shipping course that’s a free
method of traffic but I also buy leads I
use Facebook ads on I use Google AdWords
I also use some some YouTube ads I’ve
been playing around with YouTube ads to
get leads I’m also running YouTube ads
for other reasons but when I buy ads or
when I buy leads I believe I spent it’s
it’s fluctuating I say eighty three
cents in the video now I believe that’s
up to about ninety one now so I spend
ninety one cents and every single time I
spend ninety one cents and I get a lead
that lead is worth six bucks to me so
you do the math every single time I’m
paying 91 cents about two three weeks
later I’m getting six bucks in return
that is how I make nine grand a month on
autopilot with the email because my ads
are automated my landing page out drill
my hand and pretend that that didn’t
hurt for the video my landing page is
obviously automated just sits there my
email marketing sequence is automated so
every single time I get a lead through
my page and I buy it for 91 cents
I get 509 in profit that’s it in a
nutshell now let’s jump into the free
traffic video in the paid traffic video
from the course so I’ll walk you through
the example of everything you know how I
set my sequence up for my landing page
you know driving the actual traffic now
I recommend going ads we’re gonna talk
about free and paid traffic here in a
second but I walk you through everything
from the landing page the ad you know
the sequence you know literally the
whole business model and how I sell what
I sell you know how much money I make on
each obviously offer and just giving you
an idea of a sequence that you can set
up now you might be sitting there asking
okay I’ve set my landing page Jeff I
know what to give away for free I see
you know what you’re doing and I can
model mine after it but how do I get
traffic because you know that the more
traffic you get ultimately the more
leads and the more leads that you get
the more money because the more people
through your funnel so the more traffic
the more leads the more people through
your funnel the more money to you so you
might be asking yourself okay how do I
get the traffic how do I get more
traffic into my phone how we’re getting
traffic to my landing page so that I can
collect more emails
well that’s a good question now I
recommend paid we’re gonna talk about
afterwards but paid scares a lot of
people so first
talk about free now like I said I
recommend going the paid route you can
get leads very very cheaply and I’ll
show you how and remember if you’re you
know we’ll jump into that in a second
so free how can you get free traffic
well there’s a million different ways to
use free to get free traffic you just
have to use a little bit of a sweat
equity so you’re gonna be trading your
time for the money essentially so
instead of spending your money with paid
advertising you’re gonna be spending
your time build fire the traffic so how
can you do that well you can do that in
a number of different ways I’m gonna
give you five examples really fast that
I’ve used in the past that work really
well and still work very well today but
like I said there are millions just use
your as you know to use your
entrepreneur you know brain you know
come up with your own things a couple
examples you could post on forums so
related forums if you’re giving
depending on what you’re giving away for
free and obviously take this and tailor
it to you it all depends on the niche
and the things that you’re giving away
but you can join forums based on what
you’re giving away so if you’re doing if
you’re giving away social media tips
join forums based on growing on
Instagram or growing on Facebook or you
know if you’re giving away an SEO cheat
sheet you’re selling SEO software and
you’re pitching affiliate links for SEO
products in your email sequence like I
said it can be anything doesn’t matter
tailor to you well then you’re gonna
join search engine optimization forums
because that’s what SEO is if you didn’t
know so you can join forums and post in
there you can also join subreddits and
post in there there are related sub
reddits to literally everything that you
can think of there is a related
subreddit to it on top of that Facebook
groups you can post in facebook groups
they’re just like sub reddits and forums
there are a million different Facebook
groups based on anything that can
literally think of if you have a niche
if you’re giving away something free and
you’ve identified a broad enough market
where you can give you know 15 to 20
emails maybe 10 emails you know pitching
giving value based on that and you know
selling products you know then then
there’s a Facebook group on it I promise
you that just like there’s a subreddit
just like there’s a forum so you’re
gonna join the Facebook groups you’re
going to join the subreddit you’re gonna
join the forums and post in there the
key is with this don’t be too
overzealous you don’t just want to jump
into these groups and then spam your
links in there hey
free this free that free that you know
come over that’s not gonna work very
well it will still work but the best way
to do it is ingratiate yourself in these
forums start talking to people don’t
drop any links kind of you know get your
get your foot in the door and kind of go
there you know looking to connect with
people give value first in these three
places and then you can drop your links
maybe a week later and that’s how you’re
gonna convert more people in these
places people are very weary of spam or
weary I don’t know what that word is
they’re very you know standoffish to
spam links so you have to kind of build
a relationship with the people in the
forum’s the people in the subreddit and
the people in the Facebook groups that
are related to your nation build a
relationship in their first drop your
link about a week later subtly basically
be like so if I were doing this
specifically let’s say hypothetically I
were fishing Instagram products and my
whole funnel was based on Instagram and
collecting people through Instagram and
giving Instagram tips and Instagram you
know growth videos and Instagram hacking
strategies and I was pitching affiliate
products for Instagram you know software
stuff like that to make me money well I
would join Instagram groups I would join
Instagram subreddits and I would join
Instagram group you know forums in
submit Instagram growth forms excuse me
and then what I would do is I agree she
ate myself into those groups I would
talk to a bunch of people act like I was
one of them level with them trying at
like I’m just somebody trying to grow my
Instagram as well just like they are
because that’s what the type of people
that are gonna be in those groups and
then on top of that I might say a week
later I might subtly drop like hey guys
you know you know now that I’ve built a
relationship with them they trust me
they’re gonna be more receptive to a
link that I dropped so I might say hey
guys I found this cheat sheet you know
to grow on Instagram it’s perfect and
here’s that here’s where he can get it
boom done and that’s your cheat sheet
obviously in your landing page but
you’re doing it subtly they’re not
necessarily gonna understand that that’s
yours it’s much different than if you
just jump in real fast and drop your
link everybody’s gonna know you’re just
spamming a link to get them to go there
you have to kind of subtly do it you
have to build a relationship slowly but
a week doesn’t take too too long but
just go build the relationship first
then drop your link I can’t be more
specific about that I’ve done this a
million times and that works the best
don’t spam your link I know I’ve said
that a million times and I literally
just kind of beat beat a dead horse with
that very very important I know a lot of
people are gonna like to go the freer it
this is probably the easiest way on top
of the other so I’m gonna talk about
don’t spam your links moving on social
media social media is a great place to
do it
you can obviously if you have a Facebook
you can post you know to your friends
and family try to solicit you know
people to submit through that way you
can also go like I said into the
Facebook groups with social a great
example this might be to start a
Facebook page based on what you’re doing
so if I were doing Instagram growth I
would start an Instagram growth Facebook
page I might start posting you know
statuses and and links you know videos
pictures trying to you know in hash
tagging things maybe I’m doing the same
thing I started an Instagram growth
Instagram page and Instagram growth
Twitter I start tweeting at people I
start stuff like that you can do it it’s
very very free social media is free but
you’re gonna have to spend your time so
it is it currency times the currency as
well well you can get free leads from
social media on top of that another
great way to do that is start an
Instagram page this is probably the best
way to do it let’s say you start an
Instagram page up here or an Instagram
profile and it’s based on Instagram
growth bed example because I’m talking
Instagram growth on Instagram or
whatever just to give you an example and
obviously we all know that when people
come there’s that bio link or you have
your Instagram bio before all your
pictures you know when they look right
so when people come there’s your bio
link right here and you can post your
landing page in your bio link and then
obviously everybody that comes to your
profile has a the opportunity to click
your bio link now there’s a million
different ways to generate more traffic
to your Instagram you can do Instagram
automation which is follow like or like
I talked about previously
but Instagram and social media are great
ways to do it Facebook Twitter you know
anything even LinkedIn whatever social
media is free use your judgement you can
generate free leads from social media my
favorite out of all these now is YouTube
YouTube is great because you can create
a video based on something literally
anything so I can create a video based
on Instagram growth tips and literally
everybody that comes to that video is
going to be interested in what Instagram
growth tips because YouTube is literally
the second biggest search engine in the
world behind only Google and Google owns
YouTube and so for that reason YouTube’s
main goal is to keep people on the
platform they want to keep people on the
platform so that they can show them more
ads and ultimately make more money
YouTube is a business and so if you keep
people on the to keep people on the
platform they’ve kind of morphed over to
suggesting content to people based on
their interests so if you go and create
an Instagram growth tips video well you
can bet that in that YouTube is going to
suggest your Instagram growth tips video
to more people that are more interested
in Instagram growth and growing on
Instagram YouTube knows everything about
you it knows everything about me and
there’s everything about everybody just
like Facebook does that’s why I
recommend doing the ads but if you’re on
YouTube you can basically create a video
and get free traffic from the second
biggest search engine in the world and
everybody that comes to that video is
going to be interested in growth tips
and then you can simply say subtly in
your video you know here’s a bunch of
Instagram growth tips here’s three tips
to grow on Instagram that you might not
have heard of make a video on it and
then basically say by the way if you’re
interested in my free cheat sheet on
Instagram growth links in the
description and you can get it more
harder sent free then guess what
everybody that comes on the video is
interested in then some Instagram growth
tips a great number of them are probably
gonna go into the description click your
link and because it’s free they’re gonna
submit their email you can collect a lot
of leads like this I have an instant I
have a youtube channel you’ll get it at
the end of this course you guys are
interested in it literally if you just
have make money online e-commerce
marketing strategies all sorts of stuff
but guess what I collect a lot of leads
from that YouTube channel because
everybody that goes to that YouTube
channel is interested in all the stuff
that I teach and all the stuff that I
sell so you can use that to your
advantage you can implement that you
know obviously based on your niche and
your products YouTube is a great place
social medias are great places for
subreddits and Facebook groups are also
great places to get free traffic however
I recommend going the paint add route
the pay route with it with the paid
traffic instead of the free traffic free
traffic is going to take a little bit
longer and you have to spend a lot of
time although it is free so to speak
you’re not spending any money
necessarily but you are spending your
time this is gonna cut your curve faster
and you can get
traffic so so cheap it’s crazy I don’t
know why my advertising scares people
and used to scare me a little bit until
I started doing it and you learn just
like everything you know everybody’s
blamed and that’s one thing that’s great
to get off tangent it for a second so
one thing that’s great about the human
brain and just human beings in general
is that you’re blank your brain is I
don’t want to keep saying blame your
brain is literally plastic you can
literally which means it can it can be
shaped it can be molded doesn’t matter
your age doesn’t matter where you come
from you can learn and master anything
and so literally the more I’ve done ads
the more I started to understand and
master them it’s super super simple and
it’s super super super super cheap
because everybody’s scared of them so I
recommend going hit the paid route to if
you you know you’re willing to spend a
little bit of money you don’t have to
spend a lot of money you can spend it on
Facebook Ads Google AdWords Bing ads or
YouTube ads which is also Google AdWords
but people you know if you want to
create a video obviously YouTube you
sprawl your best bet but you know let’s
say you’re spending money but your email
funnel you realize that every lead in
your email funnel is worth everybody
that hits her your email funnel and
submits an email while every lead is
worth four bucks right well then guess
what you just have to spend under $4 and
you’re gonna be profitable and you’re
gonna make money so you
I’m telling you can literally spend on
paid ads you can spend like us you can
get it down to like a cent and sometimes
under a cent per view and then
eventually I think I’m good on buying
leads right now with that with that drop
shipping sequence that I showed you in
the previous lectures I think I’m buying
these right now I believe it’s right
around 83 cents so literally I think my
leads are worth about six bucks to me
and I spend eighty three cents to get
them I don’t know why I just put zero
there but I spent eighty three cents for
six dollars so I’m literally trading
eighty three cents and then like a
couple weeks later I’m getting six bucks
back that’s how I scale that’s how I
make money goes on an email marketing
sequence and that’s how I make about
seven to nine grand every single month
just buying leads on Facebook and Google
AdWords for 83 cents super super cheap
I’m building brand awareness and I’m
also making money because everybody that
comes through my phone is worth
approximately $6 so that’s it a nutshell
that’s how you drive traffic if you’re
scared to go to pay dirt or maybe you
want to go that route in the future you
just don’t have enough money to spend
right now we’re not talking a lot of
money you get started with like 50 to
100 bucks and just kind of throw it at
ads doing it the right way not just
throwing it at ads but doing it the
right way and even if you’re not buying
leads for 83 cents let’s say you’re not
your leads aren’t worth 6 bucks but
they’re worth even 3 dollars right you
can buy a lead for 2 bucks and you’re
still making a buck off every lead and
guess what you’re building brand
awareness you’re getting you’re getting
people to your through your email list
so you can market to them in the future
there’s so many different factors that’s
why I love the email marketing and email
marketing sequences and I highly
recommend you go to the paid route
however like I said if you want to do
this in the future or you just don’t
want to do it at all totally fine you
can go to the freer you can make youtube
videos join social media networks we’ve
gone over all of them but that’s just in
a nutshell how you can generate traffic
to your landing page so the more
ultimately the more traffic equals the
more leads the more leads equals the
more obviously people through your
funnel which equals more money for you
so hope you like this lecture I’ll see
you in the next one
For more infomation >> How I Make 9K a Month with Automated Emails – Duration: 18:45.
Fastest one on one matches WWE Top 10 YouTube – Duration: 4:24. Wrestling mania
For more infomation >> Fastest one on one matches WWE Top 10 YouTube – Duration: 4:24.
Doce de Mamão Verde em Calda (no cal)/Green Papaya Candy in syrup – Duration: 8:36. Hi everyone, Welcome to Batistenha Homestead, I am Joselito and I am Iva. Well
today we want to share with you this sweet green papaya effect in lime,
which was a delight. Then come with us. Ok to make our papaya candy
I’m going to use four small papaws, I’ve already cut, cleaned and peeled
I’ll show you the three of them by peeling the 4th. I want to make it well
clean, take everything you have that is to stay a sweet clean.
I’m going to split in half and with the help of a spoon,
Let’s pass right in the middle to make it very smooth.
Our papaya is already cut, washed and now we’re going to put the lime. I
I will use 8 tablespoons of lime,
now we’re going to leave it here in the sauce for an hour or so until the
well and firmly, from time to time.
we will come and stir a little to bring it up. I already left an hour,
I’ll take it off, I’ll take it to wash in running water.
Now we’re going to need five cups of sugar, I’ve already put one here to
start to melt, I want to start with a brunette gravy. But
I will not burn the whole sugar, just a cup. I have four more cups here, and five
cups of water and a little clove of India.
I’ll put the papaya,
I will put the water,
just throw the sugar on top.
Put some cloves of India and we will cover, let cook by half
hour or so. Then we’ll take a look.
It’s been 30 minutes and I added another three cups of sugar,
now I’m going to lower the fire and I’ll let this syrup go down, cut it in half
more or less.
Look, it’s ready, sweetheart, now let’s just let it cool and then I
I’ll show you how it came to the end. I’ll show you how it came out,
now I’m going to take it and put it in the jar to save. The syrup became very bright,
could have gotten a little darker, if you like, just let it burn a
A little more. Because I did it in a copper pot
the syrup does not get too dark, you can leave more for a little bit
if you want to. But I think it’s going to be good this way too. People are already here.
I’ve already put it on the glass, that’s the portion left over after we
We shared it with some friends. We left distributing the candy and now this is our portion
favorite will try, this is the best time.
Soft, the fork has already entered a good,
perfect has that layer on the outside, harder, then licorzinho inside.
Then it was exactly the way we want it, with the very firm shell
but when you bite comes a liqueur.
Well, that’s exactly what I wanted to say, Well, ok guys, here’s our papaya candy in the lime.
Many thanks for following us here.
in the Batistenha Homestead, here in the kitchen. If you have not registered, sign up for
channel, give us a like, share our videos. Exactly
leave in the comments if you like papaya, candy.
That’s right. So thank you very much once again I am Joselito and I am Iva
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You then sign it and send it to the Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) at Bengaluru
You can send it by ordinary post or Speed Post
You have to do this within 120 days of uploading the ITR-V form
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can help you to overcome the problem
pomegranate this fruit has various when it comes to health it is very
useful to prevent the white discharge
dried leaves of pomegranate if mixed with water to make the paste and taken
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