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How To Make Money Online Fast 2018

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Lesson 9: Generating Traffic

Finding a balance between popularity and competition
To make money in affiliate marketing you will have to get the people to the sales page. For that you will have to choose a popular product among people but not having much competition in the market.
Never break your promise to customer
In addition to this you must find a product with a good sales page that is not full of hype. A little hype is okay as this will get your potential customer excited, but you should not promise things you cannot deliver or promote products that do this.
The written word, and eBay, the one-two punch of affiliate marketing
The main thing is to get traffic Two of my favorite methods of traffic generation are artide marketing and eBay dassified ads. Article marketing works well in the long term, but eBay dassified ads can give you thousands of visitors yourvery first month.


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