Agile Careerist Interview Marti Kostant

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Agile Careerist Interview Marti Kostant

not every business person knows Seth Godin but I would argue that a lot of people do my husband’s and financial services he does not know who Seth Godin is there are people that work in law and finance that don’t know who Seth Godin is well if you don’t know who said Godin is he has his own podcast on iTunes he’s an author he’s an preneur he’s a marketer he’s got products and workshops and he’s amazing and he’s the epitome of an agile thinker his career my career is because I’ve been an agile thinker it changes and yet you’re using what you’ve learned along the way to empower what you’re doing in the moment so in these principles and by the way I should mention can you tell me what the agile if the career agile agility guide is and then where you can get it because everything that we’re talking about is there at agile career calm and I think it’s important that people get this career agility guide tell me about it all right so the guide is a summary of what’s in the book it defines the seven principles with just a few words a couple examples and the models there’s 15 models illustrative models that are put in the book and many of them are in this guide it’s a 22 page guide that if you only have 30 minutes to check this out or 20 minutes to check this out you can download the guide from the website it’s a great guy but I think like Seth Godin career he would say I checked off every principal in there and learned how to do that instinctually or because he’s an agile thinker right and after all think her agility came from where um where I learned about it I’ve been a marketing technologist for a number of years and a chief marketer and I worked side-by-side with engineers a good portion of my career and they applied agile methods to software development if you think about many years ago software releases were big things that would take a year or two to release and now you think about how software is released to the market its incremental builds its frequent updates they learn something they make the product better they go to their backlog of ideas they integrate a few more features and make the product better that’s where the agile thinking inspired me and in 2012 I joined a group of global marketers in San Francisco and we developed a set of agile principles for the marketing profession called it agile marketing we called the event was spread zero in 2012 at mine jet headquarters and it was during 2012 I thought wow if we can make marketing better and iterative and more collaborative you know versus the Mad Men days when you’d go back to your closet and come up with the creative idea and surprise the client and you had a 50/50 shot of it being accurate the idea of applying agile to marketing would make it more collaborative and more successful because everybody’s been involved every step of the way so that’s where the agility intrigue came for me before I thought about how it could apply to a career a life parenting it really has extended to a lot of different things but we are focusing on the career part of it yeah I just I love this the origins came from tech business moved into marketing moved into financial and I believe if you’re a family person it can move into that environment as well because we’ve not just being reactionary we’re not just going oh the world is this and I that’s just the way it is it’s know you’re taking all the information and making great data and I’m going back to it and my happy is this creative and my growing is super important and an agile thinker an agile careerist this really goes back to working without a people um a squad as you call it activating a squad not just master mining not just information back for the P but you really use this this one of your principles is really working with other people true true the the famous phrase is no one can do it alone if you try to do something alone you get stuck pretty quickly and the idea of building something happens with the interaction of other people and ideas and the the concept behind the activate your feedback squad is some people say to me or to others I wish I had the perfect mentor or they I wish someone could coach me but when you think about it we have it inside us to build that squad whether you align with a reverse mentoring situation of a person that’s younger than you that knows something about technology that you can offer and exchange information or whether you do seek out someone that’s older and wiser and it is walked a path before but there’s also other things there’s Facebook groups there’s places words it’s it’s an open source environment where you can say this is my idea what do you guys think and you can get ideas you can get feedback from all different types of people which for me I would add to that and say yes people get off the damn social media I’m a social media expert and this being an agile career restore any actual thinker allows you to use the internet use social media for a specific grounded purpose your life your happiness your creativity your growth and expansion and to connect with other people in that realm not just scroll Scroll scroll Scroll scroll which I think that is one of the pain points I would like to address is people feel overwhelmed people feel it’s too much like their business might need social media or their business might need venture capitalist or capital it’s just too much it’s too much you offer a template in this book that breaks things down breaks things down into smaller projects it can spec to the series of projects thing if you get into a big job and you think about it as the long haul is daunting it’s overwhelming crazy too much I’m imploding now yeah yet if you can break it down into phases you know if phase 1 phase 2 phase 3 and figure out okay I’m gonna finish this I’m gonna tweak the process a little bit I’m gonna learn and then I’m going to go on to the next portion of it and that’s where series of projects becomes interesting because aren’t you engaged more when you’re involved in a project you’re launching a project it’s something new you’re highly engaged you’re starting a new job you’re highly engaged at the beginning of something would it be great to break things down into smaller projects so that the engagement becomes more like a a wave the surfer that continues to surf that wave instead of this this ending you’re actually escalating your engagement I hope everyone who’s listening understands that this isn’t just like oh this is my lives as my career I have to read this book this is about happiness you’re going to be happier being challenged you’re going to be happier looking at these pieces of your life this book is really about happiness I truly believe that it’s really refreshing to hear that from a reader yeah cuz that was when you think of things in threes which are a good thing to do when you’re building something is that that third piece was a big deal for me whether it be joy or happiness they’re very related that was critical yeah because we hear that all the time people are the basement giorgia people are unhappy with where they’re at right now and they’re fearful because we don’t have there’s no such thing as a linear job that you’re just gonna retire on we need to stick with one job doesn’t work companies get bought out and and you had a quote in here about the fortune 500 businesses they used to last 75 years and now it’s 15 is that what yes so that’s scary right so you were gonna work for this big company and you’re gonna retire it’s gonna be big money that’s kind of nothing to worry about now right because it doesn’t exist right I mean we think of Google and Amazon surely they’re gonna be here forever right that’s not not what we necessarily have seen with some of these big companies oh chances are they’re gonna be around for a long time right but probably not forever because something else is gonna come out that will evolve and replace the concept yes yes yes so I invite anybody to go to agile career calm checkout definitely get the career agility guide if that doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will maybe you just might be a stupid person I don’t know you just want to stay the same way you’re scared or fearful but you need to check it out because I think it will inspire you smarty where can we get ahold of you at agile check write agile career calm and you can you’re in the midst of workshops you’re in the midst of triggering and training and speaking all over I’m so thankful that you took the time to spend time with me in person this is this is even better than you know doing this over Skype which I normally work on this is great to do something in person to do a podcast in person is lovely it’s rare it is rare and we got some videos so that’ll be fun so if Louie can use that and definitely read this book people because I love this book I did change my life as I as I told Marty before the podcast it changed the way I do things and I think this podcast and me developing courses for other people that do great things I don’t like doing it I set myself and that’s one of the things I learned I go I’m not liking this I like working collaborative with people that was something do I want to be an owner or be a boss no I wonder work with somebody doesn’t matter where you call me the boss oh you the boss it doesn’t matter that I got from this book so thank you so much we’re very welcome all right so let’s wrap it up and I’ll see you next week thanks so much
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