Waching daily Oct 11 2018

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Waching daily Oct 11 2018

Thứ Tư, 10 11 2018 in this video I’ll be sharing with you guys the importance of securing your online social media personas especially if you want to brand yourself comment out hey guys welcome to dishes and stitches I’m your host Charles Stark and on this channel we bring you cosplay tips and tricks healthy recipes and general life hacks to help you make healthier choices for that cosplay lifestyle if this is your first time to our channel I want to say welcome and we hope that you please consider subscribing so tonight in this live video we’re gonna be breaking down the social media checklist I’m gonna be sharing with you guys hey Eric good evening thank you for joining us can you guys hear me okay just want to make sure awesome in this video I’m gonna break down to you and we’re gonna go over a social media checklist and I’m gonna tell you why it’s important to secure all your stuff so when you’re starting out in cosplay or when you’re starting out your business as a photographer or as a brick-and-mortar business a wine business John good evening thank you for that I appreciate it it is super important that you secure your name on all social media platforms this is vital you want to do this even before you really announce that you’re open for business or even before you announce that you’re getting ready to to be a brand or launch a product or anything like that couple reasons is it is your identity online and also it prevents other people from coming in later and taking the name from you that gets expensive especially if somebody grabs your calm so we’re gonna go over I’m gonna share some facts with you and I’m going to tell you a few of the bigger social media websites that we use here at dishes stitches and these are just some of our favorites and I believe that you should be on them as well so the first one we’re gonna talk about is Facebook that’s probably the biggest one and I just want to share here that as of the second quarter of 2018 so this year Facebook has registered login users in the amount of 2.2 3 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2012 the number of active Facebook users had surpassed 1 billion making it the first social network to ever do so so Facebook is definitely where it’s at you have everyone on Facebook you have grandmas on Facebook you have aunts you have uncles you have businesses you have friends family workspaces Facebook is beyond a doubt number one and this is why we like Facebook I’m going to share with you the bigger social media sites and why we use them and why we like them as well first of all we like Facebook because of fan pages fan pages lets you separate your personal page and lets you make a business persona Eric says I have to start another Facebook page to drive customers to my eBay store absolutely and this is important you want your business identity and your business persona to be separate from your personal one I mean it’s great and family support is definitely important but you want to keep those separate and the reason why we like fan pages is because it supplies you with incredible information like analytics you can see how much engagement your posts are getting how many people are sharing your posts what time of day people looked at your posts the gender of people that looked at your posts and you can really start to get an understanding of what it is you’re doing that’s working but more importantly it shows you what’s not working and you can make steps and improve over the things that are kind of weaker remember that which gets measured gets improved I wish I could take credit for that but it’s a quote that I heard I will try to get you the source of that one the other thing we like about Facebook is advertising this is something that we do here at dishes and stitches whenever we come out with a new video I pop on my ads manager and I throw five bucks so I throw five bucks into the ad that way it gets out in front of more people it kind of gives you a little umph now I know people complain that Facebook makes you pay and it squashes you know posts especially if you have a lot of text and things like that but we’re not gonna talk about that right now that is true but listen if you’re a brand and you’re a business and you’re trying to get out there in front of people you’re gonna have to push a little money behind everything five bucks it’ll run for five days and you can usually reach about five hundred to a thousand people we’ve been doing it on our page it has been really effective on dishes and stitches we have just over two hundred people that follow us but our reach is 3500 a week so we’re reaching 3500 potential customers 3,500 people that are new to our brand each week and that’s awesome five bucks do it it’s cheaper for your return than a lot of average that is true Eric social media advertising is extremely extremely affordable cut back on a lot a one-time don’t order a pizza that week and throw some money in your brand remember you can’t expect others to invest in you if you’re not investing in yourself right and that’s just the way it is if you believe in your product you need to believe in yourself first before anyone else can believe in you so that it o other things with Facebook real quick is there’s action buttons you can there’s call to action like booking appointment there’s calendars you can actually set up a shop so if you sell digital products or if you sell physical products like my sippy cup or 3d printed items like what we do Facebook really takes the hassle out of having to set up a website having to pay for an online merchant services and a shopping cart and all that stuff like that you can just open up shop on Facebook and they take care out of everything for you and Facebook also has the live feature and a lot of these social platforms now do have that live feature because I think that these platforms there’s really starting to understand that the importance of connecting in real time with your audience like what we’re doing here I mean we’re having a conversation with Eric we got other people watching the video which I really appreciate thank you if you have any questions I could see the comments I’ll try to answer them so these platforms are really starting to understand that consumers your customers really want to connect with you they’re really brand friendly they’re really personally friendly remember anyone can turn yourself into a brand it’s based on the willingness and the wanting to share your knowledge with an audience that’s looking for exactly the information that you’re offering thank you so much I really appreciate that black suite productions thank you I follow you guys and and you guys have a great Channel I know I’ve seen you guys around on local conventions and thank you for being part of the community all right so the next social media site that we’re gonna talk about is Instagram now Instagram is super hot right now Instagram is it’s where it’s at there are some numbers up at you here Instagram as of right now has 1 billion users worldwide Instagram recently announced in an office event that it now has 1 billion users up from 800 million users in September of last year which was 200 million users more than the previous year so Instagram is exploding there are so much opportunity on Instagram right now to directly connect with your audience people that want to know your message this is why we like Instagram let me go ahead and show share with you a couple reasons why we like it first of all it’s the new video features the video posts they’re like regular photo posts except they allow for up to 60 seconds of video everyone loves video I rather watch a short video I think that when you reach out to your fan base when you reach out to your clientele when you reach out to your customers in the form of a short personal video I think that that builds a deeper connection makes a deeper connection with your audience than just a text or anything like that like right here we’re building relationships and it’s just more meaningful so that’s one reason we we love them the other reason we love them is you know hashtags you can search for a particular topic you can search for a particular instance or interest with hashtags so you have a captive audience right there live video Instagram has a live video feature right now followers get push notifications telling them that you’re going live they can comment or like your live stream videos in real time so you get that one-on-one real-time feedback which is super important and as a marketer they have Instagram business a business account now if you haven’t switched over to an Instagram business account I really recommend recommend that you give that a look over and that you consider switching over to an Instagram business account again this offers you analytics it offers you lets you measure the metrics of your channel and how its performing it’ll tell you you know of course they all tell you how many subscribers you have but which posts are doing well which posts are our people are engaging in and that is super super important real-time analytics is super important and another great thing that Instagram has is the story features and this is probably one of the biggest additions to Instagram as of late and it’s the story feature the stories feature is similar to snapchat in that it uses users add clips to to a story which is visible for 24 hours before it vanishes you can view a story you can can connect you can view a story content as many times as you want within that 24 hour period stories appear as little circles on the top of your followers feeds so right there it’s direct interaction but stories is really really good and here’s some more stories features for you right now because it’s still relatively new I know that there’s people using it I don’t think that there’s people capitalizing on Instagram stories I’m gonna be honest with you full disclosure here I’m bad at it as well I don’t always remember to use Instagram stories but with stories you can video record up to 15 seconds you have image viewing for up to 10 seconds you have unlimited story additions you can have direct messaging with stories and you can swipe down on the camera screen to unlock photos and videos from your personal camera roll so they really really make it easy to use let’s check here I’ve heard Instagram business accounts are much different than just basics accounts which do you use in which do you prefer Eric that is a great question oh there you go and we answered that yes switch over to a business account just because you can measure everything remember you definitely want to track and you definitely want to be on top of of how your social media platforms are performing I wake up every morning I pour myself a cup of coffee at 5:30 and I sit in front of the computer and I look at analytics for all our social sites for about 45 minutes and that’s usually my morning again that which gets measured can get improved the next one that we really like and of course the one that we’re on now is YouTube Hey all right so YouTube I covered this in my podcast easy like Sunday morning and if you haven’t tuned in on my Facebook page and our Facebook page dishes and stitches every Sunday morning at 9 o’clock Eastern Time a.m. we have the easy like Sunday morning podcast and it’s really geared more towards business people I share marketing tips affiliate marketing tips and just basically how you take this information and start your own business doing this so tune into that the easy like Sunday morning podcast and this last weekend we talked about YouTube and this is staggering this is crazy YouTube now as of this month has 1.8 billion users every month and that’s people with accounts now that probably doesn’t include my mom and dad I know for a fact that my mom and my dad do not have YouTube accounts but they watch our videos so the older generation the baby boomers they might not have a youtube account but they’re still logging on and watching videos this is staggering 1.8 billion locked in users and the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki she just announced at a meeting that these 1.8 billion users on average are watching one hour of video a day 1.8 billion people watching one hour of YouTube video a day so I hope I know the argument is that YouTube is crowded I know the argument is that YouTube has been around for a long time Anthony Hernandez says that he has three accounts we also have multiple accounts we manage more than one social media property so we have multiple accounts as well so I mean so there it is I mean it’s right here that that justifies it you know YouTube and let me tell you YouTube is free it’s a free platform and everyone has a voice you can take your smart phone record a video upload the video to a YouTube channel all you need is a gmail account if you have a gmail account you have a YouTube channel and you’ve got video you have a voice you’re reaching an audience you’re out there for the world to hear so I don’t ever want to hear the excuse that you know who’s gonna let and to me I don’t have anything to offer that is absolutely not true I truly believe and the whole reason that we got into this to begin with was that I truly believe that everyone has a message everyone has something that they’re good at and there is someone out there in the entire world that is looking for the information that you’re good at and wants to hear your message I know that that’s the case so I never want to hear that no one I’m not good enough no one’s ever gonna listen to me there’s no way that I could be an influencer there’s no way that I could build a full-time business doing this that is absolutely false and the reason I started sharing this type of information is because in our quest to turn dishes and stitches into like our legacy and to build it up into making part-time and eventually full-time income is why we’ve been learning these lessons I’ve been telling Tia that this is crazy anyone can do this I cannot believe that more people don’t know about this it’s crazy that more people aren’t doing this so I made it my personal mission to kind of pull back the veil and show our community that you can do it too anyway let’s get back let’s get back to you to them on top of all those awesome statistics YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet goggle is number one and for those of you that have been living under a sippy cup for like five years Google owns YouTube so you have the number one and the number two largest search engine in the world and you’re making content on it that’s crazy that’s great look how much money how much money would it cost you to put your message in front of 1.8 billion people potential customers how much money tons right free it’s a free platform so like I said that makes you to Google’s YouTube is Google’s most popular service even with more users than Gmail YouTube’s monthly user number is nearing that of Facebook the world’s largest platform and like I said that one has two billion users so let’s talk about so let’s let’s talk about why we like it I know we’ve already done know that we’ve talked a lot about that but let me just reiterate some points you can connect directly with your audience like we’re doing here it’s the second largest search engine on the Internet completely free YouTube and Facebook are two free platforms that allow affiliate marketing and that is huge for us everyone knows that I preach that if you’re a brand builder the quickest way to build up passive income building your brand and the patent the fastest way to build a full time job opportunity or a part-time job opportunity or a side hustle is by affiliate marketing that’s where a company pays you to review a product unbox a product something like that you throw links in it and then if you sell those products you make a small Commission affiliate marketing and the other great thing about it is and the reason I know that it can be done is that there are hundreds of thousands of people that are making a 5 plus figure income on YouTube and that number just keeps growing that number grows by 4 percent every year it hasn’t stopped so there’s hundreds of thousands of people that are making and I’m not talking about becoming a YouTube superstar or anything like that I’m talking about building up something comfortable where you can make five figures I mean you can if you could make 40 50 60 thousand dollars a year doing what you love sharing knowledge about what you love I mean wouldn’t you do that do you wake up every morning on Monday and you’re like hell yeah time to go to work or on Monday morning when you go to work do you to god wish it was Friday night you know what I mean if that’s the case and you can make 40 50 60 thousand dollars a year’s spread the message doing what you loved why not YouTube alright and finally the last one we’re gonna talk about and I think the least the most underrated definitely is Twitter I know what the heck is a Twitter everything but MySpace that’s right alright so Twitter so let me throw some facts out here for you Twitter there’s 328 million monthly active users as of the last count making Twitter the ninth largest social media network in the world alright ninth largest social media network three hundred and twenty eight million users active monthly users and this is why we like Twitter you can reach a wide audience Twitter has a large user base which could include your potential customers again hashtags when you use hashtags you can really drive your content with hashtags and what that does basically the hashtag is is if you go to Twitter and you search a hashtag you want all content under that subject to be brought up so whether it’s Photoshop whether it’s cosplay whether it’s affiliate marketing whether it’s tuna salad you search under that hashtag and that content comes up so that is great niche marketing opportunity is you can laser target your audience and reach those cut through the noise cut through the noise of online marketing and online social media and you can laser focus your target audience and you can reach them with your message and that is one of the main reasons why we love Twitter it delivers incredible customer service and we see this all the time the platform Twitter allows direct two-way communication with your customers direct like if someone is upset they can tweet you and get your attention immediately you can respond you can put out those fires if someone loves your product if someone loved you you like 8-bit fusion graphics we have Anthony Hernandez in here if he puts out a composite that he works on in one of those awesome jobs that he does in Photoshop and he throws that up there on Twitter he gets direct feedback he can directly sell photoshoots and composites and it happens it happens you’ll throw something up there and somebody I’d be like man that is completely awesome that is so awesome AF how much would you charge to do one for me boom hook line and sinker now you’re making money you know what I mean you’ve got their attention it’s a direct customer service it’s direct marketing the other thing Twitter is great for is brand identity being on Twitter can help you communicate your brand ethos and personality and you know this helps your business appeal to your target audience so you got a hundred and forty five characters it makes you really limited you got to be really creative but your personality and your appeal can shine on on Twitter and you can find those exact people that you’re looking for Twitter is a place to get feedback we just talked about that one-on-one communication and this platform is free as well so there you go guys that is the social media checklist so remember when you’re starting out your branding and you you come up with an idea and you have a name you want to secure that across all the social media platforms and also you want to register your calm again I know I know I know it’s gonna take some money and I know that it might be a little expensive but you gotta look at the long game remember we are not running a rate we’re not sprinting we are running a marathon this is a marathon and you’re gonna have to invest if you want other people to invest in you and you want to be an authoritative figure in your niche then you really have to do the hustle you really have to put the work and you really have to invest the dollars it’s either gonna be dollars or it’s gonna be time I have a full-time job 40 hours a week Tia has a full-time job 40 hours a week and she goes to school three days a week we’re still posting content every Sunday we’re still posting content every Wednesday we’re still working brand deal so I’m still talking to convention promoters for Florida con artists I know it’s a lot of work but anything that’s worth doing it’s gonna take a lot of work and the other one thing I want to leave you with is uh you know if it was easy everybody would be doing it so hang in there if you guys need anything you can always reach out to us you can message us here on YouTube you can reach out to our Facebook page all of this information thank you so much and all of this information is in the show notes you can check out where I get my inspiration on this journey we are in the trenches with you I am learning and sharing as I go this is real time I am putting these principles into practice I learned them I apply them to dishes and stitches I apply them to all our social media properties I give it about a week or two I see if it works and then I immediately bring this information to you so I am fighting the good fight Tia is fighting the good fight and if you want to join us and fight the good fight – that would be awesome it’s all about building a community it’s all about supporting each other and it’s all about getting to our final destination together so thanks for joining us I hope you enjoyed this live video if you did please let me know in the shownotes if you’d like to see more of these please let me know in the show notes thank you so much to everybody that joined live if you’re watching on the replay thank you so much I hope you guys have a great evening and we will talk soon

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