Baidu Most Frequently Asked Latest Oracle Interview Questions Answers

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Baidu Most Frequently Asked Latest Oracle Interview Questions Answers

To See Current User Name Sql> show user; Baidu Most Frequently Asked Latest Oracle Interview Questions Answers If A View On A Single Base Table Is Manipulated Will The Changes Be Reflected On The Base Table? If changes are made to the tables and these tables are the base tables of a view, then the changes will be reference on the view. Can A View Be Updated/inserted/deleted? If Yes – Under What Conditions? A View can be updated/deleted/inserted if it has only one base table if the view is based on columns from one or more tables then insert, update and delete is not possible. What Are The Advantages Of View? – To protect some of the columns of a table from other users. – To hide complexity of a query. – To hide complexity of calculations. What Is Cycle/no Cycle In A Sequence? CYCLE specifies that the sequence continue to generate values after reaching either maximum or minimum value. After pan-ascending sequence reaches its maximum value, it generates its minimum value. After a descending sequence reaches its minimum, it generates its maximum. NO CYCLE specifies that the sequence cannot generate more values after reaching its maximum or minimum value. Which Date Function Returns Number Value? months_between Display Odd/ Even Number Of Records Odd number of records: select * from emp where (rowid,1) in (select rowid, mod(rownum,2) from emp); 1 select * from emp where (rowid,0) in (select rowid, mod(rownum,2) from emp) 2 To View Installed Oracle Version Information SQL> select banner from v$version; Find Out Nth Highest Salary From Emp Table SELECT DISTINCT (a.sal) FROM EMP A WHERE &N = (SELECT COUNT (DISTINCT (b.sal)) FROM EMP B WHERE a.sal select rownum, ename from emp; Output: 4 Smith What Is The Difference Of A Left Join And An Inner Join Statement? A LEFT JOIN will take ALL values from the first declared table and matching values from the second declared table based on the column the join has been declared on. An INNER JOIN will take only matching values from both tables What Is An Advantage To Using A Stored Procedure As Opposed To Passing An Sql Query From An Application. A stored procedure is pre-loaded in memory for faster execution. It allows the DBMS control of permissions for security purposes. It also eliminates the need to recompile components when minor changes occur to the database. 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