Method To Make $10-$50 Daily Promoting CPA Job Survey Offers On Facebook (FREE)

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Method To Make $10-$50 Daily Promoting CPA Job Survey Offers On Facebook (FREE)

Hello Members, This is going to be a thread for all the noobs out there who are struggling to make their first money with[b] CPA[/b]. This is the exact method i used to make my first money, when starting out, and am 100% sure it will work for you also. I call this the job offer method .
Everyday millions of Americans are browsing classifieds, Facebook groups, and online message boards in search of ways to make money from home. This method involves you giving them a way to do just that, a job offer E-mail submit.
Step 1: You will need Job offer E-mail submits(people sign up on the site you send them to, and you get paid), i prefer to use either Maxbounty, Peerfly or Adworkmedia CPA network as they always have some that pay near 2$ per signup. You can go ahead and sign up with those networks.
Step 2: find an offer taking surveys from home, they convert like a charm, and everybody is willing to sign up for these offers for some reason. I usually get between 10 and 20% conversion rate. On Maxbounty the highest paying offers are usually choice survey group.
Step 3: Now the fun part you need to post your job offers. Now as a Nigerian, don’t think of creating a Nigerian facebook account and posting to Nigerian Groups, This offer is for USA… So you need to create a new account for this, use an english name, don’t try to add friends, but you can accept friends if you are send a request, this is to avoid facebook detecting your account is fake….
Step 4: After your account is in good order, you can now search for USA groups to join, the type of groups that would fill your offers and make you money, not just any how groups….so how do you find this groups, simple, facebook buy sell groups, Make money online groups, personal finance groups, hiring jobs groups etc… just use your initiative, Now when searching, the tricks i normally use to make sure i am presented with USA groups is that, whenever i search i always put USA, Chicago, detroit, louisvile, minnesota, any USA states or county in my search query, this would allow facebook to present all the groups in this USA state to me so i can join….eg
“work at home minnesota,” “buy and sell in Chicago”, hiring jobs Chicago etc
Step 5: After joining those groups and has been accepted, it is time to start posting your offers, alot of people make post on groups wrongly, and this can get you banned or your post not approved on groups, the way i always post this kind of offers is, i don’t include any link in the post, i only ask them to contact me for more details and how they can be part of the program…
Your ad Copy should look something like this
TITLE – (Survey Takers Needed) Make $10-20 Per Survey!! OPEN TO USA ONLY
I am looking for some people who would be willing to take surveys online. The pay is between 10 and 20 dollars per survey and it take about ten minutes to complete. You must be willing to be honest, and have a good understanding of the English language. MESSAGE ME FOR DETAILS
Prepare to be flooded with replies in your inbox and responses. Reply back to them and let them know there are still some spots available on a first come first serve basis and go ahead and send them the link to the offer. When they fill their details, you got paid easily….
Imagine 20 people ask you for more details of the online job, and you reply them, if just 10 of them complete the sign up, that is $20 for a pay out of $2 CPA offer….
This is just minimum, the more you post your offers daily, the higher you earn
I hope this helps some people to earn their first money online promoting CPA offers. I know it helped me. Enjoy guys.
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