Making Money Online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (for Beginner, Newbie) – Internet Marketing Tips

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Making Money Online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (for Beginner, Newbie) – Internet Marketing Tips

Home Make Money Online Making Money Online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (for Beginner, Newbie) Making Money Online with ClickBank Affiliate Marketing (for Beginner, Newbie) By simkesrb Make Money Online 0 Comments Most of the freelancers or marketers know ClickBank. We can earn money online from ClickBank Affiliate Marketing. This is one of the legitimate ways to earn money online. In this article i will tell you how to make money from ClickBank. After reading this article, you can start earning money from ClickBank by yourself, even you’re a beginner or newbie.
Today, we will talk about Clickbank and how to earn money from it. We think many people know ClickBank. But how it works ? Is it real or not ? Or how much you can earn from it …? Too much questions about Clickbank. We will share our experiences when working with Clickbank in the article below. Let’s go ! 1. What is Clickbank?
When visiting the homepage of ClickBank site (, the very first sentence striking your eyes that is “
A Global Internet Retailer 200,000,000 customers worldwide and growing
“. You can understand is an affiliate marketing networkst on global and it’s growing day by day.
For more details,
ClickBank is a privately held internet retailer of both physical and digital products (Affiliate System) where affiliates or product owners can use to make some money (this depends on your ability). When someone click on your affiliate links and buy the products then you earn some commissions. This is the way how affiliate can earn money from Clickbank.
To make it simpler, it is vital to understand that Clickbank is an electronic market of digital products (digital products are products serving such online purposes as ebook, softwares, online courses, online marketing tools…), here it is attached 3 kinds: Vendors (Product Creators): are called Product Creators. The products which are on sale on Clickbank are created by others, Clickbank only acts as intermediary. Clickbank has their own products as well. Customers : if there are vendors there are customers, who are in need of products which vendors create Affiliates Partners : are those who can register with Clickbank, advertise products of vendors to customers. With each kind of products, affiliate partners are given specific links to advertise. When customers purchase via those links, affiliate partners will get commissions.
In conclusion Clickbank is where everyone can put their digital products on sale , and everyone can advertise products of other individuals, Clickbank will get small percentages of products, and many products are sold everyday (ten thousands of them) and the sales are undeniably very high. 2. Can we earn money from ClickBank?
First of all, let us take a look at the statistics on Wikipedia (or reviews, information on Google…)
If you are a beginner/newbie then just think, based on those numbers and statistics Clickbank could not exist until today if they did not benefit vendors and affiliates.
Taking a look at how Clickbank operates, you can easily find the answer to your question
“is it real or not?”
. Certainly, we can make money, and being able to earn money or not depends on your aptitude and your skills. Not anyone can earn money easily. What can you do with Clickbank: Vendor (Product Creator): You create products and then find customers who would purchase your products, or look for affiliates who advertise for you and share the commissions, just like your partner. You sell products for me, i will share 50% of commissions with you. Affiliate : If you don’t have the ability to create your own products then you can advertise products of other people. This is a unique characteristic of affiliates . Looking for products is not a difficult thing but how to advertise, get customers and earn money is vital things.
Not everyone is able to do this, being an affiliate is similar to being a marketer. There are people who can do meanwhile others cannot, Clickbank is not a means of making money, but more of a base to make money, acts as intermediary between vendors, affiliates and customers. You will work for yourself, find customers who would purchase the products you advertise but do nothing for Clickbank.
I started Affiliate Marketing in 2015 (it’s too late i think ^^) with the easiest way of making money with Product Launch, which is advertising upcoming products. But i did not succeed in working with Product Launch (on JVZoo site). Actually, i didn’t spend much time for it. At this time, i am focusing on Freelancer jobs (as you know i worked on

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