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Veil123 said: ↑ Hello there! If you are a newly registered member and you feel like being confused and ‘scared’ around BHW, then this All-In-One guide I wrote is just for you!
BlackHatWorld Interface and features
​ Spoiler: Home – The homepage of BlackHatWorld Recent Threads
​ This is the section where you can see the latest 50 threads that people replied to. The order of the threads is displayed in reverse chronological order: from newest to oldest replies.
User Info
On the upper left side you will find your Avatar image followed by your current user stats:
• Messages – Your total messages count (the posts in the BlackHatLounge forum are not counted)
• Ratings – The green number will show the count of the ‘Thanks’ you have received from all over your posts. Note: The current state of the forum does not allow leaving neutral or negative rating.
• Feedback – These numbers are showing your current feedback score based on your trading stats on BHW.
Spoiler: Forums – The sections
Here you will find all the BHW sections grouped as Forums and Sub-Forums (The sub-forum is a section dedicated to specific topic related to the main (parent) forum):
• The Marketplace
BHW Marketplace rules and how to post Affiliate programs – CPA networks
Content / Copywriting
Domains & websites for sale
Hot Deals
Images, logos & videos
Proxies For Sale
SEO – Link building
SEO – Other
SEO – Packages
Social Media
Web Design • Junior VIP (available for the Jr.VIP donors only)
• Black Hat SEO
AI – Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing
Black Hat SEO
Black Hat SEO Tools
Cloaking and Content Generators
Social Networking Sites • White Hat SEO
Copywriting & Sales Persuasion
Domain Names & Parking
Graphic Design
Link Building
Local SEO
Online Reputation Management (ORM)
Video Production
Web Hosting
White Hat SEO • Making Money
Associated Content & Writing Articles
Affiliate Programs
Business & Tax Advice
Dropshipping & Wholesale Hookups
Hire a Freelancer
Joint Ventures
Making Money
Media Buying
Membership Sites
Mobile Marketing
My Journey Discussions
New Markets
Offline Marketing
Pay Per Click
Pay Per Install
Pay Per View
Site Flipping
Freebies / Giveaways
Want To Buy
Service Reviews & Beta Testers Help Wanted • Programming and Web Design
Web Design • Downloads (available for Registered Members only)
• BlackHatWorld
Newbie Guide
BlackHat Lounge Forum Suggestions & Feedback
The Shit List • Conferences / Events
BHW Events
BHW Info
This is the part of the website where you can find some information about BHW:
• Forum Statistics – Number of discussions, messages, Total members and the latest member.
• Members Online Now – Information for the currently online members.
Forums Sub-Menu
Spoiler: Trade – Trading Dashboard On this page you can find different members related activities:
• Latest Feedback Submitted
• Top Traders
• Untrusted Traders
• Latest Activity
Spoiler: Partnerships – Hosting & UnGagged offers This page is for the offers (discounts) you can get from BHW’s partners, as explained here:
Spoiler: Members – Notable Members This area is for the Top 20 notable members of BHW, categorized by: Most Messages, Most Positive Ratings and Most Negative Ratings.
In addition to these, the fourth tab is dedicated for the BHW Staff Members.
Spoiler: Account Upgrades First section is for your address details – The information you enter here is not visible for anyone except you and the top staff members
The second section is for the available and already purchased upgrades for your account:
*To read more about all of the BHW Member Levels, follow this link:
Spoiler: Advertise – Contact BHW Advertising
On this page you can find all the information for advertising on BHW (Do not confuse it with the Marketplace). It includes detailed information of how and where to contact the BHW advertising representatives and make more detailed conversation about the advertising opportunities.
Spoiler: Marketplace – Shortcut
This is a shortcut link that will redirect you to the Marketplace forum section.
Spoiler: Account – Profile
Here you can find all of the options regarding your BHW account. Take your time and get to know as many settings as possible.
Tip: As you can see from the image, near the bottom, there is an option called: ‘Two-Step Verification’. I recommend you to use this feature so you can be sure that your BHW account is 100% secured from someone else hacking into your account and making you regret for not enabling this awesome feature.
Spoiler: Inbox – Conversations
Here you can see all of the conversations (Private Messages) you have with the BHW members:
Use the ‘Start a New Conversation’ button to start a conversation. Remember: You need to have at least 15 posts to be able to send a PM. In addition to that, do not forget about the rules while sending Private Messages!
Spoiler: Alerts
Here you get all the notification about threads/posts/members you have been interacting with lately.
You can also set up the preferences for the alerts you get, by clicking the ‘Alert Preferences’ link:
Spoiler: Quick Navigation Menu This little button here can save tons of your time, like seriously.
As the title says, this window contains all of the most used/important internal links that you will be (most likely) using on daily basis.
Spoiler: Search – Searching through BHW The feature that everyone should be using before asking questions or requesting already requested service/product. The search input field is always on the same position, regardless the page you open.
Not only you can do a simple search, but the advanced search is an extra thing you could get used to:
Spoiler: Footer If you scroll down to the bottom of the website, you will see the footer.
– From the left side, as seen from the image:
you can change the style (template) of BlackHatWorld. You can choose between the Black or White version.
– From the right side you will find all the important links regarding the BHW forum itself.
From everything you see on the image, the most attention should be given to the Terms and Rules and the Privacy Policy pages. Be sure to read and remember them because the information and rules found there are necessary to be followed if you want to have a ‘happy life’ here, in our BlackHatWorld community
Threads, posts…
​ Spoiler: Breadcrumbs Whenever you open a thread to read, the easiest way to get the information of where that thread belongs (as in which section, forum and sub-forum) is to ‘follow’ the breadcrumbs that you have right under the menu and the sub-menu:
Spoiler: Creating a new thread
If you are a newly registered member, we recommend you, your first thread to be into the introduction ( ) section, where you will write few words about yourself, your skills and how happy you are to be part of this lovely BHW community.
Spoiler: Reply
When you want to answer or ask a question to a particular user that interacts in a thread, use the ‘Reply’ button so you can Quote: his post into yours. This will help him (and the others) to know that the answer/question/statement is for him/her.
Spoiler: Multi Quote:
The ‘Multi Quote: ‘ feature should be used whenever you need to Quote: /reply to several users in a single thread, without spamming the thread with a new post for each member.
To be 100% sure that you understand how this ‘Multi Quote: ‘ feature works, I highly recommend you to check this video from @BassTrackerBoats where he carefully explains the use of it:

Spoiler: Thanks ​ When you want to say ‘Thanks’ to someone for the shared infomation, instead of replying to his post just so you can say how thankful you are, you can just simply press the ‘Thanks’ button, as shown on the image:
Spoiler: Report You have noticed a post/thread or user that is breaking the rules? Press the report button! By doing so, you are contributing to the BHW community and making this forum a better place for us all!
After the report is made, a staff member will review the report and will be the judge for the reported thread or user.
Spoiler: User Profile If you want to know more about a specific user, just click his avatar (or his username) and a new window will pop-up containing information about the user, as seen from the image below:
Just so you may know, the online status (the yellow circle) and the ‘last seen’ status might not be visible for every user you check as these settings can be changed inside the user panel.
For more detailed information about the same user, you can follow the ‘Profile Page’ link from the pop-up window and you will end up here:
From here, you can check the recent activity, the postings and other detailed information about the user.
Last but not least ​
Spoiler: Acronyms BHW and Internet Marketing Acronyms:
BHW: BlackHatWorld BST: Buy Sell Trade (this is the old name for Marketplace threads) BTC: BitCoin HAF: Hire A Freelancer JV: Joint Venture OP: Original Poster ORM: Online Reputation Management PBN: Private Blog Network PPC: Pay Per Click PPI: Pay Per Install TAT: Turnaround Time WTB: Want To Buy AJ: Ask Jeeves AM: Affiliate Manager AOL- America Online AOV: Average Order Value ASP: Application Service Provider AV: AltaVista AW: Affiliate Window B2B: Business to Business B2B: Business to Business B2C: Business to Consumer B2C: Business to Customer BHO: Browser Helper Object BHW: Black Hat World BL: Backlink CAC: Customer Acquisition Cost CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart CJ: Commission Junction Affiliate Network CL: Craigslist CPA: Cost per Action CPC: Cost Per Click CPL: Cost per Lead CPM: Cost Per Thousand CPO: Cost per Order CPS: Cost Per Sale CR: Conversion Rate/Ratio CSE: Comparison Shopping Engine or Custom Search Engine (Google) CSS: Cascading Style Sheet CTR: Click-Through Rate/Ratio DC: Data Center DH: Direct Hit DLL: Dynamic-Link Library DMOZ: Directory: Mozilla EPC: Earnings Per Click FB: Facebook FFA: Free-For-All Link List GAN: Google Affiliate Network HTML: HyperText Markup Language IBL: Inbound Link IM: Instant Messaging LS: Linkshare Affiliate Network LSA: Latent semantic analysis LSI: Latent Semantic Indexing LTV: Lifetime Value MFA: Made For Adsense MLM: Multi-Level Marketing MSN: Microsoft Network NL: Northert Light NS: Nameserver NSI: Network Solutions OBL: Outbound Link ODP: Open Direcrory Project, See DMOZ OWBL: One way back link PDF: Portable Document Format PFI: Pay For Inclusion PFP: Pay For Performance PMA: Performance Marketing Association PPA: Pay Per Action PPC: Pay Per Click PPCall: Pay Per Call PPCSE: Pay Per Click Search Engine PPL: Pay Per Lead PPS: Pay Per Sale PPV: Pay Per View PR: PageRank PV: Page View RI: Regular index ROI: Return on Investment RON: Run Of Network ROS: Run Of Site RSS: RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication RSS: Rich Site Summery or Really Simple Syndication SAS: Shareasale Affiliate Network SB: Scrape Box SE: Search Engine SEA: Search Engine Advertising / Advertiser SEM: Search Engine Marketing SEO: Search Engine Optimization SEP: Search Engine Positioning SERP: Search Engine Results Page SI: Supplemental Index SID: Shopper ID SSE: Yahoo! Search Submit Express SSP: Yahoo! Search Submit Pro SWL: SiteWide Link TBPR: Toolbar PageRank TOS: Terms Of Service TR: Trust Rank URL: Uniform Resource Locator UV: Unique Visitor VIPS: Visual-block Page Segmentation WSO: Warrior Special Offers WWW: World Wide Web XML: Extensible Markup Language AMA: Ask Me Anything AMP: Accelerated Mobile Pages Taken from: and
Thanks for reading this guide. Be sure to have this bookmarked for further assistance through your BHW journey!
Kind Regards! Click to expand… So you’d thought to confuse newbies even more by using spoilers for some reason lol!

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